Blood Pressure Pt. 2 / Reversal / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Blood Pressure Pt. 2 / Reversal / Dr. Vipin Gupta

In last episode we talked about why the Blood Pressure(BP) of so many
people is high. and why is it dangerous
to ignore high BP. We also talked about
new Hypertension guidelines. In this episode, we will talk about how
to treat BP permanently. Yes, permanently! Just how Diabetes can be treated permanently, so can be BP. But to treat it permanently,
we will have to go into its roots. It’s roots has 4 things: First is tension,
second is salt, third is rigidity of arteries, and fourth is thickness/stickiness of our blood. Different people can have different reasons, Most people have multiple reasons. We need to work on all of them
comprehensively. I will go over them, one by one. Let’s first talk about,
Tension. In today’s life,
tension is on a big high. Tension has such a big connection with
High BP that, this disease is technically called
Hypertension. High BP is technically called Hypertension. That big is the connection between both. Now tension is not a easy thing, which reduces just by telling, It is a big subject. We will do an independent video
on this sometime. For now, I can give 3 tips
to you, to reduce the stress, to reduce tension. First tip is that become
physically active and take sun exposure. If you be more
physically active, then stress reduces. So do some work. The straightforward advice
I have is that, do cleaning of your house. Just do it and you will
find that your stress is gone. you will get much peace
and relaxation. Don’t be shy and try this once. Secondly, get some sun
exposure. By taking off clothes and
doing sunbath, also
reduces stress. Another tip is, to reduce the stress is that, don’t bottle up your emotions. If you feel like, shout, scream,
fight, argue break dishes and I’ll say if need be break relationships. But don’t let the bubble overstretch. Don’t be stuck in ethics and don’t be slave to ideals. I am not asking you to
become unethical. But understand that being
completely ethical, is kind of unnatural So stop putting up a mask,
be how you are. Over ethical people have higher
stress and more Hypertension. Now we will come to
matter of salt. A major reason for High BP
in Indians is salt, Ours is a warm country. Being a warm country,
we have been sweating a lot, and sweat releases salt from the body. Lesser salt is released with urine,
more is released through sweat. So we have had a higher need of salt. That’s why our food has been
designed, with high salt, high soda
and it caused no problem, because we were sweating a lot. But now situations have changed. Now we use the cooler, put AC and we don’t sweat as much. In fact we consider sweat
as a uncivilized thing. This is why salt has
started accumulating in our bodies. So we should work on this
in two ways. First is that we should reduce
the intake of salt and soda(baking soda). So chaat, pakoras, crisps, papad, pickles, ketchup, bread(industrial), biscuit,
and things like this should be stopped eating. I would even say, if you
eliminate all salt for some days
that would be good. Secondly, release salt. Salt releases with sweat, and sweat comes from
tolerating heat. Here I would attract your
attention to two habits of Europeans. First is sweater. Sweater was invented in Europe, and it wasn’t invented to escape heat. Sweater was invented to
release sweat. Sweater is connected to sweat,
that which brings sweat. Second is sauna bath. In Europe, Sauna bath is
very popular. They spend good money on that. Sauna bath is to bring sweat. Ours is already a hot country. and in summer whole country becomes
a sauna bath. So I will say don’t miss Shut the AC, cooler and fans Drink a lot of water and
sweat profusely, and you will notice your
BP coming to normal. Third root cause is Rigidity of arteries or shrinking of arteries. So we will have to renew our arteries. The way to renew arteries is
Autophagy. Autophagy can not only renew
arteries, but the whole cardiovascular
system Rather, I would say whole
body becomes anew. So we renew our arteries,
through Autophagy. Now because this is a deep
issue, so it will require a deeper
Autophagy, But if you are taking medicines,
then do this Autophagy, only under medical supervision. Doing autophagy renews the blood, and if your blood is thick or sticky, that problem will also go. But to solve blood thickness
or stickiness there is another way. And that is the way of donating blood. When you donate blood,
new blood is produced, new blood is better, it is
not as sticky or thick So I will say you understand, Bp is now high of many people, if you haven’t checked,
this doesn’t mean your BP is not high Don’t go with old guidelines. New guidelines put ideal BP
at 105/70. 120/80 is the upper limit. So check if your BP is high, don’t ignore this at all, High BP is very dangerous. It can cause leak, brain hemorrhage , kidney damage, heart failure, so don’t ignore this at all. And this is such an issue which can treated forever with
lifestyle changes. So treat it completely. I would say don’t let this
season pass, Treat your BP in this summer whatever it is, deal with it.

