Bernie Sanders Seeks To Ease Nevada Union Tension | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Bernie Sanders Seeks To Ease Nevada Union Tension | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Seeks To Ease Nevada Union Tension | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. Why is it so hard for Americans to be nice people? Private war profiteers, private healthcare, private prisons. They are all built to hurt other humans

  2. Lol since the Union didn't endorse any of the centrists either I can't wait for this ghoul to ask them what did they do wrong to lose that endorsement and also ask them why they have so fewer union endorsements than Bernie, ain't gon hold my breath though

  3. I thought Obamacare was suppose to fix the health insurance problem making insurance affordable for all Americans? What happened to that Democrat party lie?

  4. If Gangster Donald Dump had said the same things as Minime Bloomberg said in those racist interviews, those same neocons liberals who have endorsed him, would have gone berserk with fire sprouting out of their ears. This is disgusting and disgraceful to see the hypocrisy surrounding those Democrats. I which they all loses their congressional races this November.

  5. Medicare for all is better for the country as a whole; it frees up people to leave jobs they are just staying in because they need the healthcare. It makes it easier for millenials and Gen X because many of them are working gig/temp/project type jobs and don't get insurance. It helps the elderly get a more comprehensive healthcare under Medicare because it will be expanded to include dental/eyecare/hearingaids/home health aids. It helps the 50/60 crowd to retire if they want to; many stay for the healthcare because they don't qualify for medicare or medicaid and Cobra coverage costs a fortune. The only people who feel threatened by M4A are those working for insurance companies, but they will still be selling supplemental insurance and Medicare is going to need a heck of alot more workers to adminster healthcare to the entire country. Also nice to have free tuition in all states, so people can change their careers if need be. Free med schools, like they do in NY would benefit everyone. We need more doctors, nurses, home healthaides for an aging population. Bernie has the right policies. Hope Americans can see the benefits and vote for him. I don't see much hope for healthcare, education, the working class, the poor, our infrastruction nor climate change action with Trump. I think he will also crash the economy with his deregulation of the banks like every other republican has done. Credit card debt is bubble that is going to burst, along with student loan debt if we don't get ahead of it. Bernie is the last great hope to get this country pointed in the right direction. #VoteBernie!

  6. Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC, and the DNC are trying to manufacture consent against Bernie Sanders. Their corrupt tactics will not work. Bernie 2020!

  7. Stephanie, how much is your annual salary…you are a b#$ch and I am writing the political editor and telling Gregg Birmbaum that you are a 2 bit reporter …go for the meritocracy Steph…we will just change the station.

  8. This is such bs…..they want to add three peoples vote tallies together to prove that Bernie is not popular. HE WON. TWICE. That is how elections work. In addition, polls have been done to show who the second choice is and most of Bidens support will go to Bernie because some people are low information voters ( the msm s fault ) Also, when the Union comes out and says something, that is not the membership saying that, it the leadership…aka the establishment.

  9. I am a unionized worker and I want to keep my private plan I worked so long and hard to have.
    Why is Bernie Sanders FORCING me off my plan to subsidize the under or un employed?!?!
    In America we have freedom to CHOOSE the plan for us, forcing union workers off thier plans is WRONG,!!

  10. This lady is disrespectful and doesn't listen. She should be ashamed of herself! She had the nerve to roll her eyes.

    Aren't you a 'profesional' journalist lady? 🤔

  11. Really Stephanie? People with healthcare don't want other people to have healthcare? You look ridiculous. How do you sleep? Ambien I bet.

  12. Sander's supporters need to walk away from the DNC if they once again usurp the nomination and give it to a crony like Hillary or Bloomberg. Had we done this during the last election we would have been in control of this year's narrative. DNC just wants our money and our votes and could care less about the platform. If they pull this crap again we have to join the Socialist Party. Yes Trump gets elected, but this vicious cycle will never stop unless we unite.

