Animal Heart Taste Test

Animal Heart Taste Test

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  1. My wife loves chicken hearts, it's her favorite part. Turkey (thanksgiving) is the best.
    Hindsight is 20/20…

  2. My mum once tricked me into eating cow heart. It's was actually really nice but I didn't find out it was heart until a week after eating it.

    Well, I would eat it again is all I will say.

  3. As a Brasilian who grew up eating chicken hearts, I can tell that whoever prepared those hearts, didn’t do it correctly. If you prepare the heart correctly, it’s insanely good.

  4. Cow heart is the best 😍

    In Peru they are called “anticuchos” and it’s one of my favorite Peruvian dishes.

    If you ever have the chance to go to Peru you should definitely try anticuchos 🙂

  5. My favorite part of the chicken is the heart. Yummy 😋
    Ps… super well marinated like all Caribbeans do it…

  6. 2:37 sounded like Link was saying that more as a question to make the situation seem better then it really is

  7. I personally love human hearts 🙂 but my second favorite is deer, I feel like deer taste almost like fish

  8. It taste good but when I taste it I wanna puke.

    Even the smallest piece of chicken heart- makes me want to puke..but everyone in my family likes it.

  9. My fiancé’s Portuguese and her mom puts chicken hearts in her chicken soup. Found that one out the hard way but it was pretty good.

  10. chicken heart is widely eaten in barbecues in brazil and it’s actually quite good if done correctly, i don’t eat it since i was little when i realized it was needed a whole chicken just to give me one heart, but if you don’t think about it it’s great

  11. I just don’t understand how all of these animals that we eat all the time and are delicious could have a muscle in their body that tastes gross. Because remember, a heart is a muscle.

  12. I’ve had cow heart and it was pretty good with some caramelised onion. Tastes like very strong steak… kind of a kangaroo vibe?

  13. When I was growing up we would eat chicken hearts at my Nana's house I really loved eating them until I kept asking what it was

  14. I actually love cow hearts! My science teacher’s husband used to make them into tacos. It’s a bit gamey, but it does taste good

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