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Everything is going like this.
It’s as if these aren’t my own hands. Hello, I’m Bastiaan.
-And I’m Rens. And welcome…
-To our Drugslab. In this lab we test various drugs for you,
so you won’t have to do it. If you’re curious about a drug,
leave a comment. Many others have done this too.
They were curious about… MXE. This is our MXE.
It’s a whitish powder. Zero values are on the board.
-It’s your turn today. I’m going to do it.
-I’ve done this before. Everyone reacts differently to drugs.
Our reactions also differ. It was a lot like ketamine, but I felt
this stuff fucked more with my mind. Yes, exactly, that.
With flashes and everything. MXE is a dissociative drug. Your
mind and body can become separate. Did you experience that?
-No, I didn’t. That was because of the dosage.
I should have taken more. Since we’re experienced, I think
you can take a higher dose than I did. You can take MXE orally,
and you can snort it. I’m going to snort it.
-That’s the most common way. The dosage is a bit tricky, because
not much is known about this drug. It’s also a very new drug,
so little is known about it. The dosages are based
on user experiences. They range from 20 to 60 mg. Above 50 mg it gets intense,
but it’s not based on hard science. We recommend to weigh it well,
because a key shot can be too much. Last time I had a dose of 32 mg.
Taking seconds is tricky with this stuff. Since you’re experienced,
and we want to see the effects… we’ve decided
you’re going to take 45 mg. I’m going to weigh it for you.
-Fine. I’m an experienced tripper.
If it’s your first time, start with less… because you can end up in an m-hole,
a catatonic-like state. It’s like a near-death experience.
That’s not chill. So start with a low dosage. I made two small lines for you. Stick that hoover into your nose
and go for it. It burns. Did you get that too?
-Yes, I did. It really burns. It’s a nice way to start the new year.
-That’s true. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to kick in.
The following will happen. MXE binds itself to NMDA receptors,
which normally transfer signals. The signal transfer is blocked,
so signals aren’t transmitted properly. This makes you feel a bit numbed,
and it may cause you to trip. This drug is a lot like ketamine,
but unlike ketamine… this drug also binds
to serotonin receptors. This blocks the reuptake of serotonin,
which can make you euphoric. Sounds good.
-You’re always euphoric. That’s why.
-You’ll be even more euphoric. What’s happening?
-Everything is going like this. It’s like I’m at sea. It’s not unpleasant, but it is intense. I can’t think properly anymore.
-That never was your strong suit. Do you feel that?
-A little. I’m squeezing really hard.
-I know. Normally it would hurt in that spot.
-It’s a good spot to test pain. It really has a numbing effect.
-It’s risky if you walk into something. If you decide to walk around,
and you hit something… you might not feel it,
and really hurt or cut yourself. If you try this, make sure you can
sit down in a safe environment. When you’re talking, I have no idea
what you said at the beginning. I was talking about my dinner plans. I’m really…
I’m riding a wave. It’s as if there’s a layer around me,
like there’s a plastic bag around me. That’s how it feels right here. My hands also feel really big. The trip effect can make things appear
smaller or bigger than they are. Are your hands small or big now?
-Big. This is sick. It really does make you happier.
-This hand is bigger than that one. This one is wider than that one.
This one is thinner. Wow. I’m really tripping balls.
You can’t see this, of course. That’s a pity.
-I see nothing. My heart is racing.
-161. Check this out. Your temperature has gone up to 37.8,
and your heart… I’m also wearing a T-shirt.
-Take this off. Isn’t it strange that your thumbs
are on opposite sides? Why isn’t this thumb also here. Why is that? Let’s test your spatial awareness.
These have to go in here. Good luck. Not good? That’s too bad. I have to say that
I have no idea what I’m doing. You’re just messing around.
-I’m trying random things. You’re doing this.
No, this doesn’t work. They should’ve made this a bit longer,
than it would fit. This part here. I feel really stupid. I wouldn’t have
the nerve to go up to people now. Why not?
-Because I feel stupid. I’m afraid I’d say something stupid.
I can’t think straight now, not at all. Afraid you’ll say things
you don’t want to say? That too, but also things
that don’t make sense. Frequent use can lead to
psychological dependence. You’ll be psychologically addicted
to this stuff. Frequent use can also cause
bladder and kidney problems. This can cause severe stomach aches. It starts with blood in your urine,
having to urinate a lot, or not at all. If you have these symptoms go to a GP,
and stop using MXE immediately. It makes you feel absent-minded.
I’m really absent-minded. You look absent-minded.
-I do. It’s like you’re wondering:
How does this all work? I don’t even know who I am,
what I’m doing, what my goal in life is. I don’t know what to do.
It feels like you’re falling to pieces. You have to put yourself back together.
Wow, I’m saying some heavy shit. Let’s listen to a chill tune
to relax a bit. I feel like these are no longer
my own hands. It’s really strange.
It’s like a ball is spinning around. Do you want to walk around a bit? It’s like my legs have been cut off,
right here… and that my knees are square blocks
that have been put in the ground. It feels like…
It feels like I’m a chess piece. It was very, very, very…
I can’t even formulate a sentence. I’ve never felt like this before. If you were to do this alone
in a chill setting… you don’t have to think,
would that make much difference? I wasn’t paying attention at all.
I feel very sedated. Very much so. From my head to my toes. Party drug?
-No, not for me. You’re way past the peak now.
It’ll take a while before it wears off. It can take 4-5 hours
before the effects have worn off. You really shouldn’t try this
if you’re not comfortable with yourself. That goes for all drugs.
-It’s very confronting. It’s also a bit trippy, right?
-Indeed. People can find it unpleasant
and start to panic… because they’re not used to it,
or because they’ve taken too much… and get a near-death experience,
or end up in an m-hole. When they can no longer move
and start to hallucinate. Be careful. You’re experienced.
You’ve done ketamine. Never mix it with other drugs,
and definitely not with alcohol. You’ll be completely out of this world.
-Imagine doing that. Make sure you have a sober trip sitter
to comfort you if things go wrong. I wonder if you’ll have a hangover.
-So do I. Let’s have a look. Guys, I feel totally smart again. My time perception was distorted,
because when we were done… Rens and the first-aider left,
and I was clueless. I thought only 30 minutes had passed,
but it was much more than that. MXE can make you go crazy in a way.
This was Drugslab for this week. If you want to know about a drug,
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