Black Women Discuss Using Medication | Black Women OWN the Conversation | Oprah Winfrey Network

Black Women Discuss Using Medication | Black Women OWN the Conversation | Oprah Winfrey Network

– How many of us would
be open to therapy, but frankly would be
hesitant to try medication– anti-depressants and the like? Tell me why. Yeah. I’ve been hesitant
about medication because, you know, as
progressive as I am, I still also think I can
keep it together, right? I mean, here’s the thing. If a doctor told me that
I needed medication, I would take it. Take your medicine. [APPLAUSE] I take ADD medicine
because I have terrible ADD. Growing up, people were just
like, oh, she talks a lot. She’s kind of flighty. And then I was in therapy. My therapist was like, I
think you might have ADD. And I was like, me? No. And then I went to a
psychiatrist, talked pretty uninterrupted for 10 minutes. And she was like, it’s severe. And then I was so apprehensive
about taking medicine because I was like, well,
it’s going to alter my brain. It might take a minute
to get on the right meds, because ADD,
depression, anxiety– they’re all sisters. They’re all in your head
going, we gonna get you. And one medication that’s
supposed to treat one thing might treat a whole
bunch of other things. So I say, try it. While a lot of people are
hearing and relating to what everyone’s sharing,
I gotta believe that there’s somebody who’s
hearing this and saying, I don’t believe it. I don’t feel it. So I want to hear from
a few of those folks. Let me hear from you if I can. Hi. My name is Tammy. I want to talk about the
medication part first. Because I’m a naturalist. And I believe our
ancestors and stuff, they went through
things, and it was natural remedies and
stuff to heal things that we were going through. But at the same time, as a
young child, we was military, and we were forced to go through
therapy because we couldn’t speak about what was
going on in our household outside to anybody. So we had to go through therapy. But I sat there. I didn’t speak. In my older life,
I was pregnant. And I was assaulted. I almost lost my baby,
and she survived. And I wanted to go to therapy. So I looked up a therapy. I did my research. I found a black
therapist, a female. I held so much in. So when I found somebody,
I was ready to just release everything. And I did that. And she opened up her
voicemail and her phone number to me to be able to call
if I couldn’t reach her. I did that as well. After I started doing
that, that’s when she started to, like, fade away. She wasn’t returning
my phone calls. She booked my appointments
two, three weeks out. She just became very distant. So I went back to the
childhood phase of not wanting to go to therapy. I did try medicine. I tried it for probably
a couple of weeks. It did help.
It did. But I didn’t like
the side effect. It made my stomach hurt. I don’t oppose of
anybody else’s view. But I’ve been on
both standpoints. So I just kind of view it
differently a little bit. Thank you. Let me hear from one
or two other folks that also feel like they have
a different point of view. My name is Jill. I actually lost two sons. My oldest son was
murdered at 23. And then my other son went
swimming, and he drowned at 17. So at the time that my
oldest son passed away, I had just entered
into the ministry. So I was preaching. So I was in the pulpit. So I didn’t understand how
I increased the kingdom, yet he decreased my
household, and then turn around and take another son. So that was really
challenging for me. So I held a lot of it in. People in the church
tried to help. But I was very angry. I still have a
little relationship with God I’m working out. But my opinion on
medicine is not to do it. Because I’ve been on both sides. I’ve tried it. I was so numb. I didn’t know whether I was
coming, going, or where I was. For two years, I missed
out on my other son, who was seven years
younger than my one that was taken, his life. And to this day, I’m still
trying to get that back. And that depresses me. And I’m going to
share something else. In two days from today was the
anniversary of my 17-year-old when he went into a coma. I don’t know– I really didn’t
know why I was here. And don’t think I don’t
have a connection with God, because obviously, he put me
here now for this situation, and I really appreciate. Because as I look out and I
look amongst everybody here, I see loving, caring
faces that really understand a woman’s hurt. It gives me that strength to be
able to stand here now and know that in two days,
I have to relive that moment of my 17-year-old. I would love to go
back to therapy. Because guess– I
fired my psychiatrist. I fired my psychologist. I feel like they let me down. Telling me that I had
bipolar did not work. Putting me on all those
medications did not work. Praying, unfortunately,
it does not help. So when I leave here,
I do want to know how to get in touch with you. Because I need help
right now, you know? I do.

