Blood Pressure Explained

Blood Pressure Explained

Dr. Smith, TracI, and Amanda and I. What okay I’m just gonna you know where you can dance back there but and… I’m
trained as a chiropractor but over the years I’ve learned that you have to
start addressing the whole person the person is more than than a spine and the
spine is important but you have to look at the whole so today in this office we
are holistic health care practitioners more than just chiropractors and I grew
up in Sweden I came over to the US on a track scholarship and then I competed in
the Olympics for Sweden in 1992 finished ninth in the decathlon and at the time I
thought I was really healthy and really fit turns out I was fit but not so
healthy because I as an athlete I was told to eat 3,000 calories of bread and
pasta and grains every day and then I supplemented heavily with chocolate and
ice cream and because I burned it all off I thought I was okay but in
retrospect I understand I was setting myself up for trouble down the road
so after my athletic career around age 30 I started having some problems and I
got low back pain and and often debilitating so sometimes to be so bad
that I had someone dragged me to the office and it take me 20 minutes to get
out of the car so I could stand all the way up and then I’d be on my feet all
day because if I sat down I didn’t know if I was gonna get back up but and I was
adjusted by every doctor at every seminar and every student and it never
really made much difference it wasn’t until I got I got it under some sort of
control but it wasn’t really until I got dr. Smith in here who could adjust me
the same way that I adjust other people that I really started making a
difference and when the second breakthrough was when we
started something called nutrition response testing and we’re going to
demonstrate some of that for you today and today I’m still in the process of
healing I have less back pain less brain fog my acne is clearing up because all
of that is it’s part of the whole and you’re never done with healing it’s an
ongoing process but every I keep getting better and better so today we’re going
to talk to you about blood pressure anyone here have high blood pressure
okay two out of four and that’s almost
typical of the adult population so there’s 75 million people in the country
that have high blood pressure or that even know about it
that’s 32 percent of adults and it’s a big deal but the question is what is
blood pressure why why do we have it how does that work so there’s two numbers in
the blood pressure once called systolic and what’s called diastolic blood
pressure is created when the heart squeezes so when the heart contracts it
pushes blood it increases the pressure and it pushes against the peripheral
resistance against the tension in the rest of the body and the blood vessels
so the systolic is when the heart is squeezing and the diastolic is when the
heart is relaxing so that’s just the residual pressure it’s the pressure that
the heart is pushing against and we need both of these numbers because the
diastolic sets the tone and that determines how fast that blood is going
to get out to the body so normal is considered 120 over 80 and then they
have these different levels that they call pre hypertension hypertension stage
one and stage two there has never really been any studies to demonstrate damage
under a blood pressure of 100 sixty so if you’re under 160 you don’t
really have you still want to kind of address the causes but you don’t have to
worry nearly as much as they they think that you have to so 130 hundred and
forty yeah it may be a little high but there are no demonstrated consequences
of it but why do we have blood pressure what is it for is it is for two reasons
primarily so it’s to deliver nutrients obviously the blood carries all the
oxygen and all the nutrients and when the body needs more we got to get more
blood there faster and the other reason is we got to have enough blood pressure
to push it from the heart up to the brain because gravity pulls blood down
to your feet and that’s where you also need this this residual pressure to keep
all the blood from just rushing down to your feet so the blood pressure the
difference between systolic and diastolic is primarily to to get the
blood from the heart to the brain and then we also need to be able to adapt so
if you’re laying down then there is no gravity to push again so the blood flows
pretty freely and you don’t need a whole lot of blood pressure you just need
enough to keep the tone and a little bit to get it get it moving but you don’t
need as much as these numbers but then when you stand up all the blood rushes
to your feet because of gravity now your body has to adapt and increase your
blood pressure very very quickly so that you don’t faint and the people that have
dizzy spells and fainting they can’t then their bodies can’t react fast
enough that’s another seminar another thing to
understand about blood pressure is they talk about it when you go to the doctor
and say oh you’ve got you have high blood pressure you got it but blood
pressure is not something you get it’s something that your body creates
body makes it happen every hard squeeze creates the blood pressure every second
that your blood vessels constrict to maintain tone the blood pressure is
created in every moment of your existence because it has to adapt so
when you’re running when you’re walking up a flight of stairs you need higher
blood pressure because there’s more blood that needs to get out to the
tissues so your body regulates it and changes it based on that so in every
moment in your existence it’s variable and if it gets stuck in high then
there’s something else that’s wrong and we’ll get to that so what about salt we
have we’ll look at a few mechanisms here so you get an idea assault has been
blamed on on high blood pressure assault is bad so if you have high salt intake
