Atomic Heart: Official In-Engine Cinematic Trailer

Atomic Heart: Official In-Engine Cinematic Trailer

connection established professor said
you hadn’t slept three nights in a row I dont want to. Sleeping pills? A bottle of vodka? Better say vodka with sleeping pills. You know how I hate that: my brain is my castle. I know. When I was a kid I was always amazed that my brother was scared to sleep in the darkness. Mom used to keep the night light on. It was calming for my brother while disturbing for me. Light tied tied up my imagination. For the same reason I didn’t like books for kids. They had pictures. Colorful ones… Unrealistic? Exactly! Books from my dad’s library looked much more engaging. History, medicine, theoretical physics. Science doesn’t try to make the world look brighter or harmless it doesn’t misrepresent life or truth It simply states the facts. So I’ve learnt what I should be prepared for. And I’ve also discovered something. monster acts naturally in the darkness and so it’s easier to be examined. While in the light it puts on a mask which makes him unpredictable. It means dangerous? Very dangerous! More to that it is the light that makes us monsters. Do you see what I mean? More or less. Can I turn off the light? Yes night mode on.

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  1. Oh look it's that game that you can only pre-order through the website itself and not through steam or any other verified seller.

  2. As a non-russian, i feel proud to have understood 60% of this.

    In case you are too lazy to turn on subtitles, the man in dark on the screen was talking about his childhood and why he loves science- it presents the world as is, with no attempt to make it harmless.

  3. Ok, seems like I'll be playing this game in russian, because that way I'll be able to actually understand it XD

  4. Atomic Heart developer took one look at how much hype Death Stranding was getting despite the lack information it was releasing and is following in it's footsteps. But it only works for Death Stranding because it has people attached to it well known by the mainstream audience.

  5. "Subtitles would be great" piss on subtitles, I have heard they fooled people with fake gameplay videos…is this still in the making? Seems a bit fishy…the gameplay did look kinda awesome.

  6. Very interesting. So, the scientist saw that the man was able to see through the simulation and woke him up because he chose him to do something because there's a mission which only someone who insists on seeing the world the way it is can accomplish?

  7. Im so glad this game is still alive and well. Meanwhile games like Scorn and Routine are seemingly dead and no longer in development 🙁

  8. I don't understand how people who speak English as a first language cant understand this. I think its mainly Americans. I'm Australian and i don't think i have ever met or heard an English speaker i cant understand.

  9. actually terrific writing, mood, and music. don't know why people are complaining about the voices. dialog heavy games always require subtitle

  10. Чё за Ху….ня? Они на каком языке говорят? Совето американском?

  11. Ok this game looks super weird which I'd normally be ok with, but I haven't seen any level of coherent story telling so far so I'll give it a miss

  12. I get the sense that whatever happened at site 3826 was the guy on the screen "turning off the lights" to see what would happen.
    Anybody else "see what I mean?"

  13. Игра с эстетикой социалистической утопии только о том, что ссср атакован роботами этого романа

  14. Well the unknown voice is right. We shouldn't make everything brighter and happier than it realy is, just tell the truth. Just stand the truth

  15. Use captions u fucktards, Lowkey was devastated when they said that this game may have been stuck in development hell. Now I’m stoked

  16. Sound design, lip-syncing, and substance to the gameplay are currently being presented as things this game lacks. It's visual eye-candy and can be promising if they touch up these areas; the later needs to not be tedious, repetitious, and bland as it was showcased. I want to see this random title be successful, I really do.

  17. this looks insane but there is work to be done like that pistol sound looks like they took the glock from counter strike source and just played with sound a little in the mixer with a game like this everything has to be authentic to be 10/10

  18. I think they should make different crosshairs for different types of weapons for the feeling. For example rather a square for shotguns.

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