10 Replies to “9 Herbs and Supplements that Lower Blood Pressure Naturally”

  1. what about reducing salt intake, and reducing foods which require body to release insulin to break them down. also what about , what about drinking enough water,

  2. Drinking green tea and herbs like sage and olive leaf assist a lot for lowering high blood pressure. I reccomend everybody to try Hyperbal herbal tea which contains these herbs, linden flower and more. It works very good for my blood presuure.

  3. Green tea may be the best to lower blood pressure — but we are talking about good green tea, consume it mildly, using cold to cool water.

  4. Western medicine and most prescription drugs are horrible. Lisinopril almost killed me….try natural methods first….

  5. Dr prescribed lisinopril for hpb. I felt dizzy, took my bp and it was 80/40, thought I was going to die. Gave me a horrible cough which kept me awake (I was working 12 hr shifts on graveyard at the time & day sleeping. Bp went from to low to high again no matter how salt free my diet was. It gave me horrible panic attack symptoms which sent me to ER thinking I was having a heart attack and blurred my vision badly. Dr acted like "oh well"…

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