après cette video tu ne jetteras plus jamais la peau d oignon:c est une merveille !

après cette video tu ne jetteras plus jamais la peau d oignon:c est une merveille !

Sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber …
fruits and vegetables are indispensable foods to our daily health. They are also
natural remedies that help relieve and treat different ailments. In addition to their
flesh, their peels are full of virtues. Like banana or apple,
onion peel is rich in nutrients. you will not throw it away anymore. research found that onion skin
is rich in powerful antioxidants, which can improve human health to many
levels. On the one hand, the outer layer brown onion is filled with fiber,
flavonoids and vitamins A, C and E, which are all very beneficial to improve the
skin health. This vegetable is an anti-diarrhea, antiseptic,
diuretic, expectorant, vermifuge and tonic. Onion is a very good stimulant of the nervous system,
it helps to lower cholesterol or to fight urinary disorders
or intestinal. It’s good to know that onion is also a good healing for
wounds. it is rich in a powerful plant pigment
called quercetin, which is very effective to reduce hypertension and prevent
obstructed arteries. In addition, the skin onion has anti-cancer properties,
antifungal and antibacterial. Preventing colon cancer: Quercetin
stimulates the immune system by preventing the development of tumors. A study
published by Johns Hopkins University revealed that the combination of chemicals found
in onions and turmeric reduced the size and number of precancerous lesions
in the human intestinal tract. Treat urinary tract infections:
The antibiotic potency of onion peel can treat viral diseases and
that affect kidney health and the bladder.
Thanks to its antioxidant properties, onion peel is very effective for
relieve the airways during a strong cough or acute bronchitis. The different preparations based on
onion peel An infusion based on onion peel:
It is possible to keep the onion peel, take a glass jar and put in your peels
that you used to throw. When you want to prepare your daily dose
of onion peel tea, take a few pieces, cover them with boiling water and
let steep for about 15 minutes. Filter the liquid and drink it before going
in bed. Quercetin contained in onion peel
also has sedative effects, it’s the reason why it is better
to consume this infusion before going to bed. Other uses of onion peel: 
onion decreases eye irritation and helps maintain
visual acuity, helps people who seek their eyes too much for their
travails In case of dry cough, take two cups
boiling water on two spoons of chopped onions and boil
on slow fire for 15 minutes once cool drink liquid and drink 1/4
cup three times a day, 30 minutes before meals for a better taste, you
can add a few teaspoons of honey
for colds and nasal congestion take four spoons
onions in a bowl of boiling water and breathe the
steamed for five minutes in case of gingivitis
rinse the mouth with a concentrated solution onion shells this solution is
prepared from three spoons to chopped coffee
onion shell on which is poured 0.5
liters of boiling water then leave soak for 7 to 8 hours filter for cystitis and others
urinary tract infections administered 1 tablespoon of zest decoction
onion 3 or 4 times a day this
decoction will be prepared from 3 spoons coffee
heated shells 2 cups boiling water if you suffer from fungi
nail infections, you can do of the
baths in a concentrated solution for that peel the onions for 20-30 minutes each
evening and until the recovery of the shells crush a little dry
and add half a liter of vodka let the mixture soak during
10 minutes, then dip a piece of cotton
clean in this mix and apply on your nails
2 to 3 times a day hypertension creates you all kinds of
problems, what you have need is to pour boiling water on
the peels of onions and you will get 1 tea, use as a remedy to eliminate
the excesses sodium and chlorine in the body that is
very important for people who are suffering heart problems every
days you can drink a cup of tea of the
onion peels to control the pressure blood
if you have severe sclerosis put 2 tablespoons the shells
onions in 200 milliliters of alcohol and let it soak
for 7 days in the liquid and keep it in a bottle
dark and a cool place, it takes 15 to 20 drops
day and a teaspoon of oil from sunflower
20 drops are taken with half an hour before meals 3 times a day
the treatment is for a week and then a break for
one week In addition to its natural coloring effect, the
Onion peel promotes hair regrowth. For get beautiful coppery reflections naturally,
pour 1 liter of cold water on 4 handfuls of onion peels. wear
to boiling then boil 5 minutes. Cover and let steep out of the fire until
cooling. Filter and use in water rinse, to renew regularly.
The peel against cramps: For a result satisfactory against cramps, prepare
an infusion based on onion peel and drink it before going to bed. The effect
will feel 1 to 2 weeks of use. Warning: The onion peel is not
recommended for pregnant women or who are breastfeeding. Be sure to choose onions
bios if you want to use or consume their peels.
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