anyone ever notice you get thirsty okay that’s your body’s way of saying hey we
need a little water to dilute the solvers body’s pretty smart and then you
get because you drink more water you volume your blood volume increases and
now your blood pressure goes down but there’s a mechanism in the body to
handle this and it’s the most powerful blood pressure regulating mechanism that
there is and it’s called diuresis pressure diuresis so whenever blood
pressure goes up it pushes harder against the kidneys so the kidneys are
like a filter and when the and they only let through so much water at a time but
when there’s more water and more pressure it’s going to let through more
that’s called pressure diuresis so the kidneys are going to filter out more
water the volume decreases and we return to normal blood pressure so the salt has
nothing to do with this and will accept in a special case
get back to that so salt is not a bad thing we just need to get a quality salt
what about water so you have a high water intake you drink a lot of water
what happens then right and then the volume decreases and you’re back to
normal blood pressure but if you drink a lot of water all the time there’s this
idea that we should drink gallons and gallons of water all the time and then
what can happen is that we also lose some salt okay should drink tons of
water you pee all the time as you filter out all this water in the kidneys you
lose some salt along with it but again the body is just ingenious because the
kidneys will reabsorb the water and it will reabsorb the salt along with it so
most people don’t have that most people know that the kidneys filter out fluids
right they don’t know that you reabsorb 99% of that water and along with it you
reabsorb 99% of all that sodium hey so sodium is bad right why would the body
reabsorb 99% of something that’s bad for you is the design that flawed like know
obviously sodium is the the dominant mineral in the body it’s vital it’s the
body goes through extreme expenses to bring it back into the body so salt is
not an issue you have kidneys to to regulate it to get rid of the excess and
to to reabsorb what you don’t know as much as possible get rid of what you
don’t but what you don’t need and and let’s talk about one more example here
just so you kind of get the idea of how the body how
complex and intelligent of all it is so what about when you exercise you go for
a run what happens when you go for Iran the muscles work harder you need more
blood in the periphery you have to raise your blood pressure so that you can get
the blood out to the working muscles does that mean you’re sick should you
take a blood pressure medication before going on a run you need a pill because
there’s something wrong no the body is adapting it’s intelligent to have high
blood pressures and then how come you don’t pee yourself every time you go for
a workout because with a hop when you have high blood pressure you have
pressure diuresis it always works except when you’re exercising because exercise
is a form of stress and the body knows that you’re supposed to be able to go
for a run without peeing yourself so the brain knows that during those
circumstances it’s okay to have high blood pressure so it tightens up the
kidney to keep the water in the body okay so it’s not a salt problem it’s not
a high blood pressure problem it’s not an exercise problem it is a nervous
system problem because normally when you’re exercising the nervous system can
only ride what the kidneys are doing because it’s intelligent in that
situation so if you have high blood pressure normally it’s because the
nervous system is overriding whatever other mechanisms because it has a reason
to do so okay so here are the reasons first of all we have to understand what
pressure is regulating it’s not something that happens to you it’s an
intelligent mechanism your body’s trying to get something done number one reason
you have high blood pressure something is interfering with the radio
your body is regulating its turning things on and off all the time but if
something’s interfering then the brain can get the wrong idea all right
so for one thing that we find a lot in here that we’re going to show you in a
little bit is that your regulation can be blocked by toxins chemicals metals
food allergies pathogens scars electromagnetic fields these can change
how your nervous system is processing all this information and your body can
get the wrong idea and raise the blood pressure for the wrong reason there
could be a physiological need if you have physical stress like you’re running
you’re exertion exerting yourself then you need the high blood pressure then
it’s not a problem you could have a nutritional deficiency if you’re low on
oxygen what’s the body gonna try to do it’s going to try to send more blood out
to those body parts so heart rate has to go up blood pressure has to go up so if
your boy is missing stuff you could have high blood pressure because of that you
could have an imagined physiological need if you’re under stress but you’re
sitting in a chair you’re not running but you’re working on the bills or the
next deadline or you’re trying to get something done and the kids are
screaming that’s pretty stressful and your body is still feeling that it’s an
imagined need it’s not a physiological need but your body still perceives it so
you fire off your stress response system and your blood pressure goes up or this
is the only time where salt matters if your kidneys are unable to do that
filtering if they’re unable to get rid of the liquid and reabsorb the proper
components then the salt is going to bind fluid and it’s going to raise the
blood pressure so the salt isn’t it just makes them makes it worse
because the kidney isn’t working properly all right oh can you guys see
in there oh okay did I not say it all all right so the
