#AskDrBob: Eye Health, Gallbladder Health, Tetanus Shot

#AskDrBob: Eye Health, Gallbladder Health, Tetanus Shot

– Hello Everybody, this is
Dr. Bob DeMaria with another episode of #AskDrBob from Naples, Florida and Westlake, Ohio. Question number one, we
have a 23-month-old child that apparently got the
ear cut by a well-meaning relative of the young child
trying to cut the hair. So as the whole story goes
on, they took the child to the emergency room. One grandparent wanted the
tetanus shot, the other did not. They wanted my opinion. Many years ago I was at
the emergency room myself because I cut my finger
for butternut squash. I did not accept the tetanus shot. I’m not telling people out there
to or not to, but I do know that they’re using the tetanus shot today to boost people’s immunities. I know that as I’ve done
more and more research about the tetanus itself,
it doesn’t seem to be as evident in the United
States as it was at one time. It’s a very interesting question. I did not have the tetanus
shot, that was many year ago and I’m doing tremendous. – Dr. Bob, I’m 43 and I had my
gallbladder removed in 2004. My gallbladder was swollen
and inflamed, now you have some constipation issues,
sometimes diarrhea, you eat healthy foods, not fried, not
much crazy fried, you said. And you take some digestive
enzymes, beet powder, herbal digestion for bitters. You want to know what else you could do. I would encourage you
to get “Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery.” Go to the Gallbladder Chapter,
or go to druglessdoctor.com. Go to our books, we have all
the chapters for all the books you could buy them for a dollar. I would buy that chapter and read it, you more than likely would
need some type of bile, we use a bovine bile here in our office. You really want to read the 18 pages in that Gallbladder Chapter
because it will help you understand how important
the gallbladder is. So you really want to
follow through with that. – Dr. Bob, I’m wondering
what your thoughts are on something called
gadolinium which is a part of the MRI process when they do contrast. Now, I’m not real familiar
with it, but the research I have completed on it is
that you might not have a toxicity reaction for years, so you have to sometimes think about this. Is the benefit of the
MRI with the contrast going to help make a
difference for your diagnosis, or do you have an MRI
without the contrast, that would be your call. Obviously, I’d always
try to go for the MRI without any kind of contrast
but it might be necessary, you might need to get
another opinion from someone. I think we do a lot of
tests today, we don’t do a lot of question and answer and hands-on, so I wish I could give
you a little bit more, but if you do any kind
of chemical in your body, you may consider chlorella. We use chlorella in our
practice to help clear toxins. Now two of these questions
are almost the same, are there natural ways
to lower eye pressure? Yes, we use a product
called Carbomide-Plus and Optic-Plus very successfully. Let me go down to the bottom question. – Dr. Bob, I’m interested in eye health, I’ve heard good things about bilberries and blueberries, etc. and about keeping your
eye pressure in check. We use Carbomide-Plus and Optic-Plus. You may want to go to my
book on preventing surgery and look at the Cataract Chapter to get a better understanding of
the physiology of the eye. Dr. Bob, how do you know if
you’re sensitive to soda? Well if it’s a cola, you
could have a sensitivity to the barley. You need to look at all
the ingredients of soda, which there are a lot. You could have a sensitivity
to any of the sweeteners. If you consume soda on a
regular basis you may consider doing the FIT Test that we
make available to our patients and to our worldwide clients. It talks about the food sensitivities. Tremendous questions, I know
that you’re going to wanna pass this along to some friends,
especially the glaucoma, we’ve had great success and
we actually in our practice have our patients, our
practice members have done excellent Google reviews
because we’ve helped glaucoma without having to take drugs. I’m Dr. Bob DeMaria.

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  1. Thanks Dr Bob for touching on Gadolinium Toxicity. Could you expand more on how this injected heavy metal toxicity would affect your liver, GB, kidneys and how to naturally remedy those affects ?

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