AHA Experts on Controlling High Blood Pressure

AHA Experts on Controlling High Blood Pressure

(heart beating) – One of the barriers clearly
was the ability to be able to track kind of how they were doing in progressing towards their goals. And I think one unique thing
that Heart360 affords patients is the ability, using a free tool, to be able to go on to the internet, feel comfortable with the internet, log their blood pressures in
a very easy controlled manner and then be able to chart their progress to know really how they’re doing in terms of controlling
their blood pressure. The feedback that we got from our patients who participated in the program is that Heart360 was a wonderful
tool, very easy to use, and it made a lot of
sense to them to be able to put their overall care plan together. – It is free to anyone to go into the American Heart Association’s
website or heart360.org. You can sign up using any
email address that you want and set up your own parameters, enter in your own information and start actually, either
manually inputting your blood pressure measurements, or going out and purchasing a blood pressure cuff that you can plug into your computer. I find that when patients
come into my office with their blood pressure measurements, it’s hugely impactful for me to be able to review those and then talk to them. It’s very easy. If you know how to log on to your email from any web browser,
then you can use Heart360.

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