four reasons why blood pressure may not be regulated properly as something is
interfering with regulations such as a toxin – there might be a physiological
needs such as physical stress or nutritional deficiency there could be an
imagined physiological need such as emotional stress you’re not really
working out harder but your body thinks you’re about to or there’s some tissue
damage there’s some physical organ or pathway or support function system
that’s just not being able to regulate it accordingly such as a kidney failure
all right so that’s essentially how blood pressure works and taking a
medication is not going to fix any of this it’s only going to interfere with
the body’s attempt and dealing with this all right so what are signs and send us
the symptoms are things like pain and a sign would be high blood pressure high
cholesterol those are signs things that we can measure and that’s kind of like
messages that you get from from your car from an instrument panel so if you’re
out driving and everything’s looking good and a light comes on then this the
light is not the problem the light is telling you other problem okay and if
you have more lights coming on then you have more things that aren’t working and
if you don’t address them then your car will come to a grinding halt faster and
be more expensive to fix so how many people think that that would be a good
idea yeah we haven’t we haven’t fixed
anything right we’ve covered it up and I’m gonna use the script to try to not
talk too much to try to stay on track here and and if we cover it up it
doesn’t matter if we do it once or a thousand times the car is never gonna
get better until we address those things that that they they’re trying to tell us
about and the body is the same thing symptoms like pain and heartburn and
high blood pressure their signals their messages they’re not the problems
they’re telling you of a problem and as you can understand therefore you cannot
create health by covering up symptoms anymore that you can write in the road
by covering up the darkness and every time that you do cover up something you
make it worse because you’re allowing the underlying problem to get bigger
okay does that make sense in the car if you leave it alone is it ever gonna get
it’s the problem ever gonna get smaller no and the body is the same way and so
unfortunately the ultimate cover-up is our health care system to the tune of
three point two trillion dollars I can’t even imagine that number and that was a
couple of years ago do you think it’s more or less today a lot more yeah our
code base going up or down deductibles going up or down okay and that’s $10,000
for every man woman and child in the country and you could justify that money
if we were the healthiest people on the planet if we would just stellar examples
of prime health and that would be money well spent but it turns out we are we
ranked 37th out of 37 industrialized nations so
whatever we’re getting for the money is not health right we’re getting symptom
treatment we have 5% of the world’s population we take 55% of all the drugs
in the world and 80% of all the pain killers do we have less pain no we have
the most pain because we’re covering up the causes and mainstream health care
has two tools they have drugs and surgeries and then they have a million
different tests to figure out which drug or which surgery to give you but health
is a state that occurs when everything is working the way it’s supposed to and
there is no drug that’s going to make anything work better the drugs will stop
signals but they won’t improve function so the number one cause of death about 1
million deaths a year is due to the healthcare system and this is from
medical research New England Journal of Medicine Journal American Medical
Association Brady British Medical Journal when you add it all up right
drug side effect hospital infections unnecessary surgeries complications it’s
close to 1 million deaths a year that’s the same as 6 jumbo jets crashing every
day no survivors did you think twice about buying a ticket tomorrow right but
we keep spending three point two trillion dollars on a healthcare system
that does that and it’s not that the healthcare system is incompetent or evil
we’re just using it wrong we’re using it for things it was never designed for
it’s designed for emergency intervention it’s designed for life-saving when you
when you have a broken bone when you bleed any other your stomach when you
have a car accident when you have a diabetic coma
then they’ll say in your life but they’re not going to get you healthy
they’re not going to get anything restored to health and not going to
improve any function so that’s what we have to understand what the difference
is and the health care system can save your life but it has little to offer in
terms of health and we are here to talk about health so the doctor of the future
all you have no medicine but will interest patients and the care of the
human frame in proper diets and the cause and prevention of disease
the body is self-healing we don’t have to teach it to heal all the little stuff
has been figured out why whoever created this thing right whoever did that wasn’t
stupid there’s a lot of perfect alignment balance function homeostasis
all the little nitty-gritty is already figured out we just have to give the
body the stuff that it means so health is when the autonomic nervous system
works the autonomic nervous system is handles everything about you that you
don’t have to think about so growing hair which isn’t working
digesting food and and healing cells and beating your heart and so forth
it’s the autonomic nervous system that does that it processes a billion bits of
information every second and it it turns things on and off to get things just
right and when it gets it right things heal symptoms go away
