100 Replies to “Boris Johnson’s brother resigns from Parliament amid Brexit tensions”

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  2. meanwhile in israel: our PM has gone to the UK to talk with borris jonson and the "centarist party [blue and white] has critisied him for that"
    some leftists made me want to punch them

  3. Well I knew you will never get brexit. Prime minister. Your government is the worst government in Europe. They are betrayed the millions of people. That vote for brexit. Did prime minister May got anything??????. Europa is a vacuum. It’s so shame on your government. Stop it. From Brazil.

  4. Boris Johnson will do much good for the People of the UK. Please get behind him and support this conservative who puts the people first.


  6. The remoaners are cutting their own throats. The EU came out last week and said they are not granting another extension nor are they willing to negotiate another deal. The remoaners are just trying to embarrass Boris and delay the inevitable. The sooner they leave the EU, the sooner they can start moving on.

  7. Lindsey Grahams feelings about Trump 3 years ago summed it up beautifly,Trump is Shallow,says the worst things possible about Imagrants,doesn't know how laws work,he's a race baiting xenophobic,religious bigot,jackass 👍

  8. The leftist socialist party is in chaos. And they are scrambling to gain control. They never thought she would lose…praise God she did…nasty thing. God is waiting for you.

  9. There goes FOX News again – barely hiding its Communist agenda.  This is what we can expect from Communist News FOX – your Trump hating, freedom despising, slavery loving, Constitution trampling  FAKE NEWS network!

  10. Stay the course Boris!! And play as ruthless as you have to get the UK off the sinking ship aka the EU. F the globalists because that is essentially their attitude toward the average Brit who lives in the countryside or outside of London.

  11. I like Nigel Farage also..don't worry Britain, things will come together, so long as you get out and do your part..never give give up.

  12. lets not get started on the brits and their sophisticated excuses here or we will be goin for quite awhile. lets just keep with the demi rose schedules and remain committed and responsible to giving those positions whatever attention needed, including her brunette teams and those accentuated angles of interest.

  13. eu is a commie dictator ship !!!!!!!run by unelected dictator ship !!!!!!britain should leave without a deal !!!!!!!!!

  14. 80% of families do not get ALONG – do not judge me by my Brothers actions – I FIND THAT VERY OFFENSIVE – GO BORIS!!!!!

  15. off the wall paul: I thank God Bora Laskin left Harvard as a professor and went for the job of being the architect of the Canadian constitution plus Chief Justice of the Canadian Supreme Court around 1979 A.D.. Thank You Sire!

  16. Maybe Jo can go back to supervise the public transport or whatever. "If your own brother even got fate in you ,why should public?" Is that from The Hamlet ?

  17. So the 486 MPs who voted remain in the referendum think that it is okay to decide to ignore the 17.4 million who voted leave and just continue as if remain won the day. No one buys this nonsense of delay…that is code for deny. Deny the leave voters their democratic right. The losers deciding the future of the winners is a total conflict of interest when those making the decisions are dishonest, and duplicitous. Greed and self interest is paramount to these MPs who have no moral compasses

  18. I love the British people and hope we will come closer through free trade and looking out for each other's sovereignty. We are cousins, after all because of our histories and combined cultures together. We are also cousins to the Canadians and Mexicans. Central and South Americans. Let us all get along.

  19. Jo Johnson resigns because torn for family loyalty and international interest.
    That's like a immoral corrupt making acknowledgment and kicking self out as unworthy.

    So many getting self kicked out.

  20. Joseph Johnson MP claims to be putting 'national interest' before family loyalty.

    What he is actually doing is putting EU interest before national interest.

  21. Parliament still holding up Brexit. The people and even the Queen is for immediately pulling out. I hope the people of England hold them responsible

  22. Hey MPs, can we Leave with a deal?


    Are there any other deals we can Leave with?


    OK, can we leave without a deal then?


    Can we at least have an election then?


    You're not trying to stop Brexit by any chance are you?

    "Shut up fascist – stop the coup!"

