“A Faith That Handles Difficulties” with Pastor Rick Warren

“A Faith That Handles Difficulties” with Pastor Rick Warren

20 Replies to ““A Faith That Handles Difficulties” with Pastor Rick Warren”

  1. Pastor Rick, I can't remember when I really discovered you, but you have been a true lifeline for me. As I listen to this recent sermon I wanted to ask how to deal with a dishonest husband. I keep enduring the sexual immorality from him and it is absolute torture. Is GOD testing my faith with a husband that lust outside of his marriage? Does GOD truly want me to have patience with adultery? Please help me. I am so broken by this

  2. Thank you so much, pastor Rick,

    Last year I decided to ask God for a second chance, I went online typed" seeking God ' among the first result were you series of your sermon, I have been following you since then and thank God for you whenever I remember to.
    once again thank you for this message.
    you are impacting people in the globe i am from Kenya

  3. Thank you Paster Rick for sharing God’s word, to show us how we use them with the troubles we are facing now! God use me for you sake. I will rejoice that you are never going to leave me, and you are never to tired to hear my troubles or worries. Trust, and know that I am God! ♥️

  4. Such amazing ! God has provided a confirmation to support the Inspiration that He put into my mind. Thank you Pastor Rick!

  5. Thank you Rick for taking time to give a online bible study for the people. May your love continue to pay it foward in Jesus' name.

  6. I just wanted to let you know Pastor Rick that you have inspired me since 2005 when I had my first son. I was a part of your small group at Saddleback Church and lived in Garden Grove. I left to Arizona in 2011 and then moved to Wyoming from 2015 to 2020. But all this time I have been following you on YouTube and have also read your book the purpose driven life. You inspired me and helped motivate me to get through the toughest times of my life and brought me closer to GOD . I am finally back in orange county now after years of prayer and what really helped me was your video about Gods timing. I can’t wait to come back to church when this whole thing is over with COVID-19. I am hoping to become a member again you are the best pastor in the whole world and I thank you.

  7. I see hard times and problems as an opportunity to point people to God and his son Jesus and save souls.
    When hard times and problems come to me I always think 'it could be a lot worse' so this issue I'm facing is nothing for this child of God to handle.

  8. Pastor Rick, many thanks for your relevant message. In South Korea, the covid19 pandemic is being mitigated with the help of the effective governmental handling and medical workers. However,I hear that the USA has a hard time in coping with this virus. Hope that this contagious disease is contained worldwide soon. I pray that you and your family and the saddleback church members are safe from the impact of the coronavirus and healthy. Let all the Christians be connected spiritually even in this pandemic so that we can be mutually strengthened. Thank you again,pastor Rick Warren.

  9. God bless you Pastor Rick 🙏🙏 this sermon helped a lot "Faith that works when life doesn't" God is good even when life sucks
    Glory be to Jesus Christ 🙌🙌🙌

  10. God bless you! I have been listening to the word of God, through these hard times. Puerto Rico has been two weeks in quarantine. Thanks for letting God use you to help others.

  11. It is good to learn how to go through this COVID-19 pandemic biblically. Ouoting scripture helps us understand that God is real.

  12. Thank you for turning your home into church. I look forward to hearing the message. I really enjoy the way you, your wife, and fellow pastors deliver God’s message, so thank you all!!!

  13. I have passed this msg to almost 10 people, loved your msg Pastor, felt good during this crisis period a spiritual strength and hope. God Bless 🙏 You and your family. Am from India

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