and but there are three levels of function in the body there’s a passive
system which is bones cartilage connective tissue they don’t do anything
on their own their job is to show up and don’t break the next level is active and
that’s the muscles that move the bones and the cartilage and they connected
tissue as long as as well as cardiac that pumps the blood but whatever the
muscles are doing it because of what the brain and nervous
system is telling them so if we take an x-ray and we have a misalignment it’s
because the muscles pulled it crooked because the brain told it to and if the
brain did that it’s because the brain is confused or misinformed and we’ll get
into some more detail on why that is so here is how chiropractic works the brain
controls everything in the body the body has receptors the receptors provide
feedback so that the brain will know how to control the body and the control
results in movements that trigger receptors that send more feedback and on
and on and on and on but the brain can only control the bone in to the extent
that the feedback is accurate they all that feedback creates a picture of the
world for the brain if that picture is true and correct the brain has a true
picture if that feedback is distorted the brain doesn’t know what the world
looks like and we’re gonna have high blood pressure neck pain
digestive problems etc and chiropractic works by finding out where the feedback
is missing or distorted what what puzzle pieces are missing in order for the
brain to understand the body that’s what chiropractic does we go in
we when we move a bone we activate receptors and improve the feedback it’s
not about moving the bone it’s about what happens in the brain as a result of
moving and when we can complete the picture and get the brain a better idea
then the brain knows what to do from there and that’s how chiropractic has
worked since the start 120 years ago but we have found in the last 50 years
this picture the the efficient she has changed because there’s more
variables if signals were the only issue then this would be a complete model but
there are other things that can interfere with the signals and those are
things like metals chemicals toxins etc and now today we have to start looking
at those as well trains so now you’re all going to be turned into health
experts I’m going to put this all together for you brain controls
everything in the body but every organ depends on each other that every organ
is vital that’s why they’re called vital organs and and each organ can only be as
healthy as the cells that make them up and you have about a hundred trillion
cells and over time these cells wear out but this nucleus right here has DNA and
DNA is a blueprint so this allows the cell as it wears out it allows the cell
to make a copy of itself so you get a new working copy and how many of you
knew that the body that you brought here tonight is 90% different than last
year’s model 90% of the cells have died and been replaced with new ones some of
them many times over some of them every week okay so then the question is are
the new cells getting better or worse than the old ones right and in seven years you replace
100% of your body so how would you like your next body to be these are good
questions right you should think think seriously about them because again some years she helped you with
that so what are the factors that are going it’s going to take to makes the
next generation of cells healthier turns out there’s only two reasons cells get
better or worse and one is toxicity and the other is deficiency so when you’re
deficient that means the cell needs something that is not getting it’s got
to have it but it’s not getting it toxicity means that there’s a stressor
there’s some interference the cells trying to get the job done but something
is interfering and it’s just not working the way it’s supposed to because of that
and the first thing a cell needs is activation stimulation and the purpose
of every cell is to do something if you don’t activate it it won’t do anything
and it has no purpose you all sort of use it or lose it
that’s why we need activation once you make that cell do something you have to
provide it fuel every engine that makes energy has to have fuel that’s pretty
obvious and that’s the calories from fat protein carbohydrates but fuel is not
enough no matter what well-meaning government agencies tell you we are have
you ever heard of the population being overfed and undernourished that’s us so
it’s not about the fuel it’s about nutrition and fuel has very little to do
with nutrition GRPs are genuine replacement part if you’re going to
build new cells over the next seven years do you want genuine replacement
parts or achieve no gosh yeah and whole food has genuine replacement parts
processed food has cheap knockoffs and whole food has essential amino acids
and essential fatty acids all in the right shape and form to fit in
to that new cell processed food does not hole food produced by mother nature for
eons have all all the enzymes vitamins minerals that you need to fully digest
absorb and assimilate the food and turn it into healthy cells if we don’t mess
with the food it’s already in there processed food has most of that
destroyed all the enzymes and most of the vitamins minerals and cofactors that
you need to digest it have been have been lost and most essential fats are
lost as well what’s the number one thing that essential fats are for what what
are they building blocks for brain 40% of your brain is an essential fatty acid
called DHA and it’s very very sensitive food processing and heat cooking
destroys it okay that’s why they tell you eat fish except you can’t eat fish
anymore because of all the mercury so I’m going to sound like a doomsday
profit here but we gotta paint you an honest picture first and so nutrition
comes from living things the way nature has made them not synthetic fractions of
