Blood Pressure / Part 1 – What & Why? / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Blood Pressure / Part 1 – What & Why? / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Blood is our body’s supply agent and its pressure
is a very important parameter If the blood pressure is low then supply is poor to body and if pressure is too high
it can cause damage and leakages. Today we are going to talk about this important parameter. So let’s first understand
what is blood pressure? Our heart is a pump And it moves blood throughout the body so when it contracts and expands it moves blood through our arteries And when this blood moves through the arteries it puts a pressure on walls of arteries this pressure is known as blood pressure. So when heart contracts, when it sends blood that pressure is called systolic pressure. And when heart expands and receives blood That pressure is known
as diastolic pressure. Now the pressure depends on the quantity of blood needed. If more blood is needed,
heart will pump more blood like, when you are weight-lifting or running Then more blood is pumped. If you are sleeping less blood will be pumped. So the blood requirement
changes with situation. But still, it’s pressure needs
to be in a limited range it shouldn’t fluctuate too much. And our arteries perform the major role in maintaining this range. Arterial walls are flexible. So whether blood supply is low or high the arteries try to to keep the blood pressure in a limited range. Now let us talk about the normal values of blood pressure So systolic pressure of 90-120 and diastolic pressure of 60-80 is considered normal. Though it is believed that 120/80 is best blood pressure But actually, an ideal value is of 105/70. Recently, the definition of hypertension has been changed. Earlier it was believed that upto 140/90 you don’t need
hypertension medication. This BP is high but
can be managed without medicines But now the definition has been changed. And the new definition states that diastolic pressure should
never go above 80. Rather 140/90 is hypertension stage 2. So your diastolic BP
shouldn’t be above 80. And if we consult this new definition almost half the world now has
hypertension. Now the question arises,
how do so many people have hypertension? There are two main reasons for this. First is that there is too much waste is accumulating in
human’s body and even mind. And this waste is interrupting
the normal flow. The second problem is that our arteries are becoming rigid I would even say
even our minds are now rigid. So this rigidity and waste together they are leading to hypertension. And this hypertension is a type of body’s adaptive mechanism as the blood requirement is same but if the flow has obstacles naturally it will increase the BP Hence, hypertension is
our body’s adaptive mechanism. But this mechanism is not good because if the BP stays high
for a long time it can cause wear and tear, brain hemorrhage, kidney failure and even heart attack. Hence we take medicines to keep the BP in a limited range. So we take medicines for reducing BP, statins for reducing cholesterol, and aspirin for blood thinning. But these have their own problems. But this ecospirin sometimes
leads to brain hemorrhage. Cholesterol reducing medicine
weakens the heart. And the BP reducing medicines their working mechanism is that they often slow down the heart’s pumping and reduce heartbeats in effect reducing the cardiac blood output. This reduced blood output leads to insufficient supply
to some body parts. And this insufficient supply
causes many problems. Recently, 3 disturbing reports have come First report states that BP medication increases death risk Second report states that
BP medication may lead to cancer and third report states that BP medication can lead
to depression and mood swings. Now the question arises that if BP medication has such problems shouldn’t they be discontinued? No, they should not be stopped. Because if you suddenly stop
the medication it can cause many problems
like heart attack kidney failure or brain hemorrhage So BP medication should never
be stopped suddenly. What should be done is that we improve our lifestyle and permanently correct our BP Yes, BP can be corrected permanently. Similarly how you can treat Diabetes. How to do this, we will talk about in the next episode.

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