Black Mesa: Secret shack in… (Chapter: Surface Tension)

Black Mesa: Secret shack in… (Chapter: Surface Tension)

Hello! In this special I am showing where and how to find the secret shack in the Surface Tension chapter.
First, I am backtracking a bit into a relevant location using noclip. You do NOT need cheats; I’m just using noclip so I don’t need to worry so much about trying and failing difficult jumps. Remember this room?
This is where you press a button in the panel, and a yellow “ERROR” indicator lights up. You must do that first. Having pressed the button, you must BACKTRACK to the where there was the red tripwire. Here. Go across. You must do this AFTER you have pressed that button and the “ERROR ” light lit up. This tunnel was here before. I did not explore it in part 36.
But what has changed is, when you go inside… A teleport whisks you into a secret location!
Yes, this really happens in the game. This is my first time seeing this location, so this counts as blind exploration. This is Dr. Horn’s secret shack. Remember this photo from Questionable Ethics? Linux cola… hehehe. Opensauce… Remember this paper? We previously saw it dimly on top of many notebooks in previous chapters. Here you can see it clearly. It’s basically a childish manuscript for Half-Life 2 by a certain Wallace Breen. I wonder where exactly this shack is situated in the cliff face. I might go back there… Ah, it gets me back into this cave, so I can collect the stuff. But now I want to see what exactly is the nature of this cliff face, so I will indulge a bit more in the noclip cheat. After killing the headcrab, that is. Let’s fly… Oh 🙁 It autokills you. Unfair.

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  1. That really remains up to be seen, as well as what's inside those two Classified rooms in Questionable Ethics. Currently they don't contain anything. Additionally, there is one map file that is entirely missing from that chapter, according to the numbering.
    It may possibly be revealed in an update to the game.
    Then there's this ARG in which Dr. Horn is also involved; remember the other secret room. You might want to go to if you want to skip into today's progress.

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