A Soldier’s Heart | Full Episode 2 | January 21, 2020 (With Eng Subs)

A Soldier’s Heart | Full Episode 2 | January 21, 2020 (With Eng Subs)

An improvised
explosive device went off. A bomb got past us!
We need more men! A bomb got past us!
We need more men! We need help from the outside. We will wipe out those who
are responsible for this. You are the leader
of the IT Team. We’re hoping you can
recommend someone to help our program. You know how dangerous
the situation is in Mindanao! Let Alex do it. I’m just protecting him. You’re not protecting him
by keeping him locked up! I’m giving you my permission. I trust that you’ll lead
the IT team properly throughout this mission. Yes, sir. There’s still a target
at the back! I think this guy shot
most of our men. [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] Sorry for calling just now. I just finished my chores. Hello, son? Hey! How are you? Son! Hey, why won’t you speak up? Your son’s dead. – Yeah!
– Film this. [PHONE RINGING] Something bad
happened to Alex! What is it? Someone said he’s dead! [THRUMMING] Take everything that
we can still use! Come on! Let’s move! – Hurry up!
– Quick! Sir, let’s go! Let’s go! Sir, let’s go. Wake up, sir! Sir, come on! [GRUNTING] Aah! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Sir! Help is here, sir! Sir. Sir. Sir, wake up. Sir. Sir? Check if anyone’s still alive Take them to the vehicles first! Take them to the vehicle! Has any group claimed
responsibility for the attack? None at the moment, sir. We can’t tell yet who did this. But we’re already cooperating with the SOCO team
for more details. I want to know right away
who attacked our troops. Yes, sir. [PHONE RINGING] Bok. I heard the troop was ambushed. How are they? You heard right. They were ambushed. We lost some of our men. What about Alex? What about my son? Is he alright? Is he safe? Don’t worry. I just got word
that he survived. Your son’s alive. He is being airlifted to
the hospital as we speak. Ma? Stay still, Alex. Just lie down, Alex. You need to rest. Your wounds aren’t
fully healed yet. Where are the others? Alex… I know this is
difficult for you, but we need to keep
this mission confidential. No one else can know of your
involvement in this mission. This is Colonel Fontiveros. He has some questions for you. I’m sorry. Your son’s life was put at risk. It’s not your fault. It’s part of our job. But Alex isn’t a soldier. He shouldn’t have
been involved. Rest assured that… I will track down the
rebels who did this. Like what you did to… the ones who killed
Julie and Sam. When I woke up, sir, I saw all those people
who were with me… What else do you remember? There will be no peace
without death. I heard someone shouting, sir. But I couldn’t understand them. They were speaking in
a different language. He’s traumatized, sir. He still can’t fully
recall what happened. Okay, I’ll be heading out. Okay. Colonel. What did Alex say? He didn’t see who ambushed them. But he did hear them
repeatedly shout a phrase. What was it? He couldn’t understand it. Our rebels here are home grown. If their language isn’t local,
could that mean… …they have
connections outside? Sir, you’re the soldier
I saw on TV. Sir, you’re the soldier
I saw on TV. You’ll fit in well here. We need more men
like you in the army. [GUNSHOTS] Sir. Twenty-four soldiers from
the Philippine Army died in an ambush, while one officer
miraculously survived after an encounter against
not less than 50 men from an unidentified group. The spokesperson of
the 4th Infantry Division says they have
not yet identified the group behind the ambush. Those who survived
just got lucky. I’m happy for you, son. Twenty-four of our men
got killed? What kind of leadership
is that, General Mondejar? I assume all responsibility,
sir. I will accept any punishment
you deem fit General, I want you to
control the damage. Everything’s confidential, sir. General, please send copies
of the intel report. The Intelligence Services
are willing to help to solve the matter at hand. I want you to resolve this
as soon as possible. If you don’t, I will have to
relieve you from duty. – Rasheed.
– Saal. Are you ready to tell everyone
who’s responsible for the bombing and
the ambush on the soldiers? Not yet. Let’s just let the enemy
stay clueless for now. – But Saal–
– We’re still weak, Rasheed. If they start going after us,
a lot of people will die. We have to build up our power before we can face them. But we’re already
strong enough, brother. The other groups who
want to free Mindanao will join our forces
soon enough. We’re not just
after Mindanao, Rasheed. After we gain control over
the whole Mindanao, we’ll do the same for
the rest of the Philippines. Once we convince different
groups to become our allies, it’ll be easier for us to
get support from the outside. We’ll get all the money
and weapons we need. Then we’ll be able to establish
the first caliphate in Asia. It’s Apo Habar. Apo Habar, what brings you here? Who gave you permission to do
those things in my territory? I thought you’d be happy– About what? The ambush? Are you underestimating
my group? We could do those things
if we wanted. But we’re not that reckless. We like planning everything
very carefully, unlike you. What are you trying
to say, Apo? I know what you’re
trying to do, kid. You want us… …to be your allies. If you think you’ve convinced us
because of what you’ve done… …you’re wrong. We will never join forces
with you. What a shame. Your father was a great leader. But you? You’re nothing like him. The remains of the soldiers
who died in the ambush The remains of the soldiers
who died in the ambush at Lanao have started
arriving today. According to the
spokesperson of the AFP, two simultaneous ceremonies
will be held in Fort Bonifacio and CDO to honor
the deceased soldiers. You know, ever since I heard
what happened to our soldiers, I’ve had trouble sleeping. I told myself that
I wouldn’t let a day pass without visiting them… …and the loved ones
they left behind. I wish to honor them
with a heartfelt salute, even though I know
that no kind of salute can ever match their heroism. I understand your worries. The fear that you’ll never see
them again whenever they leave. They’re doing all of this
in service to our country. But I never once
heard our soldiers boasting about being heroes. They never asked questions
nor complained, because they already
took their roles to heart. They fight not just
for their own families, but for an even
bigger family, our country. Don’t ever forget that
your husbands are heroes. Your sons are heroes. Your fathers are heroes. I can never match their heroism. But I promise to seek
justice for their deaths. I will go after the
people who did this. We must never fear the enemy, or anyone who goes against the
principles our country upholds. Justice, freedom, and peace. We will face them
with all our courage. Their deaths
will not be in vain. Because being a soldier
is a calling, bro. Because being a soldier
is a calling, bro. Once you are called to serve, you’ll always end up
a soldier no matter what. Alex! Alex! Talk to me, Alex.

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  1. ang ganda ng palabas nato..kya lang umiiyak ako habang pinapanuod ko.. ayoko mangyari to mangyari sa partner ko balang araw ang sakit sa dibdib…ganito pla ang buhay sundalo.

  2. ang ganda ng palabas nato..kya lang umiiyak ako habang pinapanuod ko.. ayoko mangyari to mangyari sa partner ko balang araw ang sakit sa dibdib…ganito pla ang buhay sundalo.

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