Bernina 350 13 Tension

Bernina 350 13 Tension

Have you ever been sewing along and realized
that the back of your fabric looks like this, where you threads are all loopy? Usually,
the sewing machine sounds a little growly when it’s sewing this. You’re finding, “Oh,
my goodness. That looks like a tension issue.” Yes and no. Here’s the thing. A lot of people
think because this is on the back of the fabric, the problem is in the bobbins, but it’s not.
What we have here is that the thread is actually not sitting in the tension disks. Right up
the cap here, there are two disks that open and close when the foot is lifted or lowered. Right now, when the foot is up, it is very
loose to pull the thread out here. When the foot is down, that threads to become tight
and that needle should actually bend. If the machine is not, or I should say the thread,
is not sated all the way down into these disks, you’re going to have an issue with the tension
is going to look like it’s off, but really it’s just a matter of not having the machine
threaded correctly. All you need to do is rethread the cap of the machine, make sure
the thread fits all the way down here and make sure the foot is up when you are threading
it. That’s when the disks are actually open and then, go ahead and test it out. You should
be good to go.

4 Replies to “Bernina 350 13 Tension”

  1. Thanks for the video – do you what causes the looping when it occurs while sewing (with accompanying chunking noises from the machine) but then seems to right itself on its own and proceeds normally? This happens to me sometimes. I think I just sort of power through it but notice the looping in just one area after I've finished.

  2. Thank you!!!! Only video I could find to solve my problem! I knew it was the top thread causing the issue, not necessarily the bobbin!

  3. Thank you so much for the explanation! I broke my head trying to understand what's the issue with my thread breaking all the time when I use the double needle. This solved the problem.

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