Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. So, today’s video was requested by a lot of
you guys! Um, I just got this in the mail for my birthday
today. And this is the Baby Doppler, um, heart rate
monitor. So, I’m going to test this out and see if
it actually works. So, this is what the box looks like. So, just opening it up. Um, it came with the instruction manual, and
I usually only open this – oh, does this require batteries? Do I need batteries? Oh shoot! I think it needs batteries! Oh, the batteries come in it, right there
— so that’s what comes inside. It feels so light! The cord I guess this is where you can hear
the actual baby’s heartbeat through this. Yeah, the ultrasound transmission gel, it
feels so legit with this doppler size. And, the batteries. I’m so glad they sent batteries! I might need scissors for this. The batteries are, like, stuck! There it goes. I love taking these off! Look! And, I’m going to put the batteries in. Alright, so i guess we’ll see if this works! Okay, so I know baby is down here. So, let’s see! I’m not sure where baby is right now. I just ate so she’s really quiet right now. OK, so — I hope that’s not too much! It’s just like jelly! Now to turn this on. Am I supposed to hold it? Oh! It’s picking up the baby’s kicks, but I’m
not finding the heartbeat. OK, so I need to clean that off. So, that makes me feel better that I finally
found the baby’s heartbeat. Um, I’ll have to — I might have to stick
to the phone app that I have so you guys can hear my heartbeat that way, because clearly,
this — my baby is very, very, very active. So, um, but at least I know where — where
the heartbeat is, I guess, but she was moving SO much. So, that’s kind of interesting, so hopefully
that was, I guess, i don’t know — hopefully you guys can hear enough of her heartbeat. Baby is just not — not staying still for
it, but I’m glad I actually able to find the heartbeat, so you guys can hear that, but
um…So, um I have a lot of videos lined up and some of them, you guys were requesting. So, if you guys can keep suggesting videos
in the comment section. Um, let me know what you thought about this
doppler from an ASMR perspective. Because the next video I’ll do, in regards
to heartbeat video, will be, like, me listening to mine. Like, you know, so you guys can hear that
since that’s more clear and since I’m not moving around, and like, twirling in amniotic
fluid. So, um, but otherwise, if you guys have any
suggestions, comment that down below and let me know, please let me know what you guys
thought about this. So, I will see you guys in the next video. Bye, thanks for watching!


  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes sent on Instagram and my channel status! Please let me know what you think about using this Baby Doppler! 👶

  2. Beautiful pregnant mama. We are still trying for baby#2…& I'm more nervous this 2nd time around since I know every detail now of what pregnancy, labor & motherhood comes with lol hope you are feeling well & that the 2nd time is easier & faster xoxoxo big hugs and baby dust lovely lady!!!!

  3. Your baby hasn’t even been born yet and is already making great asmr videos lol your pregnant belly is the cutest ☺️

  4. Awww this was so precious ☺️happy birthday and happy new year, we know you’re going to have a happy new year already because of the sweet baby💜

  5. Love your heartbeat videos, I know you mentioned future heartbeat videos in but I still want to just shout out you should totally do a co-heartbeat vid switching from your babys heart to your own. Thanks for the uploads, they really are super relaxing to me after a stressful day of work. 😝 Hope you enjoyed the holidays!

  6. Awww the gift of life is precious i hope you do another like this nd pray that everything continues to go well for you 💪💪

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