  13. Please ask good questions, instead unessary questions!!!!
    Very diappointING.
    If DEMOCRAT start to question Burnie INTEGRITY

  14. Wow uncovering the deep facts and it's another story attacking the democratic front runner Bernie sanders with BS, this whole story is a false position I was a Teamster I went bankrupt over medical bills aftert staying at a soul-crushing job for 20 years so I and my children could have health care I would have been better off enjoying my life but I had to have insurance and when I needed it I still lost everything. MSNBC is against the people of the United States. I might go to CrusMathews hanging in Central Park you'll don't give an F about the people!

  15. Unions or anyone that doesn't want Medicare for ALL or a Single Payer System doesn't have the FACTS. If you are fighting for "Private Insurance" you are fighting for FOR PROFIT HEALTHCARE and against your own best interests.

  16. The real truth is that the majority of America agrees with the majority of the policies of Bernie's campaign…..even if the media keeps trying to spin it as not being the case. MSNBC is supposed to be a left wing news network but is driving away the majority of the left from watching them or believing anything they say. The country is changing and corporate networks need to wake up before they lose all their viewers and in turn lose all the money they make….which is what they are most concerned about in the first place. In the internet age it is so easy to fact check. We don't have to take their word for it every time they say something. Networks like MSNBC and CNN need to decide if they are right wing networks or left wing networks. They need to pick one or the other because they certainly don't remain unbiased in their reporting. This is the most progressive generation this country has ever seen and these networks will be left behind because they can't see the forest for the trees. Trees being money. That is why people fact check, watch independent media, and hardly ever watch cable networks anymore. The way they are going, cable news will be a thing of the past that everyone will look back on and laugh. That may sound a little harsh or might sound like a stretch to some but the truth is the truth whether you can see it or not…..just sayin' 🙂

  17. Unions wake up! keep you medical until either the company closes or they raise the cost to high you can't afford it. Free healthcare is a safe bet vegas.

  18. we need a progressive to lead the country in the right direction. the trump train is corrupt and must be defeated. Bernie is a good leader

  19. Journalist are suppose to remain objective. This women rolling her eyes reveals her networks political bias. She and those like her lack professionalism.

  20. We have Medicare for all in Canada. Employers offer extended coverage through their own providers. Nobody’s ever taken anything from unions. With the exception of wages of course.
    It’s not rocket science folks.

  21. Great guest! I will definitely vote for Senator Sanders. This host convinces me also that Senator Sanders is the right candidate for the USA.

  22. Bloomberg has held no campaign events, has not qualified or participated in any debates, he's polling in single digits. He has a background filled with scandals. He's only be discussed because he spending a lot of money, boosting tv station ad revenues. Networks are rewarding him by having their hosts talk about him on tv .

  23. Stephanie I normally like you but why don't you tell the whole truth. The Union sent out fliers about losing their healthcare. So now why don't you talk about how much backlash they received from the workers and all of a sudden back peddling what they first said. Now that's the truth..

  24. I don't know why people are criticizing Stephanie Ruhle. She is giving her guest a chance to defend Bernie Sanders and explain why he's the best candidate, which actually boosts his ratings.

  25. Imagine Justice for all, Health Care for all, Education for all, Equality for all and 20 million New Energy Jobs for the Environment for all!! 🔥🔥🔥 Bernie! 💪💪💪
    21st Century Bill of Rights

  26. Let's not pretend that if Bernie manages to wrestle control from these creeps and cronies that it will stop there oh lord no. 4 years of non stop msnbc smears i can't wait

  27. Wow, she was doing her best to smear Bernie in the way she framed every single question. Guess what MSNBC the public is waking up to your not so subtle attacks on the candidate that truly does care about us. They are finally realizing that MSNBC and CNN are just propaganda mouthpieces for the Oligarchs. Turning OFF MSNBC was the smartest thing I ever did.

  28. Free, Free, Free. You all really think it's going to be free? He is going to have to raise taxes for everyone!!! Not just the rich and that will probably never happen no matter who gets to become president. So if this is such a great idea, how come Obama didn't do this instead of Obama care?