vitamins from a chemical factory synthetic Mac vitamins which is 99% of
everything sold are made from glucose and cornstarch glucose and cornstarch
can sustain life so why would we think that chemicals made from those things to
sustain life everything you’re being sold as a vitamin in the stores is corn
starch and glucose basically in various forms
there’s no scientist that can create life work even a single cell you ever
thought about that we can put a man on the moon we can send satellites into
orbit we can make cell phones we can do amazing things no scientists in the
world can make a single one of those and you have a hundred trillion of them they
that’s what life is that’s what biology is it’s different nature makes life not
not labs so if they can’t create life then they can’t create nutrition either
nutrition comes from nature finally your body needs some piece and
your body can be in one of two states it could be in stress and fight flight or
it can be in peace and feed breathe that’s your autonomic nervous system
it’s in one of those two states and your body can only heal and regenerate in a
state of peace and relaxation so anytime that you have stress your body won’t be
able to heal properly and that’s where we are the same type of stress we’re
talking about that sense that blood pressure up also so now you know what
the body needs let’s talk about the stuff that interfere we’ll go through
that quickly because they’re pretty obvious allergies food allergies and
this is rather sad because now the fuel and the genuine replacement parts the
food that’s supposed to keep us alive now we can’t tolerate it okay and it’s
not it’s not because there’s something wrong with the food is because we
destroy the food and now our bodies have to work harder at breaking it down so we
deplete our bodies in the attempt to break the food down and when we don’t
have the interview to do it anymore we develop in tolerances and
sensitivities metal toxicity and chemical toxicity they’re rampant
there’s more than 80,000 chemicals introduced since 1950 and there’s so
much heavy metals we have to be careful with the fish we eat metals and
chemicals interfere with signals and hormones and chemical messengers so the
body’s communication is thrown up and this wasn’t even an issue 100 years ago
these things didn’t exist in our environment 100 years ago but today
have three to five thousand chemicals in our food air and water every day we can
make some changes in our lifestyle to reduce the toxic exposure but the real
solution is to rebuild the cells especially the liver so that they can
keep up and get rid of these things and we have a natural elimination system but
it’s getting backed up because we’re not getting the things that we need immune
challenges those are the virus bacteria yeast fungi etc and they don’t cause the
problem contrary to popular belief they don’t cause the problem they come after
the problem when your body is already weakened when you’ve lost your defenses
then they are opportunistic and they take advantage of it and then of course
your body gets even weaker because it has to fight the stress from these bugs
antibiotics are not the solution because they kill as much good bacteria as bad
and they have no effect on viruses and yet most people who go to the doctor
with a cold they get an antibiotic because they want to leave with
something the solution is to restore the health of the cells so the bugs are
turned away next stressor is scarce and that’s a surprise to most people but
it’s one of the most common and most devastating stressors that we find the
body has energy pathways in the skin called meridians and an acupuncture they
call this energy chi and they work with it by placing needles but if there’s a
scar on the Meridian then the energy can’t get through and normal skin is
flexible and the fibers have a certain alignment to them but a scar the fibers
have no alignment the fibers crisscross and therefore the signal is absorbed or
deflected so again it’s an interference for the overall balancing communication
in the body and finally EMFs electromagnetic fields kind of work on
the same there’s acupuncture but instead of being
in the skin they’re sort of everywhere at the same time and that’s also a new
stressor it started with electrical appliances like toasters and radio and
then computers became common about 20 years ago and then since then we have
one more big item what’s that cellphones exactly and not only is it the strongest
field that we have because it’s always a receiver transmitter but we keep it on
our bodies most of our waking hours and some guys with shirt pockets keep it one
inch away from the other stronger electromagnetic field in the body call
the heart okay so two electromagnetic fields are going to interfere they’re
going to push on each other and the longer the duration the greater the
impact so we just have to know and about how this works and try to get a little
smarter about it so these are the actual causes of disease and illness today okay
it’s different than a hundred years ago this is a man-made world processed foods
and they’re like and and environmental stressors and we have to smart up we
have to understand what these things are doing to us we don’t die from starvation
and wild animals we get sick over a period of twenty thirty four years from
these things and these are something that we can change and do something
around so let me ask you this now that you are getting educated if your body is
missing something that it needs is there a drug that can supply that need no not
no that’s not what they do if there is interference from a stressor
is there a drug that can remove that interference no okay so you have to work
with the body to supply things it’s missing out to
increase signals and drugs they block signals it reduce symptoms by
