Announcement of the year: First G-SHOCK with heart rate monitor | GBD-H1000 – Absolute Toughness

Announcement of the year: First G-SHOCK with heart rate monitor | GBD-H1000 – Absolute Toughness

[Music] You join me here in Tokyo home of G-SHOCK watches and where today we’ll be taking an exclusive look at the new G-Squad HR. Now this may look like the G-SHOCKs we all know and love note the clear digital display labeled buttons and layered guard structure but that’s where the similarities end. This is the first G-SHOCK ever to have a built-in heart rate monitor and as you would expect from Casio it’s packed full of features and built to go anywhere you can. [Music] Boasting a new interface the G-Squad HR helps keep track of distances achieved using built-in GPS. The watch will then measure your heart rate during an activity allowing you to then access the data by the G-SHOCK connected app. Data can also be synchronized using popular fitness apps such as Strava Google Fit and more. Now as well as yourheart rate the watch also measures the amount of oxygen in your body every single minute using vo2 max. Also included is a built-in five sensor seen here just on the side of the watch. This gives you access to a compass, altimeter and a barometer that predicts weather Fronts. Also included are the built-in heart rate and accelerometer sensors But that’s not all the G-Squad HR has built-in Bluetooth call and text alerts appear instantly you also have a built in phone finder at your disposal as well as automatic data and time updates as you travel around the world. Worried about battery life don’t be! The G squad HR is solar powered, powered by any light source artificial or natural. Now unlike other solar-powered GPS watches in a market the G-Squad HR does not require direct sunlight in order for it to operate. The watch will actually charge and operate perfectly in low-light or artificial light conditions allowing you to adventure anywhere without worrying where the next plug sockets going to be. On top of all that this is also a G-SHOCK watch and while it does have more features than most it’s still just as strong as every other G-SHOCK watch out there meaning the G-Squad is completely shock resistant vibration resistant and 20 bar water-resistant. There’s also some great exterior features note the new button designs, variety of colorways and quick access run button on the wrist the watch feels reassuringly well built despite his rugged exterior it still feels like you can take some punishment. So there we are the new G squad HR stay tuned for more content coming later this year where we show you more of what this great watch can do

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  1. With most of the watches now going for fitness and health features it's a wonder why g-shock has not joined garmin, coros and others.

  2. Would it surive evening runs (ultras), I wonder how long is this solar powered battery with gps and heart rate monitor turned on.

  3. My Garmin Instinct does all this and more. No solar power, but 1 month battery, charges to full in a little over an hour. Has multiple activity tracking too, which Casio does not have. Very good competition…

  4. It’s about time! I looked for an HR monitor from G-shock 5 yrs ago n they did not hav 1 so i bought an AppleWatch…i hated it; fragile, needs recharge. Buying a G-shock HR monitor NOW.

    Bought my first G-shock 35 yrs ago. At the moment, am wearing a 35 Anniversary GRAVITYMASTER w/ 3 Omegas sitting in self-winding case.

    Bought my 1st G-shock 30 yrs ago n am wearing 35 Anniversary GRAVITYMASTER w/ 3 Omegas in self-winding display case.

  5. This looks worthy of my collection,Solar powered smart watch.Been waiting a long time,Lucky i didn't buy those Samsung gear crap

  6. Too bad m GPR-B1000 Rangeman doesn't have these Bluetooth Features 🙁 This is a lot of watch for the price- WOW!

  7. I don´t think this the very first casio ever to have such a function like heart rate monitor.

  8. Waiting for the square g-shock to have heart rate monitor, step tracking and sleep tracking ❤

  9. But no GPS Navigation!!! Only tracking your activity! Return to Start point navigation would be useful.

  10. Been waiting for this for years. And the only phone notifications i need only whatsapp, telegram, imessage and phone call

  11. Sadly there is not a single wrist based HRM that is accurate during an activity. Chest strap HRMs are the only accurate way to measure correctly.

  12. Hello boys and girls of Casio! I think with this model you will have a great success! But does the watch really have to be that big? I am not the type of Dwane "The Rock" Johnson but rather Celine Dion. With a diameter of over 60 mm this part is more like an anchor when swimming. Could you ever think about making a watch like this smaller and lighter? I mean you are Casio! The best watchmaker in the world. I have been wearing my DW 6100 at least once a week for over 27 years and it still works! So, please Casio! Just make the cool part a little bit smaller! Thank you, Casio!

  13. Awesome Casio. Its a Fully packed feature for fitness over and above the triple sensors. Whats the price and where it is currently available?

  14. Those people who have given dislikes didn't understand what he was speaking about this beast…… 😐😶

  15. The launch is slated on 24th June in Japan; however, there’s not really much on the pricing. The smartwatch will be available through retail outlets and G-Shock’s online stores. The pricing in Japan is expected to be around 50,000 yen — about $450.


  17. While it is far away from being an athlete's watch, it has all the right features now to take back the gshock lovers.

  18. I have GPR-B1000 Rangeman that is the precursor to this watch, and I love it for its lo-fi tech and beastly aesthetics, but it is a massive watch. And the specs on this one aren't much smaller, which is why I'm very dubious about this being a practical "fitness watch." No jogger I know is going to run with a wall clock strapped to their wrist.

  19. Personally I cant live with a watch that goes obsolete once the next model is out. those smart watches are sure to be useful and pack a ton of features but just for couple of years. This one will be the best compromise out there imho. I will buy it.

  20. If this had a sapphire crystal-covered display I would sell my GPS Rangeman and buy this in a heartbeat. What a beast Casio

  21. I have a Casio Pro Trek prg 270, triple sensor, compass feature is fantastic, solar powered (you have to toggle on/off DST feature! I'd love one that was automatic from radio waves!) It's a great starter or mid level outdoor watch! I love it, but….I'd get this new model gshock for the HR monitor & additional features! The barometer feature on my protrek is awesome, the altimeter I'd like to see an improvement on! This GShock would be great if it had a sunrise and sunset feature.

    My fitbit versa2 is a nice fitness watch, but to combined something together like this new Casio, would make for a great combination watch!

  22. The watch we all have been waiting for from casio, and they nailed it. Solar powered fitness watch? Take my money!!! Fantastic job Casio.

  23. I wish it had GPS navigation so that you could run your way back to where you started………I hope they do that in the future………..

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