[AMV] Heartbeat

[AMV] Heartbeat

It leaves me feeling seasick baby Seems like I am locked deep in the dream-like reality It spins me round and drives me crazy It seems that I am like the moon that rose at midday If I was only by myself, if I didn’t know you Maybe I’d have given up, lost at sea But my heart’s still on fire With a burning desire I will find you again, like destiny I wish that you would love me again just like yesterday, without letting go of this hand And every time my heart beats Match your steps with me again, so that I don’t wander anymore I feel destiny in you Feel destiny in me When you hear my heartbeat baby You give me a new life, you give me a new birth I feel your heartbeat away I’ve been losing my mind I’ve been craving my shine I know the me before you was a ready-made me But you designate me and you resume me I’ve been calling your name in this universe (Now I need no space) I got youniverse Having met you feels like a TV drama that was created by the universe Countless wanderings, being lost endlessly It was you who led me through the maze You are my light and my salvation This rain is coming close to an end And now I won’t let go of your hand I wish that you would love me again just like yesterday, without letting go of this hand And every time my heart beats Match your steps with me again, so that I don’t wander anymore I feel destiny in you Feel destiny in me My heart’s on fire for your love Oh my heart’s on fire for your love I wish that you would love me again just like yesterday, without letting go of this hand And every time my heart beats Match your steps with me again, so that I don’t wander anymore I feel destiny in you Feel destiny in me I feel destiny in you I feel destiny in me

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  1. oh my lord Jesus amen JIA QHAT THW FIENFWJ !!! WAIT THERE IM ABOUT TO GO OUT IN BRATISLAVA FOR @ snack time but I couldn’t stop myself from watching this before going out and I’m nOT OKAY
    I’ll be back with a more sensate comment wait for me !!!!!

  2. omg…..you edited 4 minutes!! i can barely edit 30 seconds nowadays lmao. This is absolutely beautiful and inspirational <333 the scenes and transitions everything!!!!


    Ahhh I love this sooo much and it gives me the feeling if being in love ;A;
    Your flow and scenes selections and transitions….Everything is perfect !!!!! And I'm so glad to see a bit of Nagi no Asukara in it
    And Yesss u edited with one of my Favourite movie Kimi no Suizou so tabetai !!! AND I ALSO SAW A BIT OF KOKORO CONNECT IM HAPPY
    Please make more edits I'm craving for it

  4. Bro…. I need a freaking warning label from you the next time you make a edit cause this one took me by surprise and I legit just dropped everything and clicked on this — I ALMOST DROPPED MY PHONE LOOL

    but damn Jia omg I was actually wondering a couple weeks ago when you were going to upload something again and here you are!! You never disappoint me and I am SO happy to see you edit with anime mix again (floofy anime mix too!)

    Idek what to say bc words don’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed and loved watching this video. This is the definition of simplicity and perfection, and you showcase how you don’t need fancy effects to make an amv memorable. Your flow (!!!!!!!!! goddamn I can’t even describe how freaking good your flow is), transitions, SCENE CHOICES (I screamed so many times over your matching scenes omg my heart is full) and soft colouring is just AAAAAA I’m just so glad you made such a happy and romantic video bc it’s giving me so much heart floof!! 💕
    Personally I’ll be rewatching this video a lot in these coming weeks bc it reminds me of all the heart floof and just all the fluffy feelings I am reminded of having irl (like gosh Jia you just basically made an amv that is reminiscence of romance and all the feelings you feel when you’re in it)

    And now I’m just going to stop before Youtube marks my comment as spam again LOOL but jfc BLESSED WITH A FOUR MIN VIDEO FROM U I DIDNT KNOW HOW MUCH I NEEDED THIS. goes straight to my inspirational folder and ngl imma cry while watching this video in the future but that’s bc you made smth so relatable and cute and I just!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED FOR SO LONG BLESS YOUR HEART

  5. This is currently my favorite song from BTS right now after hearing it in the game, you did this song justice!! ❤ Every scene and translations so perfect, I got way to emotional watching this ;_____; I hope to edit this song as well someday

  6. Even when I wasn’t editing I was keeping up with your videos and I’ve been waiting what feels like a lifetime for this but it is SO WORTH IT. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT JOB SERIOUSLY

  7. seriously i don't have the words to describe this beutiful and wonderful video, really i'm crying now T_T i can't stop crying ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  8. omg this is one of the prettiest amvs ive seen ;;;
    the coloring, flow and scene selections (literally everything tbh) are just beautiful!