interfering with the body okay that’s why it can produce an immediate effect
but in the long run it will always create more problems and the drug is
interference the drug is a toxin so it can be useful in a crisis but will
always bring you further from homeostasis in the long run so in this
office we don’t care so much about diagnosing disease for treating disease
because the only way to get healthy is to deal with a cause if you help the
body with a cause the body knows what to do that’s called innate intelligence I’m
feeling so now the only thing we need to figure out is what specific deficiencies
and toxicities that each individual has and as it turns out this is a good part
your body already knows okay your body’s innate intelligence already have all the
answers we just need to know how to ask the questions so can I have a volunteer face me so we’re gonna show you
something called muscle testing we’re gonna explain what it is because it’s a
lot more to it it’s really simple but it’s more to it than people to think at
first so hold your arm out for me I’m gonna push down have you done this with
them okay all right so it’s not a wrestling match so we’ll fine-tune it a
little bit here so match for me so I’m only pushing hard enough that I’m
certain that I have a lock I’m just looking and I’m not looking for
strength I’m pushing I’m increase till there’s a point where okay there it
is it’s a lot it’s solid if I push another 10% it’s going to be
exactly the same place okay that’s the feeling I’m looking for and mash hey
there’s that long so now move your right leg forward perfect so now I feel for
that long and you’re a strong guy but you see how
there’s no lock okay so relax for a second so I’m pushing on the bone the
bone is held up by a muscle the muscle is controlled by a signal from the ring
hey you broke him in for me so from here to here there is no difference in the
bone bone is the same the muscle is the same so what changes from here to here
is the brain signal right so that makes it a brain test this is a neurological
reflex exactly like this one right you don’t have a choice about it your brain
is gonna behave certain ways okay and this is beautiful it’s the single most
powerful diagnostic tool ever discovered okay
Bar None and so now move your left leg forward and match for me and there’s a
lock because this makes sense to the Bombers yes because we don’t walk like
this we walk like this so whenever we do this that leg is an instruction it’s
like a switch that turns this off you’re hardwired like that you don’t have a
choice okay but now that we understand what muscle testing is it’s not a
wrestling match it’s a neurologic reflex it said yes an old response we can start
asking the body how does this work how does this work is this a good thing is
that a not so good thing all right so there
there’s a good long so if I touch something we’ll start right here and oh
so that was a good lock so that means there’s nothing particularly wrong here so depending on what we touch we’re
activating different things and all that so right here is the cerebellum and oh
and we might push there there is no lodge when I take my hand on it is oh
yeah oh oh there see there’s a launch oh there’s no not so the body is telling us
there’s some stress there there’s some misunderstanding there’s some confusion
there’s some interference or something missing about that that body work so
we’ll keep going how’s your sleep not so good that’s the pineal gland that
makes melatonin and regulates your sleep patterns he’s not been taking a shit and
that’s the frontal sinus which is usually some sort of immunity situation thyroid what do we get
cerebellum I need eye Roy and liver so we got four things to play with
so all those areas they’re not diseased but they’d like to be happier
they have some amount of degeneration or decline and in order to get to optimal
health they would like to have something okay so we’re gonna check a few things
are you interacting with people good alright so let’s try RNA light Ropin or
checks maybe so here this is ribonucleic acid this helps with cell repair
especially nervous tissue so we’re gonna check that cerebellum now your arm did that what you think there’s no doubt
so this looks really weird but everything has a little bit of energy
every matter is actually energy all the molecules they have energy patterns and
pathways like little fingerprints and they can travel a certain distance just
like light gets in through glass or like cell phones go straight through these
walls the energy from these nutrients also travel a few inches so when you
hold them then your body can determine if that’s a match or mismatch okay so
let’s hold onto that and let’s see if the thyroid also gets better okay but
the thyroid doesn’t care okay so that one’s specific for the brain and hold
and the liver doesn’t care one bit okay now
let’s try this one so this is something that typically the thyroid likes oh and
we got a rock-solid muscle the cerebellum no care less oh liver
couldn’t care less because different areas have different requirements okay
and by experience and muscle testing we can figure out what those requirements
are so hold that and let’s see so this is still brain but pineal is kind of
special let’s see if that one likes it okay and the pineal says then make a bit
of difference and I don’t know if this will but let’s see oh wow sure enough
okay so this is or checks since we’re on camera I can’t give you the nickname for
them but they help the body regulate certain hormones and now this is liver
nutrients and that makes the liver rock solid but Oh thyroid doesn’t care okay
all right so thank you thank you so much you’re welcome thank you
Oh woman one more thing do you have the physical pain somewhere yes where’s that
me ok I have total knee replacement this thing bugs me every single leg okay anymore actually let’s get a chair every single day okay
