29 Replies to “Amid North Korea tensions, US shows off military might in Guam”

  1. There's absolutely no other option but to take North Korea's military capabilities out! And at the same time liberate millions of North Koreans

  2. No negotions. No talks. Attack North Korea and nukes will land on LA, Chicago and NYC and DC. Let's see how long your stupidy, arrogance, bravery and most of all your lack of being humbled lasts when nukes drop on your cities. Dare and hit the fire button you fucking warmongers

  3. Let’s get a time travel device and use it to go back in time to either prevent nukes from ever being invented or prevent fat rocket lord of nukes from getting them since nukes never ever bought any good or peace.

  4. If North Korea didn’t strike to USA that means South asian are poor forever because this is the main key to develop South Asian country.

  5. I just hope the North Korean don't start attacking the Olympic. I can't understand how you let them in in South Korea when the tension is so high.

  6. North Korea Regime (Kim Jong Un) and South Korea they have played war games, batting back and forth in the past three decades, and American taxes paid for all cost for this crisis.
    Who is behind support North Korea Regime Nuclear-Armed threatened and got benefits from this crisis. Read Article:
    "Chinese Involvement In North Korea's Nuclear Missile Program: From Trucks To Warheads".


    This war game need to stop, because both North and South Korean take advantage the U.S. taxes pays.
    Soon or later, this war game must end.

  7. The message I get with the bombers to Guam is that while the two Koreas are engaging in a peaceful activity , an act which can mean a thawing of relationship , the bombers are going to keep the North Koreans military on high alert too.
    Is that really useful for the two Koreas' peace initiative if it is at all one?

  8. "and yet North Korea is still going with its belligerence". Come on guys, if you are surrounded by aircraft carriers with stealth bombers from Guam as well as nuclear subs within minutes of striking range, wouldn't you be nervous??
    Remember Cuban Missile crisis? Why is it that it's ok to do to others but not others do unto you?

  9. The US is still flexing its Muscles why? If left alone North Korea would keep themselves to themselves but no the USA has to pick on smaller countries like a bully in a school yard!! It's ironic the USA saying North Korea is a threat with Nuclear weapons considering the USA are the only country to use Nuclear weapons on a population of a foreign country lol

  10. We need to pull out of South Korea and let them take care of their own mess. It’s not our problem or business. You think you can just go in and disarm North Korea think again it will be a blood bath and lots of innocent life’s lost . Remember veitnam. Everyone is under estimating North Korea.

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