Baba Ramdev | yoga for Anxiety | Depression & Hypertension | Lack of confidence ||

Baba Ramdev | yoga for Anxiety | Depression & Hypertension | Lack of confidence ||

concentrating completely at aagya chakra i.e centre of your forhead now we will practise Bhramri pranayam pranayam itself concetrates the mind and soul to brahma aagya chakra is the meeting point of three main nerves of nervous syetem i.e Eidda,Pingla and susumna, Concentrating at aagya chakra it self will heal and refresh our mind and body concentrating completely at aagya chakra i.e centre of your forhead now we will practise Bhramri pranayam Bhramri pranayam is connecting ourself to the one almighty though reciting OMKAR in yogic way. this process reduces all stress and depression instantly step 1- concentrate and think of that almighty who resides in and control all the system of this nature one who is everywhere, watch everything,connected with who existed before creaqtion, will remain after destruction one who is ALL-MIGHTY ie BRAHMA who resides in everything in the form of the God particle now starting this Pranayam by concentration and Sitting in Padmasan or Sukhasan or any relaxed way.. recition of OMKAR is the most importent aspect of this pranayam mouth closed breathing with nostrils inhaling deeply and exahaling , no retention just a relaxed method. closing ear with eartip using thumbs and closing eyes using .middle, ring and little finger keep both idex finger at the centre of the forehead, this is complete posture….. being in this posture with eyes and ear closed completely start reciting Ooooooooommmmmmmmm deeply inhaling deeply and exahaling with OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM recitation inhaling deeply and exahling with OM recitation feeling the vibration inside your head these positive vibrations of OM destroy all negative energy inside you mind body and Soul Keep doing this again and again for 3-5 minutes in one session. This Pranayam has tremendous result in overcoming depression and negative thoughts. while doing this you will hear the sound vibration of OM as the Bees Song . this will soothe your mind for sure. Bhramri is a sanskrit word meaning Black bee. that is why this yoga known as bhramri pranayam its is most effective and powerful yoga for mind. its instant result can astonish you. it can cure so many disease related to nervous system, beside refreshing our mind and destroying all negativity. this yoga can cure partial paralysis too. it improves our decision making ability thus very beneficial for authoritarions, it improves memory and analytical skill thus best for students, keeps our nervous system healthy high intake of oxygen helps relieving toxins from our body and making our skin looking yonger and benefits our personality Thus all these benefits and many more makes you confident and helps achieving your goals So start doing this amazing Pranayam Subscribe My Channel for more amazing yoga videos with English Subtitles

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  1. Kitana din tak Kare ki thik ho jaunga yah yoga karne se negativity se free ho jau anxiety se bhi koi achha video ho Mujh bataye link send Kare

  2. Please.let me know where can i do all.the exercises under his team. I stay in neb serai new delhi.. U can call me in my mob nmbr 7048926546

  3. Baba ji dhanyavaad apka bahut bahut. Ye youtube channel apka nhi h isliye ye dhanyavad ap tk nhi poochega. Lekin fir bhi yadi ap n hote to laakho log aj bhi apni pareshaniyo se tadap rhe hote. Mujhe pta nhi kitne saal se ghabrahat ki samasya he or aj tk me isko chupati pr control krti rhi. Me bhramari krti thi lekin ye nhi pta tha k ye meri ghbrT ki smsya m kam ayega. Ab to me roj k yoga routine me bhramari ko zarur krungi . Kbhi skip nhi krungi.

  4. Baba je subha subha utha ho to aacha feel nhi hota yahi dophar tk chalta hai shaam hote hote ye thik ho jta hai raat me thik neend aati hai but dinbhar udasi rhti hai.kya ye thik ho jaiyeha

  5. Namaste guruji . As am severely depressed am even not able to concentrate on inhale breadth and say om mantram.please suggest me what to do.please please please I kindly request you to reply

  6. Which type of atmosphere is effective to perform pranayam? Will it be inside room or only open air place?

  7. Me har baat pe bahut sak karti hu.isliye me bahut paresan hu.koi b baat pe ulajh jati hu.Aur nikal nahi pati.kya ye yoga se thik ho payega.Aur kitna deen yoga karne se thik hoga.pls reply.pls.

  8. Jabardasti baba kahlane wale dhokhebaj Ramdev tum yoga ka ghong karna band karo tumhen yoga ati nahin tum to yoga ke aar me aye the business karne dhongi baba ka swang karna chhod do

  9. Namaste babaji mujhe anxiety aur depression hai 5 mahine se treatment le rahi hu aur tension se mujhe heart beat badhte hai Krupa karke koun koun saa pranayaam kar sakti hun batayiye

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