so take this hand and touch the knee and there’s there’s nothing there so when
you touch just like the organs that when they have stress if there’s another body
part where you have pain even if it’s not an organ it’s still gonna kind of
unlock that muscle now touch that again and it didn’t help so it’s just checking
if maybe there was a liver because it was the only one out of these that I
could sort of concede but let’s try some wheat germ oil cuz I see a big nasty
scar oh yeah and scars interfere with signals and wheat germ oil helps restore
soften scars okay there’s probably more stuff but we’re
not going to get into much detail yet so thank you so much stay around a couple
of minutes afterwards well show you exactly if you want to find the secrets
of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration okay we need
some new tools we live in a different world this world has electromagnetic
fields and toxins we need better tools and the muscle testing is a tool that
lets us evaluate these these items because it deals with the
electromagnetic system of the body hey you can run a
million dollars worth of blood work and you’re not going to find out as much as
we just did so the goal is to find personally designed clinical nutrition
why is that because we’re different inside as we are on the outside and
every every event that you’ve been through in life every encounter
everything you eat has adapted you and changed you in some way so it’s not just
about how different we are on the genetic level it’s a life experience we
are all different and that means we need a different combination of things to
unlock our specific situation so with muscle testing we can ask what’s the
first thing we have to handle what is the cause of that problem what’s the
solution to that problem then once we got that figured out
we move on to the next thing and it turns out even if we find 20 different
organs or body parts that that you have pain or stress in we don’t have to fix
them all we just have to fix the ones that the body can’t fix on its own and
once we get past those the body can handle the rest so here’s another quote
all truth passes through three stages first is ridiculed second is violently
opposed and third it’s accepted in being self evidence I just love that quote
because a thousand years ago everyone knew that the earth was flat and then
Copernicus and Galileo claimed that it wasn’t and they were banned and arrested
and it looked burnings and so forth and today it’s self-evident that the earth
is realm we laugh and we say how could they be so ignorant they must be really
stupid back then right so they weren’t we’re no smarter we just have more
references right and our references change all the time but it’s the same
old story no matter what the topic is first its
ridicule and opposed and then when the evidence become overwhelming then they
say oh yeah I knew that alone that was that was my idea how could they be so
stupid okay and so we do these seminars because the healthcare system has failed
we have no health care and people need to start knowing the truth about health
but science is not just about understanding and mechanism science is
about exploring findings and developing systems that can’t be duplicated even if
we don’t understand how it works because muscle testing is not in a realm that we
completely understand life isn’t something we understand so we just have
to take it on faith if we can duplicate it let’s use it so nutritional response
testing is extremely accurate and reproducible the findings are very
consistent and have produced great results on a regular basis for thousands
who have tried just about everything else before they come here so that is
real clinical science so if you’d like to have an evaluation for the nutrition
response testing the first thing we need to determine is if you’re a case if
you’re candidate for nutrition response testing or not if you’re not it’s
unlikely that it would ever help you but if you are we believe that nothing else
would help you as much that’s our our experience and belief based on what
we’ve seen so we’d like to offer everyone a quick one-minute screening so
you can see what it feels like if you haven’t had it done and that way we can
determine if you’re a probable candidate for nutrition response testing and then
we have a quick form for you to fill out as well and then after that dr. Smith
and I can check you and we’ll be happy to to answer any questions
so the initial visit is about an hour and a half the normal fee is $180
however this month is our community outreach month because we’re just
pulling out all the stops to try to flood the office and to get as to really
get the message out there so we’re asking your help with that also so if
you’re here on a referral and you got a little referral card then it’s only
fifty nine dollars for that initial evaluation and if you have other people
you’d like to tell we have a seminar every day where you can bring them in
you can check the topics all the topics are are life changing and if you’re an
existing patient or your own personal injury so that’s covered by that anyway did you have something are these
questions or yeah okay so I think there’s a genes okay if you have so
here’s a question from from online if you have high blood pressure in your
family is it possible to beat your genes and not have to go on blood pressure
meds absolutely what genetics are your genes
they are a predisposition your genes give you a certain resistance it gives
you a certain capacity to adapt and and cope and it’s life isn’t fair
some people start up here and they can do anything they want and not get a
symptom in their lifetime and other people start down here that’s their
family inheritance but that’s just how much resistance you have it doesn’t mean
