AAP Professional Medications Disease Treatments- Aquatronics

AAP Professional Medications Disease Treatments-  Aquatronics

What’s up guys?! Devon here from American Aquarium Products. Let me ask, have you heard the new AAP professional
line of medications? Formally known as Aquatronics. If you’ve sent some time in the hobby, say
decades, you’ve definitely recognized this name. They were the standard. The highest quality of medications. And AAP is exclusively bringing them back to
the market. Let me tell you about them. We came to know these medications, because
when we were running professional services and maintaining fish rooms with hundreds of
fish tanks, we actually saw the results compared to other medications. This line of medications was developed by
some real high level thinkers, that knew the aquarium, that knew fish, so they used this
to develop the highest level, most effective quality of medications out. This medication line goes back into the 1970s
and is made in the US. Here’s some of the medications we’re bringing
back, a little at a time, stick with us while we’re slowing inducting this full line back
into the hobby. Wound Control. This is a swab type paint on disinfectant
for wounds and scraps and abrasions. It prevent serious infections. Res-Q, It’s a medicated fish slime coat conditioner,
for when the fish have fared fins, or other visible signs of abuse. It detoxifies and conditions the water and
coats the fish with a medicated bandage, balancing osmotic pressures and removing chlorine. It also clarifies water. Super Velvet Plus. It’s a non antibiotic choice for Velvet infections,
all fish safe and it doesn’t harm the biological filtration. MethyBlu, it’s a concentrated form of Methylene
Blue. If you don’t know about Methylene Blue, definitely
take a look at the resource below. It’s a very good first step, something you
should always have on hand. Naladin, Nalidixic acid, one of the few treatments
for freshwater neon, cardinal, and tetra disease. It’s a treatment of choice for these fish
and it’s another one for hard to treat type symptoms. Marex, an antibiotic blend, the first effect
copper substitute for marine Oodinium . Oxygenex, supplies oxygen to the water and aids in ammonia
poisoning. Use in emergencies. Eye Fungex, for cloudy eyes, swollen eyes,
cotton like growth. It’s a direct treatment onto the eye, which
is only possible, because it’s a acid and a reducing agent all in one treatment, which
is a very effective first go too for eye issues. Greenex, a go to treatment marine ich and
a go to treatment for other issues. Super Ich Plus, the go to treatment for freshwater
ich and others, Shieldex, stress relieve, and a disease prevention treatment. Much more information about all these medications
in the description below. Spectrogram, if you guys haven’t hear about
this one yet, it’s probably one of our favorites here at AAP, cause it’s so effective. It’s one of the widest spread antibiotics
treatments in the industry and there’s lots to be said about it. Our first go to treatment for something like
Columaris. There’s a lot to be said about this line of
medications guys. So, I’m just giving you the quick snippet
of it all. Definitely take a look at the information
in the link in the description below. Alright, I appreciate you guys, thank you
so much for checking out our videos. Thank you for taking a look at our information
and as always supporting us as we try to get the most professional up to date information
out to the hobby. Thank you so much, bye!

2 Replies to “AAP Professional Medications Disease Treatments- Aquatronics”

  1. Is that the exact same recipe in Marex that was previously used back in the day? If so how are you able to pull that off? I'm sure you can guess why I am asking haha. I want to order so bad but of course want it to be the real deal.

  2. You Guys Are Back?! Your Products Are Life Savers! Oh Man!
    I've Got A Less Than Half-Empty Canister Of Powdered Intensive Care And Over The Years I've Been Trying To Find It, A Recipe, Or A Replacement!
    Yes! When You Left, You Left A HUGE Void! Huge! I KNOW That Most Of The Success In My Earlier Years Of Being An Aquatic Tech. Was From The Help I Had By Using Your Products.
    When One Day The Company Seemed To Vanish; I Thought "It's Just My Luck!" Man, Talk About Feeling A Bit Like A Fish Outta Water!

    I Literally Depended On These Products And I Told Myself That When I Have My Own Fish Business, Aquatronics Products Will Be "My Go To , Tried And True".
    This Is A Good Day Because Now I Know That You Are Back. I See That Intensive Care Is A Liquid! Cool!

    Honestly, As Someone Who Really Depended On Your Products, I Must Lament, It Would Have Been Great Having These Products Over The Many Past Years. To Be Honest, I Really Needed Them Because, YES, As The Comment States Below, Your Products Are Silver Bullets…Being Shot Out Of A 007 Golden Gun! There's Nothing Like Your Products. Period.
    Heheh.. Lol! I Remember The Fun I Had Being A Young Tech. Running The Aquatics Department And All The Ups And Downs That Came With It. Vague, Are Some Of Those Memories.

    What I Will Never Forget Though, Is Aquatronic's Top-Shelf Products. So Good And Powerful. I Had To Keep It Under Lock And Key!

    Thank You For Coming Back!
    I Sincerely Mean That!

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