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  1. I totally agree that one needs to do whatever it takes to get help and healing that they need. I however have a difference point of view when it comes to medication because you become totally dependent on it and you sort of get numb like the last lady said. For me medication shuts you off and you cannot feel anything and deal with your feelings which why you will always have manifestations and have to take pills for relief. However if the medication works for u, use it. God gave us a different tenacity and we heal differently. For me therapy, prayer, meditation, exercise and positive self talk helped me a lot. I have not been to therapy in 4 years and I believe depression is gone because I am no longer the same person I was a year ago and I am more in touch with my emotions and I am no longer suicidal. I am positive and when I feel the symptom of depression again I am no longer in denial about it anymore , I just acknowledge them and discard negative thoughts. Not easy but for me prayer helps a lot. I am happier and more peaceful now.

  2. Sometimes we don't have words to express our pain. Our pain doesn't always fit into the category of recognized, defined, diagnosed, and treated types of pain. We are unique in that our culture, religion, and faith differs from the rest of society. You won't "get it" unless you've been through it. How do you get the help you need if ppl don't perceive you as someone in need of help? The "strong" and "independent" mantra helps us to continue to live and not commit suicide. But at some point you need to deal with reality. Black women need our "own" studies, researchers, clinical trials, and science journals.

  3. We go through so much pain and the saddest part about it all is usually everyone looks so angry in person but really it is a cover up to the truest most hurtful moments in our lives that we try to hide.

  4. I took two tablets for depression once and I slept without getting up in the same position, I didn't turn it was like I was dead. I stopped and began praying and that is what helped me. Believing in God.

  5. You never know what a person has gone or is going through so it's best not to judge. I been praying for years as a black lady and I dont feel it helps but I wish it just gets worse for me
    Nobody understands. Meds have side effects too. It's about everybody needs support fun laughter love. Herbal or prescription meds dont help. Therapy has helped. But you still have to deal with trauma etc. I feel like I tried everything and still feel hopeless helpless in deep dispair.

  6. Antidepressants does not work when you lose a child you must heal yourself depression Medication makes everything worse, this is part of the reason why people in the black community don’t get help because they don’t really wanna help you. They won’t to put you on some medications that don’t work talking with someone about your problems douse help a lot, that’s all people need is someone to talk to going to therapy douse work.

  7. Nutrition is an important part of maintaining good mental health. Pharmaceuticals come with dangerous side effects. Exercise has been proven to improve mental health as well.

  8. The bottom line is as black people we need to get the help that we need rather its meds, therapy. We are carrying some heavy burdens in this weighs us down because we are only human. God is there for us, but he also gave the doctors the knowledge to help us as well. There is no shame and getting help. It does not make us weaker, it makes us stronger! My heart and prayers go out to that last lady.

  9. The meds are bandaids, the cover the problem but have nothing to do with healing it. ….. I’m a nurse and I know it doesn’t resolve any issues

  10. Mis-diagnosis and over-medication are epidemic, i.e., the "practice" of medicine. I use to talk to anyone that would listen. Now, I talk to Jesus!

  11. Yes Ms Naturalist…our ancestors didn't use meds…but they also had a life expectancy of about 35yrs in from the 1500s to the 1800s.

  12. The lady with the two sons….one murdered and the other drowning. I felt that. I’m crying. I hope she gets the correct help she needs.

  13. Stop it black women. We need to stop being people who says “I can take on anything…I can do it myself…I don’t need help”. It’s destroying us! I was in a mentally abusive relationship and the only way I got out of it was by Therapy with an objective party who asked me questions and made me turn inward inside myself as to why I was staying in the relationship. If it was not for being in therapy, I may still be wasting my time being around his narcissistic self and I was able to move on an not look back too often. When I do look back it’s bc I am so amazed that I was able to get from out of his web

  14. When are they gonna focus on obesity? All that body fat can't be good for your health or your self esteem. I see a lot of buffalo in that crowd.

  15. Love these conversations, love the connections, but I’d love it even more if the host was ALSO a black woman. If we’re getting real, let’s get REAL

  16. There is something called a chemical imbalance that occurs @ different times in a person's life. Medications are needed on many different occations for major or minor depression, post pardum deppression & post pardum pychosis. Your chemicals can be altered by exercise in a positive way. There are many natural substances that can also help various mental illnesses.(mild anxiety or depression) A thearapist is very hard to find that is committed. Some professionsls don't make good thearapist. When I used to do thearapy I felt that I didn't like talking to people about their problems. I then did hospital casework as one should be dedicated when doing thearapy. My best wishes for emotional health for all communities. We cannot raise strong healthy families if we're not healthy ourselves.

