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  1. NPTEL is an amazing program.
    I'm listening to these lectures and am learning many insights which I missed during my B Tech.
    I recommend the series to everyone serious to learn.

    Thanks Professor Bhattacharya. You've been very patient in explaining the concepts.

  2. I find the lecture as very useful and helps to understand the subject better. Especially to those who want to have a clear understanding of the subject, it comes handy at no cost at all. Really Amazing. Good work by NPTELHRD. Well done. I think more and more students would benefit if NPTEL produces more such videos on all civil engg subjects such as Steel Design, Concrete Design etc. It is really refreshing even for estabilshed engineers.

  3. Thanx proffessor Bhattacharya for your HARD WORK to make education reachable to the needful students like me thankx a lot

  4. true and that is why those that want to be engineers are watching it. .
    ps. Thanks to the Professor and the staff at NPTEL

  5. i wish i new for this channel before i might have gained a signature from this subject now i have to listen it and go through coloquims next year all over again :((…GREAT CHANNEL!!!

  6. I Really Like The Video Lecture Series on Strength of Materials by Prof. S. K. Bhattacharyya, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL From Your

  7. sir please fix the issue of audio, it is only audible via one ear phone in an ear phone device, i live in a dormitory so i must use earphones to listen to the lectures.

  8. the detailed explanation is not being given that why equations are written in that manner What I was expecting that everything basic reason for written there will be explained That was helpful but not upto that level New terms that were introduced had not been explained For example here " X was not explained fully that why it has been introduced in the equations " there was sufficient time to do so Since the lecture was going slow the explanation time could have been managed
    And the lecture was in a continuous flow , topic introduction was not given first as the new slides of new topic arrived at that moment It was coming to know after few time about that new topic arrived. For me it was like I was listening to a book that Sir was reading Nothing more was coming out from him like additional(these conclusions I have made with respect to others Nptel vedios lectures that I have seen )
    Little disappointed because I was making full detailed notes of this subject from these lectures.
    These vedios can only useful for those who are watching this for "Revision " purpose.

  9. Sir . My name is Basdaeu Dukhan from South Africa, Durban. It was nice to listen to your lectures after 16 years.

  10. Can somebody explain this:
    𝜏𝜃=(𝑃 sin⁡ 𝜃 cos⁡𝜃 )/2𝐴
    Where did 2A come from.? (@ 56:00 min)
    whereas in 𝜎𝜃 its just A..! Please clarify.

  11. Sir I have secured 65%in btech and preparing for GATE. If I qualify GATE exam..Can I Study in IIT or NIIT…or get a job in good company

  12. great video,sir ji(inspired by you – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0iBPhLY7U4 video link for stress analysis)

  13. Please upload high resolution video lectures. Most of the important nptel lectures are like this only. Please update the video lectures recording

  14. useful links for GATE aspirants:








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