you have to develop the disease or a symptom because as long as your
stressors stay lower then you can still have have a healthy lifestyle so for
example so all all the things that we talked
about here are absolutely applicable no matter how many people in your family
habit they talk about a breast cancer gene for example so they say oh this is
the worst breast cancer gene if you have this breast cancer gene then you have a
30% risk of developing breast cancer in your lifetime so this gene causes breast
cancer no it doesn’t because 78% of the people don’t get the breast cancer but
they don’t study what those people are doing different okay you have a
predisposition with a gene but you still need in order to get the cancer you need
a promoter and a trigger you still need that stress that toxicity to trigger
those those beings so all the things we talked about if you keep if you help the
body these stress and detox and you improve the nutrition and the body’s
ability to cope then you can you can have just about any gene makeup and not
develop those diseases krill oil is it good and krill oil it’s there are two
ways to answer that the first is that krill oil is really expensive and even
if it is a good product it isn’t necessarily the most economical way to
get your fish oil I suggest you eat as much clean fish as you can and then you
supplement with a good quality omega-3 fish oil supplements krill oil has some
some good properties but it is very expensive and the dosages are typically
very low another way of looking at that is that krill is usually the food of
whales and they filter it through their filters that they have in the mouth and
it’s not typically humans don’t encounter a lot
of krill in their environment so it’s not to say that it’s a bad food but it’s
also not in our general in our historical inheritance can the cellphone
cause impotence from being in the pocket so I don’t want to say yes or no to that
but we have to understand that anything can cause anything and stress is
cumulative stress can be chemical structural or emotional and every little
bit every item of stress accumulates and adds on top of every other form of
stress so I wouldn’t say that oh well that’s the cause but it is certainly a
possible component of the stress that interferes with the body look at more
some more than videos and look at the bigger picture but certainly I would not
keep my phone in the pocket more than I have to and if I have to I would put a
electromagnetic chip to neutralize as much as possible of that radiation all
right so did you guys have any questions Oh low blood pressure that’s a good
question we hinted a little bit about that and
it’s not as big of a deal because there’s so many people that have high
blood pressure that all the focus is on that low blood pressure mostly is an
issue for people with adrenal fatigue and it’s called orthostatic hypotension
that means when you’re laying down the blood pressure is easy to maintain but
then as soon as you stand up and like we said all the blood rushes to your feet
the body can’t respond fast enough because the adrenals have to
make adrenaline which is a vasoconstrictor to squeeze the blood
vessels tight to kind of push the blood up into the brain and if the adrenals
are tired they can’t react fast enough and those people get dizzy and
lightheaded and sometimes even faint when they try to stand up so that’s the
most common problem of a low blood pressure and that has to do with adrenal
fatigue and adrenal fatigue is rampant because of how much stress we have
however we find in this office based on the testing that we do that it’s almost
always secondary to something else I used to find adrenal fatigue on just
about everybody I checked it and I still do but by the time we handle things in a
certain priority then something else takes care of it first yes so that’s
that’s on the low side and there are some nutrients from standard process
that can help I can’t remember offhand but it’s in the cataplexy Riis some of
those support the sympathetic and some support the parasympathetic so get get
back to me on that it is not an emergency
because it’s something that develops over years and years it is something
that you want to address because the extreme form of it is called Addison’s
disease and that is when your adrenals failed completely and that is one of the
worst things that that you can have so you want to look into someone in this
office we use nutrition response testing in general you want to look into things
that can support the adrenals but also do a lot of relaxation training and
meditation and things like that to just kind of lower the stress as
part of your lifestyle standard process has three supplements that work really
hard renals its desiccated adrenal Drennen min and drain atrophic and some
will need to test you to figure out which one would be right for you but
again that may only be a little bit of a patch on the problem if there’s
something else at a deeper level you have to read the package and you never
want to eat anything farmed because they feed it’s the absolute worst garbage
they can find and still make the fish grow so whatever you eat whether it’s a
fish or chicken or or an egg or a piece of meat it has to come from an animal
that had a healthy life otherwise it’s not healthy for you very good thank you
so much for coming if you have questions if you’d like to check out some more
things specifically like your shoulder we’ll be happy to do that for you since
you’re so acute if you can make it in every day for yeah for the rest of the
week and that should be fine yeah okay yeah just check with with the front desk
okay thank you thank you all right no I only
look young and then after that all right thank you so much we’re happy that some
of the YouTube people made it also and we look forward to next time thank you

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