Aromatherapy Recipes: Your Inhaler for Muscle Tension Relief

Aromatherapy Recipes: Your Inhaler for Muscle Tension Relief

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  1. If the blend is anywhere near as soothing as your voice, it has to be good LOL! And I love anything with rosemary essential oil.

  2. Hi Andria,
    I am having lots of fun today.  Learning how to make all these good things.  I have Rosemary Verbenone, is this okay to use?  Also any suggestions on what to use for Black Spruce?  I have spruce hemlock.  Thank you

  3. The rosemary has 3 Chemo Types, which I just learnt today…=) . Why do you choose the camphor over the 1.8 cineole or the verbenon?  I see below that you can interchange the camphor with the verbenon,.  Would the same apply to the ciineole, or would it be to harsh for the inhaler?

  4. Just ordered blank inhalers with wicks.  I've been searching for recipes and found your recipe on You Tube.  Thank you so much!!

  5. I really like the idea of using inhalers as we often do long days when traveling and using an inhaler as we drive is so easy and wonderful. Using a cream or oil at the end of the day is an added bonus. Thank Andrea.

  6. I posted here a couple of months ago and wanted to add that this recipe is great. I've used often and have gotten great results.

  7. I can't wait for my order to come TOMORROW from Aromatics International with Black Spruce in it so I can make this inhaler! Thank you Andrea! I am looking forward to the results.

  8. One of my daughters does not like lavender which cuts down on some recipes I would like to make for her. What would you suggest as a substitute for lavender In this (and various) recipes. Thanks!

  9. Would I be able to use Cypress EO in place of the Black Spruce for this recipe? If so, what amount of substitution may I use? If not, is there a different oil(s) which could be used in place for anti-inflammation?

  10. I Can not find PET plastic inhalers in Europe or asia and it is so expensive to get shipped to Denmark from USA. Do you know a place ?

  11. Sorry, will a tincontainer leak, if I make a salve With essential oils? Is tin safe to use With essential Oil?

  12. if I don't have any black spruce can I just leave it out of the recipe or should I add more of something else? I'm super super new to this but really wanted to try something for tension headaches but lack a lot of oils yet. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

  13. Andrea, thank you for sharing this recipe! What could I substitute for the rosemary oil? I can't use that one because of epilepsy. Thank you!

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