  9. OMG This s so weel done! I don't have words to describe how I feel about this, it's so touching, so beautiful so romantic ahh <3 My heart is melting, you made me feeel like chills over and over again q-q <3 I really loved how you changed to one scene to another to create the same romantic vibe with every different anime ;w; <3 LOVE IT!!! <3

  10. Seriously…one of the best AMVS i seen for a long…long time..the whole year pretty much. liked, and favorite after watching half of it.The impact of emotions in this is outstanding. Almost everything was right on, and a miniute before the video ended I felt something inside me and just a little emotional. You know when that happens, means this video has truly touched what you aimed for. Thank you for this! I could tell you worked really hard on it! Amazing job once again! love it!!

  11. i actually have no words that could remotely describe how i feel about this edit. i'm just in absolutely awe when you hit all those perfect scenes selections, which was pretty much there throughout the whole video. the pacing and transitions are so beautiful and it's honestly a breath of fresh air – i feel like it has inspired me to edit smth myself (even tho it won't happen lolol). i really enjoy anime mix edits and so happy to see this on my feed AND it's 4mins too?! we're being blessed today thank you for making smth so lovely jia!<3

  12. …I honestly have no words.. this is just soo freakin amazing! I am just in complete awe…this song is just sooo amazing and then you edited it to it soo perfectly!! i have always been so obsessed with your editing and just adhfhabdfas you BLEW MY MIND!! I am feeling SO MANY EMOTIONS!! when the had the parallel scenes going on continuously… just… take me.. im deceased

  13. jia you’ve always edited so beautifully and I have to say this is probably my favorite from you so far. I love everything about this and you can definitely feel so much emotion from simply your scene choice alone and I know that takes time and a lot of perfecting to accomplish. I’ve always been so flattered to be one of your inspirations ❤️

  14. Every time I see an upload from you I know the video is going to be edited with a lot of care and effort. The way you combine the clips together somehow brings out the beauty in each scene and it was so mesmerizing to watch throughout. I've been listening to bts a lot lately so both my eyes and ears have been blessed. It's always a pleasure to watch your videos no matter how much time passes jia <3

  15. this is just as impressive as every other video of you. I just loooove how everything flows together it's so pleasing to watch impressive. also thanks to you amv I have been listening t this song non stop

  16. holy screams
    Jiaaaaaaaa omfggggggg
    I am so happy to see a new video from u!!! I know u said to me that u will try to make a new amv since now u have more free times on your hand, and I have been waiting for the day to come when u finish amd upload a new video. I'm still surprised when it turns out to be a full amv!!!

    *cries a river of tears*

    This video is absolutely amazing!!!! I love how simple it is but still it is able to covey so much feelings. Your scene selection is utterly perfection and the flow of the scenes actually moved me to tears, especially those where all the similar scenes are appearing one after another (e.g hugging scenes etc) Its so touching to watch. And this song… whyyyy??? Even though I am not a kpop fan, but u are making me fall in love with this song!!! *now u should take responsibility for this and show me more amazing songs as such in the future*

    In all seriousness though, I am so glad to see your new video. Its so refreshing to watch and it will always be my fav (along with all your other videos) 😍😍😍

  17. Newer editors should come and watch this to see that you can make a spectacular amv with simple editing and fantastic ideas.
    You may rest now captain. Thank you for your service.

  18. I literally started tearing up in the 2 first seconds… my chest grows heavy and I don't really have any personal reason for it but all the feelings you're expressing throughout this video. If I'm honest, I couldn't even watch until the end because your scenes and the perfect timing was too much for my sensitive heart. I loved how you managed to put together similar scenes because somehow it powers up everything needed to say with these lyrics. Makes me wonder as well what was the inspiration beneath. Hope someday I can create something as beautiful as this ♡

  19. this is SO beautiful girl, i looove it. reminds me of resonance which is my fav romance amv but yours is now also up there with my fav romance amvs ;-; your editing is art

  20. I just want to let you know how much I love this amv!!! I have no words to describe my feelings. This is so beautiful. Thank you

  21. So viele Jahre sind vergangen, es hat sich vieles geändert, jedoch ist und bleibt dein editing das schönste in meinen Augen. So schönes Video Jia ♥ #bts

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