  29. Since when do we add up percentages and electoral wins of candidates in order to smear the front runner? Klobachar plus Buttigieg would be a losing ticket. What policies are they selling? Zero. Free higher education, Medicare for every American, Higher benefits for Social Security beneficiaries, $15 minimum wage, reversing the decades long Republican led Union busting policies, revoking Citizens United for Buttigieg, Biden, Bloomberg, Klobachar are "too expensive" "too divisive" but they are selling bi-partisianship with traitors!?😵No thanks. Not good enough

  30. Medicare for All yes!!! Because it’s for the America blanket we need specially with these viruses growing out of control & our elderly & young need to be secured for our tomorrow✊🏾

  31. Berniecrats are very internet/social media savvy & are far from blind from what this nation promises & can afford. “We got money for war but can’t feed the poor” #Secure #MakeAmericaBetterThanWhereWeAre 🙏🏾

  32. I know this station is anti-Bernie but good grief 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is unprofessional. It makes me like Bernie Sanders even more.

  33. The members of unions want medicare for all, its the union bosses who get bribed by insurance companies to sell insurance to their members who don't want medicare for all.

  34. Two things I want to point out:
    – you can’t combine candidates to make a voting block. There is only 1 winner & the fact Bernie Sanders has more votes than any of the moderates shows he can win because he WON.
    Also, top 2nd choice for Biden supporters is Bernie Sanders.

    2. Thousands of union members within the Culinary union are fighting against the management & fighting for a Medicare for all. This is the reason why the leadership finally had to acquiesce & choose to not endorse any candidate.
    That’s a victory, because it shows the workers WANT Medicare for All.

  35. The unions are the worst in america like they are in Canada. The unions fight and get their increases and benefits while others get nothing. TIME TO TREAT ALL AND NOT JUST THE FORTUNATE FEW.

  36. This lady is just not listening. MSNBC is the most disingenuous corporate media outlet on the planet. Anyone who reads this needs to listen carefully to the questions and the way they are posed and how they are trying to fear monger the democratic population with lies and misdirection. Ban MSNBC. You will be better informed by that action.

  37. On the one hand, this is a really brutal attack interview. On the other, Faiz nails it, and it just proves how strong Bernie's positions are. So I guess it was a good interview, for being so bad.

  38. Union bosses….the bosses lady!. Don't lump in the people in the unions who have to fight tooth and nail to get benefits.

  39. Bernie is the only candidate who could actually win over some of the trumpists. Simply because they want medicare for all too. Bernie is the only person who has the guts to actually make it happen.

  40. Great little article explaining why Culinary Union workers in Vegas should support Bernie and his Medicare For ALL plan:

    The Culinary Union has come out against “Medicare for All.” It wants to keep its hard won medical insurance. This definitely sounds reasonable, but you don’t have to dig very deep to understand why this is not a great idea.
    1) What if the Culinary workers go on strike or lose their jobs? Its workers would lose their insurance. With Medicare for All, they’d have insurance.
    2) What about their children once they turn 26? These kids will be hard pressed to find good, affordable insurance. With Medicare for All, they’d be covered.
    3) The union seems to have forgotten about its millions of working brethren who have no insurance or have to pay outrageous prices to get insurance. With Medicare for All, all workers will be covered.
    4) If we all were covered by Medicare for All, union time would be freed up to be spent negotiating better wages and working conditions, livable work schedules and other issues.
    I’m not sure why the Culinary Union opposes Medicare for All. Most industrialized countries have this system of health care insurance. Isn’t it time the U.S. joined them?

  41. Classis corporate use of private health insurance to control workers. Private health insurance option to rip off employees, employers, providers, restrict access and deny payments. Corporate news still manufacturing consent for a failed health care system with no regard for human life.

  42. Medicare for ALL expands all current health insurance coverage and expands the coverage to ALL Americans. What's so difficult to understand, MSNBC paid to say useful idiots.

  43. "Don't Fall For The Con" … The "Con" of fear is palpable … The Truth, "Medicare For All" keeps you covered at ALL times. What happens when you lose that union job? Where is your healthcare then? It's gone … What happens when the insurance company refuses treatment of some kind and you die? Medicare For ALL would get you that treatment. We are America, we can do this for everyone! "Don't Fall For The Con" … The "Con" of voting against your own interest.

  44. Bernie is the one we need. Get on board and lets get this done. If you cry "But Socialism!" then you are not intelligent to be voting. We already live in a socialist nation. What do you think tax breaks and bail outs are?

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