  17. The ladies with the kids loss my heart breaks for them. I am so sorry for their loss cuz I can feel the hurt going on with them. I just want to give them the biggest warmest longest hug ever and make the pain go away.

  18. Scuzzy Talk about having good fathers in the home, just because he's there doesn't mean it's a good home for the family!!!! There are a lot of men with issues also!!

  19. The problem isn't meds,but food,that's the problem with todays black women,weight 300,plus,trying to sit in my regular chairs,girl bye

  20. No dope, I am of age and I went to doctor for pains in my arms, they gave me a strong dope that had me stumbling like a drunk and a sharp pain in the top of my head. I felt in my spirit that I should not take this. I called the doc, he says take a half, I did, stumbling went away, but the uneasiness, light headedness and piercing paid in head did not. So I decided to not, then my arm was hurting so I picked up the bottle to take and I dropped them all over the dirty floor and I felt that it was confirmation to not take and I feel if I did take, I would have serious problem now. Anyway, I fell asleep in front of Tv on P B S and felt God woke me just to hear this, I was awakened by a lady giving advice talking about arm pain, she said exercise and omega 3, fish oils. I started them back in Jan-Feb (from Walmart $7.) exercise my arms, now completely healed. If I kept taking that medicine I’d probably have some issue, but Thank God. I’ve been through a lot, not like losing multiple kids, but enough misfortune and I just cry to God, develop a relationship with God through the provision He made in His Son, JESUS or YESHUA as some call Him, and lean on what He promised and He has carried me through a lot. I’m older now and know that it was He who gave me strength to make it through, He is an anchor, be honest with Him tell it all to Him, even talk about your anger with Him, be still and be quiet you will hear from Him, he shows you scripture or you will hear an inspirational message or He will speak direct to your spirit.

  21. I feel the hurt from the last lady but I disagree with not taking medication.I was diagnosed with Bipolar and anxiety and at first I felt as if I was strong enough to do things on my own until I couldn’t. I found a good therapist and psychiatrist. I tried different medications and found two that helped. God Bless all the women and men that struggle with mental illness.

  22. I don't think they expressed their answers well. Clearly , most blacks don't believe in medication because we were taught to be strong.

  23. I think therapy is a good idea but medication it really just depends on why your taking it. Because sometimes people take medication to cover up things .

  24. I’m korean woman and I’m Asian woman and I love this show so much I love you all love ❤️ and respect👑 from korea🐉🦋🌸
    Anway we must help each other cuz we humans are made of love and we live our life for love with love. We are all each other’s friends and competitors I think many things watching this show I hope black women community to be what it must be I believe you women we can do win our bad days

  25. "Praying unfortunately dont help" that bought tears to my eyes. Her hope in prayer is gone due to her experiences. She needs support.

  26. 🔥🔥🔥👑📖💒🕊🔥🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏Pray in the HOLYGHOST that's what ima do i might seek counseling but most of all ima check it out wit GOD Because there is a Level we can get on where the (devil) CAN'T FIND us i Ain't talking Steps til i Talk Too KING JESUS i NEED HIM FIRST To Lead me GOSPEL SONG PLAYING IN THE HOLYGHOST By Ann 🎤 Nesby i found a Place 🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🔥

  27. DO NOT TAKE SYNTHETIC MEDICATION…go back to your true roots. Natural medicine and herbs will heal you not pills from a lab. 🙌

  28. My heart goes all the way to out to all these women but especially the woman who lost her babies..I immediately felt her hurt. Although she will never get over she can and she will get through.

  29. Gotta get in on this one! My son has autism and drugs are always the 1st suggestion! Haven’t met a doctor I trust yet. Oh, and by the way, why is it that most black people look at you sides ways like you’re an alien if you introduce them to Dr. Sebi, his works, his curing, and his teachings? This man with no education proved in a court of law, which no lawyer, against the FDA, that food causes the illnesses, and food cures the illnesses. As in another video clip, where they talked about whites folks diets not working for us, Dr. Sebi was trying to teach us to get back to eating like we did before colonization and slavery! Wasn’t no cows and potatoes and rice in Africa. Why is it so hard to grasp they didn’t bring our food with us on the trip over. Indigenous/electric foods are to way to heal and cure the BLACK body. Oh, and by the way pull up the court case yourself of him curing aids, sickle cell, cancers. They told him to bring 7 cases of curing, he brought 77. He never diagnosed anyone, these people had their doctors tell them they had the disease and upon treatment from Dr. Sebi, tell them it was gone/cured. You do the math. Haven’t met a doctor yet that knows much if anything about herbal healing. Back to my son, toe walking1st thing out of their mouth surgery= hell no therapy. Has issues with understanding language= drugs= not a chance…diet and keeping sugar away has helped tremendously. Tried public schools=melt downs once home everyday= homeschooling and naps= solved. Had a psychologist tell me he was too old to take naps 7 years old=I got up and walked out! my son is now 14, 6’1’, and 145. He still takes daily naps=mandatory=we both be choking each other if he didn’t. Broke my door at 9 by slamming it during a tantrum. Can you fathom it now?! Other parents (black&white) at therapist ‘s office would talk about how calm he always was=naps!!! Oh, Dr. Sebi had a non-verbal autistic child come to him=talking the next day!!! I say no more.

