[Behind] OnlyOneOf(온리원오브) [line sun goodness] Photoshoot #2

[Behind] OnlyOneOf(온리원오브) [line sun goodness] Photoshoot #2

♬ 너-정류장-나 (heartbreak terminal) ♬ I’m waiting for the dragonfly to sit down He did great I think I’m not good at posing freely I’m going to try what Mill does it I definitely try that pose
(that pose will me mine x2) Show your way! There is no yellow tent here but You can check it out at the photo I’m taking that pose and my face will be but (Bragging about Love’s pants) Whenever I walk! Are you sure that we can show this scene? It looks like there is no pants but with wearing manicures on Love’s legs It is okay?
(worried) The brother who makes the youngest laugh (Wish)
Eat spaghetti Rapping practiced by KB Bake eggs and eat Jjapagetti (taste) He was injured when his sub-judgement hit a player I’m looking for a natural smile I think I’ll go well with the yellow stuff You know that yellow and green go well together, right? Like this ♬ 너-정류장-나 (heartbreak terminal) ♬ I’m shooting with the youngest I feel like we’re young together! In the middle of the shoot, Love said “I think I’m a little younger!” Whenever he said, i felt akward I think we’re a little older….. We can’t find a sense of difference! It’s like the last three of us were filming! We got a hard question Which question? What if we choose the youngest and the oldest? Are you staring at me? x2 Please pick, KB (??) What if we choose the youngest and the oldest? Did you ask me? Oh, it’s you The director was asking me! Because I filmed it with the oldest and the youngest If you choose? Wasn’t it better for us to shoot? (objection) I felt like he was playing with babies I mean, if he was shooting with me,
he ‘d have a sexy vibe Let’s have a good laugh at this shoot! Why is your arm so heavy? It’s so heavy T.T (Verbal diarrhea)
He’s been through a lot of life’s weight Thank you for saying that Lastly, our 4 members are going to shoot Dispatch! Now I can talk something
because I’m with the youngest I like the youngest Because when I’m with these guys These are the perfect match
for the maknae line (=the youngest line) You have no conscience The Title : Ole People! I love the game ♥ Don’t go too far! Baby You don’t deserve to say it! I don’t even know well Because….. I directly turned off
when I watched the scene “Hehe” That’s the point! But you can check my unstable eyes out….. (The expert of Rie)
There is a musical interval! I→ the game↗ lo↘↗ (Serious) love↗ ~♥ ♪ I→ the↘ game↗ lo↘ve↗ ~♥ ♪

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  1. Mill♡ my heart, Rie, All of you! im hours away from leaving to military training and will miss so much of your journey, but please know you deserve so much more. we may be a nameless fandom right now, but our support for you is tenfold. Best Wishes!

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