Adam Levine Wild About Natalie Brady’s Cover of Heart’s “Barracuda” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Adam Levine Wild About Natalie Brady’s Cover of Heart’s “Barracuda” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

100 Replies to “Adam Levine Wild About Natalie Brady’s Cover of Heart’s “Barracuda” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions”

  1. Im so happy to see big girls o here doing great
    I wish i was better at singing and didn't have anxiety so i could follow their footsteps

  2. She still gives me goosebumps (good kind), and her singing this was such a fresh breathe of air that I went "YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSS" the entire time in my living room

  3. this girl is craaaaazy!! so enjoyed that!!… not my genre at all but the power and the charisma she has….. the best on the show

  4. Sorry but as much as I love classic rock is it going to connect with todays youth who just want autotuned mass produced garbage. Rock isn't going to get record companies money from singles thats a fact. It is a shame that music has become a business rather than to be about the creativity. You take any rock band from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Who, Def Leppard none of them would sell any singles in todays market which sucks but its purely a generation thing.

  5. Yes, yes and yes Bud Small!! And then there were the vocals which were spot on! This chick will go faaaarrrr! (And who disliked this??…)

  6. For crap's sake….I post one or two comments in Superbowl Halftime videos for Maroon 5 and how I despise this band since day one and now Youtube floods me with Adam Levine videos. Please stop….>_<

  7. Adam is just waiting for Blake to bend him over and make him scream like the little girl he is! Lol the woman was a real good singer too. Lol again

  8. I’m so surprised Kelly didn’t turn around. It seems like Jennifer was trying to give Kelly the chance to turn around.

  9. did they choose a song in the battles that she would not excel in. She is a powerhouse that needs a power ballad to show off her dynamic voice.

  10. I agree with Adam, she should have received four chairs. Belting out Ann Wilson's vocals range isn't an easy task. Great job, Natalie! The Voice USA needs a Rock/Heavy Metal judge!

  11. Can somebody plz tell me what's the song playing in the background at the end of the video..when Adam hugs Natalie??

  12. Usually I dont like girl singers cause they love to hold notes for 20 seconds longer than usual but this is an exception

  13. this always kills me, why why on earth not many rock performers get chance or even win, Rock is an amazing form of music. Shame on Kelly and blake for not turning not for the genre but for her voice herself deserves and ovation

  14. She did a very good job but did anyone else feel this song was slightly rushed? I don't mean she rushed it.. It just seemed a little fast.. I wanted to savor her voice and it seemed she had to hurry it up to keep up.

  15. I think kelly didnt turn not because shes not into the genre, but because she's the most familiar with the song among the judges and maybe shes just expecting more because the ann wilson version is hard to top/match. BTW, to all the youngsters out there, let me tell you that kelly is not just a pop/country/soul singer, she has sung a lot of ROCK in the past so she completely knows what a rockstar should sound like. Its not just about having power and rasp, but its about the character as well. Try listening to kelly singing "bring me some water" and ya'll know what im talking about.

  16. Ann Wilson's songs are hard to sing! I haven't seen anyone that came close, until this girl. She's amazing! I think Adam's in love lol.

  17. So only 2 chairs turned? Really?? Shame! Oh: and the drummer rocked it seriously and so did the guitar player!!

  18. ok .. other than hugging contestants what else do those four do ?
    I mean, come on, the auditioner is already knows every thing about singing !!

  19. Love her! Wish the voice would seek out more rock singers. Rock singers seem pretty popular with all the non-U.S. voice shows.

  20. Well to be honest it is good for the judges to open up but if they like experiment out of their genre they probably wont be able to do their best for the contestant.

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