America’s Top Dog: Underdog Team Maker Wins Our Hearts (Season 1) | A&E

America’s Top Dog: Underdog Team Maker Wins Our Hearts (Season 1) | A&E

56 Replies to “America’s Top Dog: Underdog Team Maker Wins Our Hearts (Season 1) | A&E”

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  2. It would be better to train the dog the alert signal was a sniff followed with a bark .
    My dream is a dog who can smell out buried money.

  3. this came across as a collie-wood 'set-up' by the producers/owner on board' – might want to re think your baiting tactics…

  4. I think the owner didn't want to win. I've never trained a dog and even I could tell he was alerting on the last item. Ugh!

  5. This made me so sad! I think maker could have blew all those dogs out of the water! His trainer was paying no attention oblivious he was like walking he wasn't even in a hurry! He just stood there and stared. I wish maker would have another chance with a different trainer

  6. ….what do you think you're doing?
    Nice try, you made it APPEAR TO BE

    But I know.. WE ALL KNOW, THIS AIN'T LIVE PD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Watching this show makes me want to teach my dog alot more stuff he is very smart and i always say som agency missed out on a grear scent dog because he is always an inch from the ground smelling everything

  8. A show meant to show off service dogs, and then a border collie completely shows them up. Wouldn’t be surprised if they told the handler to throw it to save face.

  9. WTF JOHN?! It was so obvious!! Maker even looked to you every time to try & get your attention! I’ve never seen a handler let down a dog so much before!

  10. This was so frustrating to watch. Maker had flawless alerts. Super clean. As opposed to the police dogs that were literally all over the place with their alerts. For some strange reason the Trainer couldn't pick up in the ridiculously clean alerts. He just stared at him. Maker could have won if the trainer picked up on the alerts.

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