An Opening through Head, Heart and Belly – Aisha Salem

Along that path of coming into living
enjoyment, is very much about allowing our enjoyment body to start opening and
our enjoyment body is that part of our being which opens as presence through the belly. And I’m not just a belly spokesperson. Truth calls for us and
requires from us to open to reality both through our bellies and through our
hearts and through our heads. As a human being that means allowing yourselves to
empty in the head so that we come to know that we know absolutely nothing. Feel that for a moment. Feel the impact
of that for a moment. Imagine living a life where all of the strategies that
you have put in place from the place of thinking that you know something, don’t
count anymore. Next in the heart sphere: that agreement
to love more and more and more and deeper and deeper and deeper is that which starts hollowing out
the heart sphere, when I say hollowing out, I mean that somehow in our agreement to
love and love and love we lose all of these preferences that we hold in our hearts that which makes some special and some strangers And it’s not so much that the nature of
someone close or a stranger changes, what changes is your inner view,
your inner level of commitment to be deeply and truly loving with every
part of existence, to come into a deeper and deeper commitment to be equally as lovingly present with everyone. Like instead of operating on that when
it comes to the love operating on that personal sphere of like and dislike, to
move, to move into acknowledging that every part of existence deserves your
equal presence in whatever you handle whatever you do. Lastly in the movement
of our lives in terms of coming in and embracing that ground of being through
the bellies: now it’s slightly, I mean it’s, no,
for some it’s hard of course but it’s it’s more easy to
embrace love in a way which allows for more love because it’s kind of like the
core of the self grows and grows and grows so that that is like that’s one phase.
The next phase of meeting nothing that can be also very scary for some
people, that part of emptying the mind, and acknowledging that ground, both
the ground of being in the head but also that which goes beyond completely beyond
anything to touch and unfold the truth body. We’re scared of the unknown and it makes
the heart journey somewhat or it makes it harder for some people to let go in
the heart because when we let go in the heart consciousness expands and that
takes us through every layer of existence in terms of how everything is
put together with the emptying out the emptiness, we meet yeah we don’t exist
to meet that non-existence and to fall in love with that non-existence
also a significant really significant piece. Without the nothing piece,
everything we meet in existence becomes something. When it comes to that embrace of the ground and of meeting everything in existence with intimacy embracing that ground where our
vulnerability and our nakedness really matters. When we allow for that we also lose all control. Cannot actually even put words to
how total that liss of control is. It’s just like facing completely that
one force of life which moves your arms your legs your thoughts your speech
everything that’s around you everything that’s inside of you and to face that so directly and so humbly that it’s like a for one, like a shit scary,
ground of vulnerability where there isn’t someone there there isn’t someone with a voice
apart from life itself there is a body and it’s damn vulnerable
and it’s so naked to life there’s that and there is everything at the same time there is a complete and total meeting with the complexity of life and incredible level of detail we don’t just face the life force but also
face the life force in everything There’s a whole journey with reality which isn’t about getting somewhere it isn’t about the arrival at a destination which we
presume as the one as the point of view which is seeking it’s like the
core of this embrace is so completely dependent on our dissolving of that
point of view so instead of this point moving around
moving out moving back that the very centre of that point starts burning up and this goes, of course, both for the head
and the heart and the belly.

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