  30. You don't have to be a woman to feel that last woman's pain. It's palpable. I wouldn't wish that kind of pain to be visited on even my worst enemy…

  31. Man I feel for that host who sitting there asking all the questions with all these women around and he has to carry all this pain being the host at different times on the show to hear all these problems in pain and grief these people go through to have to sit there and deal with it I'm sure he has to probably take some meds or smoke or maybe drink to kind of get through that because that's a lot…👍🏿 good job keeping it together brother while they pour their hearts out with all this data

  32. She said her therapist failed her. I felt that! I often feel as though mine failed me too. I had a Christian therapist, and because she knew I was also a believer, her answer to everything was “Pray about it.” I clearly needed to be diagnosed and treated for anxiety disorder, but she continued speaking to me as though we were friends, not doctor to patient. By the time the truth came to light, it was so out of control I could barely function. I’m not saying God isn’t real or right. I’m saying some of us need Jesus and medication.

  33. You have to pray specific and when ppl say to pray they need to be in agreement with what your praying for! I believe prayer does work! God will restore everything the devil has broken!

  34. I swear we struggle with SO much!! And I'm out community it's often frowned upon or viewed as " crazy" to seek help with your mental health! It is totally ok to seek help to cope with life! There is nothing wrong with seeking unbiased opinions ! I sought help as a young teen when I knew something wasn't right with my mother! She wasn't nurturing, loving or supportive! I couldn't understand how others loved their mothers so much and I didn't feel it!! It wasn't until I got with an abusive boyfriend and found out that he was narcissistic and so was my mother and that I was codependent–looking to please others and needed to be validated ! It was the same energy!! Therapy helped me understand that I wasn't crazy and that it was ok to leave anything toxic and protect your peace!!

  35. my people has been through so much. i hope nothin but the best for us and that we keep growing and continue to create spaces like this for us.

  36. I had 2 white therapists Ghost me. The best thing ever is the black female therapist bc my mom hasn't been in my life. Aunt's and female family have failed me.

  37. If you the medicine take the medicine. But, go in knowing that the first set of meds may not work for you. It took 3 different meds before I found the one that worked for me. Now the are using DNA test to group which meds will work with your body chemistry. Take the meds and find a therapist that can see you at the drop of a hat. Choose a smaller practice.

  38. “Our ancestors healed themselves naturally” SIS they also DIED from preventable and curable diseases because there was no medications Or vaccines

  39. Black people especially poot black women in red States are misdiagnosed and over medicated. I have been misdiagnosed and over medicated which made me severely worse

  40. Take your medicine unless your gonna because cold distant angry miserable get into drugs alcohol premiscuous smoking the doctors can adjust your dosage

  41. Ladies, just know that you are absolutely LOVED!!! I’m all the way in Texas and I feel each and every last one of your pain so please, please know that prayer does work. And whenever you feel you can’t pray for yourselves know that we are praying for y’all. Sending love from Dallas, TX💗

  42. @3:07 sorry for your loss, but you were not increasing God's' Kingdom, in fact, you were in direct violation of it and working against God himself.
    " 11Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety." – 1 Timothy 2:11-15

  43. I don't see anything wrong with taking the medicine, if you need it, GOD has put doctors here for a reason. I have high blood pressure, so I take my medicine. We have to be careful of what we eat too, those first two ladies are obsese and it would not hurt them to carefully chose their diets.

  44. A lot of black women suffer from Bi-polarisim, depression and anger issue! Cognitive Dissonance, evil hearted and selfish will cause this!

  45. I was depressed for years and I didn’t take anything. It lead me to a suicide attempt. After some years I had another depressive phase. I took antidepressants. I thank god for that. Sometimes medication is the only way to go. Medication and therapy is the only way to go.
    It’s pretty irresponsible to tell people not to take medication.

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