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  1. This video is great as always. Apaki sadagi aur knowledge ka combination bda gazab hai.
    I want to know more about Autophagy. You tell some detail of autophagy in your diabetes video section too. Kindly help me how I can do this process.

  2. Sir you are a real hope…
    You are working on wellness
    Without any fees…
    Really awesome
    Sir tension se mera BP low ho jata hai and mera temperature bhi kam hi rehta hai…
    Plz suggest by any other video or by comment plz ..
    Cause it also helps others ..

  3. Dr. Vipin Gupta Jee !!

    First of all, we all should " SALUTE " you for the NOBLE work that you are doing. The most important/difficult task in todays ERA is to stay fit and healthy and that too by doing natural therapy and following our ancient science and ayurvedic techniques. You being a drug discovery scientist, spent over two decades developing new medicines for various pharma companies in India, Europe and America, opened self-healing space ‘Sehatvan’ in 2016 and initiating ‘Sahaj Sehat’ series carries the viewpoints of how body’s auto-repair capabilities can make use of medicines redundant in lifestyle diseases — something which only a Pure soul can do this.

    I wish you all the best wishes for all your future work that is helping our beings in society and nation as a whole. I have already spread your around 23 videos so far to whole Delhi/NCR and across the nation to whomsoever I know that are added in my groups. Response is unbelievable and all are appreciating your noble work.

    Please stay safe and make yourself covered from all BIG pharmaceutical company and other Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) that are only making money at the cost of human life. They can target you soon or might be started already. We have already lost the "Great Rajeev Dixit Jee" I can see a similar jhalak of him in you, so please be careful and beware always.

    All the best wishes ahead, we are always there for your support !!! God Bless you always !!

  4. I m raja malpani from west bengal.
    I was in sehatvan for a week from 1st april 2018.. i m a new patient of high bp.. and i also had a target of overcoming d lifestyle problems which we face regularly.. my experience was just amazing.. sehatvan is A healthy space for community living.. and d best thing is.. dat d place is so relaxing dat (kimdly believe).. it was very hard for me to believe too but d truth is from d day 1 my blood pressure was low.. it was continuously 110 by 60. Vipin sir proves what he says.. he is a MASTER OF PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH.. a real GEM on EARTH.. thank u sir and d full sehatvan team

  5. ज्ञान अर्जित करने का सबसे बेहतर तरीका है प्रकृति के निकट रहकर और उसे "observe" करके- यह अनुभवी ज्ञान है।
    विपिनजी अपने अनुभव से ही ज्ञान प्राप्त कर रहे हैं- प्रकृति के निकट रहकर और अपने आप को समझकर।

  6. Isse jyada achaa Jeevan aur kya ho Sakta hai sir. Sir bachon ke liye bhi kuch suggest Karen . Thanks alot . Seema Arya

  7. Meri beti 13 saal ki hai aur use sinus aur thyroid ki problem ho gayi hai…pls suggest something for her health in a long run.

  8. Appreciate if you can make one Video to guide correct method to perform "upwas" to get the Autophagy benifit

  9. Sir you are doing great work salute to you sir can I take black salt Please make a videos about this which salt is useful for as

  10. Respect your idea sir. Meri mummy ko high bp hai thyroid ka bhi ilaz chal rha hai mood disorders ho rhe hai kabhi bahut ulzan pareshan naso me akadan pareshan ho jati hai wo.
    Apne jo suggest kiya hai physical work wo karti hai par घुटनों में दर्द होता है।

  11. Vipin Ji, I really follow and like your videos. These are very informative and helpful. You must explain in detail about Autophagy more since people are not aware about this terminology as well as how to go about??? You must do one video about Thyroid also since this is happening in younger age.

  12. Great job really apriciate all your work. Can you please make video about AUTOPHAGY & ANGIOGENESIS
    Take a look at this

  13. Sir,

    I have respect to you for your social services, but before following WHO type of report please read and watch Dr. B. M. Hegde, MD, FRCP (Cardiologist) who is also doing nice work in the field of disease awareness, life style and mainly ayurveda and natural diet.

  14. Sir I want to produce myself for experiment of controlling blood pressure. I have done a lot but still I am waiting for the desired result.

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