A Reason To Stop Worrying – Watch This Whenever You’re Stressed Or Anxious

A Reason To Stop Worrying – Watch This Whenever You’re Stressed Or Anxious

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  1. Kinda glad i was raised to believe in…& I continue to believe in reincarnation…. The thought of only living once & only having one chance to do everything right is honestly terrifying…..
    And if I’m wrong and our soul does not reincarnate, (pretty sure I’m not) then tbh, who the hell cares….I’m living a pretty carefree life now because I believe that with reincarnation my soul will not only live on but may also have the ability to continue to learn & even perhaps get a second chance to do the things I did wrong in this life right for once…(or at least a chance to do it differently this time)….lol, I guess I just see things differently…

  2. Guys listen 👂
    That video teaches us to just live and don't give any fucking shit to any fucking person that hate us or we hate him
    At the end its better to see something that u don't see any thing I mean it's better to live that its better to die and at least there is something I wanna do and after this I will kill my self u know wut is it???
    It's living 😅😅😅😅

  3. I liked how he said :- on a rock in a solar system in a galaxy in a universe in a who knows what…. but seriously I wish life was that simple I can just think yeah I’m relatively extremely tiny I’m gonna die one day nothing matters at the end anyway, but we have emotions we ARE living, the excruciating pain of missing a loved one stays with you, meaning their lives matter even after they are gone. What a waste of space if you did absolutely nothing what a nonsense existence that’ll be, live, explore, enjoy, have a dream, try your absolute best at everything, leave a mark!

  4. This video seems to be describing Optimistic Nihilism. It is a really appealing worldview, “no purpose in our existence so invent your own and life a happy life”. The huge problem that i see with this is that what if murdering people and stealing and lying and being selfish is what makes me happy and i believe to by my purpose? That is of course ridiculous because we are innately aware of a higher moral reality that comes from outside us all. It has too in order for there to be true right and wrong. We are also admitting that there should be a higher purpose. I believe we may be longing for a greater reality that we were made to be a part of and that we are in direct rebellion of that design and purpose. If this sounds like it may be true at all, drop any preconceived assumptions you may have and go study, not just read, the bible.

  5. Everyone is borned with a skill that other don't have. Even thought it all will go away in your lifetime, Atleast…You can use it for the time you spent on your life.

  6. Islam teaches us, the reason for our existence on this earth. It is temporary and is a test for us to enter the everlasting after-life.

  7. This type of advice is literally one of the worst that could be given at any moment.

    We ALL know we're meaningless pieces of dust, you don't to point that out even more. All this will do is increase suicidal thoughts even more… "YOU'RE MEANINGLESS AFTER ALL, HAHA!"

    If you're anxious, it is about your own place in society, centralized totaly on Earth. You should take the context of the person's anxiety and help THROUGH it, not AVOID it by going "Eh, whatever. You're meaningless".

    Anxiety is centralized totally on Earth, so the help should be centralized there as well, for fuck's sake.

  8. Isn’t religion just to keep us humans civilized with some morals? To not let our egos run our lives💜❤️♥️

  9. "Watch this if you're stressed or anxious"
    30 seconds later
    "you and everyone you know are going to eventually die"

  10. Goodness and showing it to the world around us is what we should strive for. Yes, what we do will be forgotten in time, but that does not negate the fact that here and now we have a purpose. And as Captan Picard said, the best to my memory to someone from the future “I don’t give a damn about your time, as far as I see, your past is my future and my future hasn’t been written yet!”

  11. If this was in real life I'd punch this guys face hard as fuck. It didn't make me ANY LESS stressed that's for sure . It was more of a " yawn , " moment . Hey buddy your vapid attempt was pathetic

  12. But still there is part of me that want to have more power than my peer, age group, in my city atleast.. Though they wont last lomg, they will soon be forgotten too…

  13. As a young guy starting out in the workforce, back in the day when people could smoke,worked with an oldtimer ready to retire,everytime I would be upset about something, he would draw on his smoke and smile ,then would say "it just dosent matter kid" as I am now retired, i often think of him and laugh,he was so right..

  14. I think I’d call myself a positive nihilist. I understand that everything about my life is meaningless, but I understand that and it makes me figure that I might as well just try and enjoy life while I’m here.

  15. We are so tiny. Our lives are so short. Not knowable ever who we are, where we are going, what is the ULTIMATE. My GOD, wish should have known THEE.

  16. This is the exact reason I worry everyday and now I worry even more because this video adds to the fear I already had and now I'm worrying way too much help

  17. Every person that dies, the world, universe no longer exists. All you know is your perception of reality. For each of us it ends. Our egos have so much self importance we deem all have you on some pedestal. Earth existed before us. Doesn't need us. We are insignificant to the scheme of the universe. Of course, religion has a different view on that. We are told all of existence in this dimension is about us. Only way to know for certain is upon death. Either we continue to exist on another plain ( if the body is just a vehicle housing some form of energy of self awareness that is free to exit the " vehicle") or existence totally ends.

  18. It’s really a sad ending; ( N O T H I N G N E S S ) to those with out God . So , why banked on it !!! For God so loved the world , that He gave His only begotten son . That whosoever believes in HIM should not perished, but have everlasting LIFE. John 3:16.

  19. Well…this is timely especially with the corona virus 🦠 2020….this should be broadcasted around the world to get people to relax and cooperate with each other for survival…..it’s panic that causes the most dangerous conditions for mankind as we go through a period of suffering and uncertainty…💯🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏿

  20. This is how I always get passed my stress and anxiety. We’re all gonna die. Be adventurous. Do what you want to do. Don’t care about others opinion. Be who you want to be. No1 cares at the end, we’re all human, we all have problems and we all are here for a limited time.

  21. The Earth, Planets, Stars, and life as we know it are all the equivalent of what protons, electrons, neutrons, and quarks are to us. So what's beyond that space? A question we may never know, because does anything really exist or do we just think it does?

  22. I don't know why people take this video so heavily, for me it takes a lot of pressure off my head to be something I'm not and to learn to be happy with myself; never living up to the expectations of others. It makes me happier for this reason.

  23. The time you spend on the earth plane is NOT pointless, You are here for a reason. You are co-creating angels here to expand the cosmos on the only planet in the cosmos where there is free will. Use it and have fun 😎

  24. Believe me our souls live on people think they know everything science has taught us that there are 10 other dimensions why can’t our energy our souls live in those higher dimensions years ago people didn’t believe anything they couldn’t see existing didn’t believe in germs they thought the sale was just a sack of water so when I have people say when you die your dad they sound like fools just like the people that used to get bled because they were sick oh you’re not feeling well let’s bleed you a little more just primitive minded GOD haters. So this is all a bunch of crap written by an atheist who thinks he’s a know it all but he’s just a young kid he hasn’t studied the Bible he hasn’t studied Aramaic Hebrew Greek philosophy no he just hears what he wants to hear and he repeats it just like a parrot

  25. You should of put what rust said to Marty in his introduction about his beliefs from the show true detective.

  26. This is the most comforting thing I’ve heard my whole life. In these days of C19 lockdown I was finally able to truly smile. Happily speechless.

  27. I think I get the moral of this video.
    Life is a very short, limited period of time. Enjoy it while you still can!

  28. Best video ever , it’s True and is a great way to perceive everything. Because you will be free to do the amazing artistic or adventurous things u want , and live the best life you can. And helping others along the way too 💯🙏🏽 spreading knowledge is a great way to help if you don’t have money either.

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