  23. Looking quickly through some of the comments here there are several Brits here who get the brilliant FoxNews. I am one myself: but I may be slightly different to the others…
    I live in Orpington. The PM's brother Jo is OUR MP. Our constituency [district] voted 57% to leave in the referendum. SORRY – this turned into a bit of a rant…

    I have met him on a couple of occasions: they are chalk and cheese in personality, drive, energy, inspiration, communication. The PM has those in bucketloads, although he would NOT have been my choice for PM – I don't think he is statesman enough for the role. His drive and energy is infectious, a HUGE change with the drudgery we have had to put up with for the last 3 years.
    BUT he is for the people on this one topic. I voted REMAIN at the referendum – a majority of my countryfolk voted LEAVE. For the sake of democracy we must leave – for the records I am now 1000% LEAVE as the EU are not nice neighbours and are getting more, not less, socialist. And anyway it is becoming more apparent after each passing day they are not the benevolent institution many American commentators seem to believe. They – and our Labour {Marxist} Party – are almost carbon copies of the insane far left of your Democratic party, and much of the rhetoric is identical.
    Our MP's voted to leave with a no deal 490 something vs 160 max – now they say we can't and that slimeball 'ORDER!!' Bercow – his role as Speaker is meant to be neutral but he has bent almost EVERY constitutional rule possible to stop the government – to leave with No Deal being an option.
    The PM and Nigel Farage I hope will join force to GET THIS DONE No Deal and finished. We will have had 3+ years of complete stasis otherwise, our AMAZING country deserves better: no, it ISN'T perfect but we have Marxists everywhere and they are now SO CLOSE to power. THAT is the real danger.
    Tony, Orpington resident since 1965.

  24. It’s really embarrassing seeing Americans try to comprehend what our parliament is and how it works. Like, they don’t have a clue. (Most of them, anyways)

  25. Trumps love for Brexit shows how envious he is of Europe and if 5he British love freedom and independence so much give it to the Scottish , Welsh and Irish.

  26. If I'm not mistaken, the House of Commons is much like our House of Representatives in that they introduce bills that are then sent to the House of Lords to vote on.

    It's my understanding that any bill designed to stop or delay Brexit once again will go to the House of Lords which unlike the House of Commons is more supportive of Boris Johnson and may not take up the Brexit bill for a vote. I believe I've read in a UK publication that the House of Lords is sitting on a number of bills from Commons.

    And even if the House of Lords votes to approve the Brexit delay, the bill still has to go to the Queen to be approved. She could either disapprove the bill or delay any action until after Oct 31 which by then would make the bill moot and the UK would finally be free of EU control.

    The UK did just fine on its own for over a thousand years and if the UK leaves the EU, it will do just fine again. Big trade deal with the US and other countries. And there is one other factor. Trump is slowly breaking down the trade barriers that the EU imposes on the US. Trump has said that if the EU doesn't negotiate a fair trade deal with the US, he will tariff German cars and French wine–the two economic powerhouses of the EU. Economically, that would be devastating to Germany and France and wouldn't impact the US as all. We make cars and fine wines here in the US.

    I think Boris may have a few cards up his sleeve even though the House of Commons is doing its best to delay Brexit again and to ultimately prevent Brexit.

    We'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

  27. Mass migrating and punching you out so your women prefer us over their own kind, Allah is great. Just joking. You must admit that it seems more like our god is god than your god of bible. In the streets i have never seen more red haired women with my kind since Merkel opened the boarders to refugees.

  28. It's not drama, he was a REMAINER, he was given the chance in Cabinet and simply decided HIS opinion was more important than the will of the people. =conflict of interests.
    I'm glad he's gone and Boris continued as a real statesman, being both respectful and supportive of his brothers exit.
    Boris has emptied his party of those who choose to stand against the people.

  29. Onward n upward Boris……………you are not the only one in politics to have the misfortune to have a dim, useless cowardly, gutless, bone idle brother just look at the Milibands for example.
    By the way, isn't 'Jo' a girl's name?………………….just sayin'!

  30. Esau has yall in the dark. As the war against the poor doubles down yall are stupid enough to fall for it. Yall reap what you sow. TMH will not be mocked. Dorian coming to a country near you.

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