8 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

8 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

Hey everyone! Do you love a warm coffee in the morning as
much as I do? It’s so relaxing. Many people prefer it over tea. Although, have you ever wondered whether or
not your coffee habits are bad for you? Yes, it is possible that you might be drinking
too much. It may cause some health problems. From insomnia to diarrhoea, your body gives
you many indications. In this video, we will talk about all of them
and more. #1 Jitters One of the major ingredients of coffee is
caffeine. It helps to make your brain more active. While this helps you feel refreshed early
in the morning, it has a few downsides. One of the most notable is the jitters. If you get jitters, you will feel that your
body is shaking. You will also feel very nervous and anxious
over problems that can be solved easily. This is mainly because in its quest to make
your brain more active, caffeine also speeds up your central nervous system. Yes, it makes your nervous system work faster. At times, you’ll get a little jumpy. It can also ruin your mood, making you feel
very cranky. If you wish to find any type of relief from
this, we would suggest that you switch to another drink. If that wasn’t good enough to convince them,
don’t worry because we have just begun. Before we continue, check out our video, “5
Foods To Avoid If You Have Anxiety.” Let’s continue. #2 Headaches Anyone who says heartbreak is painful, has
probably never had a serious headache. Why do we feel a headache? When the arteries or the blood vessels in
your head become narrow, they create pressure. This pressure results in pain. Caffeine is also one of the many causes of
a headache. Although, this is more of the user’s fault
than the product. If you can manage to control your caffeine
intake, you won’t face this problem. In case you aren’t able to do that, you can
try balancing it out by drinking plenty of water. Keep in mind, controlling caffeine is an easier
option. Remember, this is the caffeine trying to make
your brain more active. Unfortunately, in this process, there are
casualties. These casualties are the blood vessels and
the arteries in your head. So if I were you, I’d refrain from drinking
too much of this beverage. Instead, switch to something like green tea
or smoothie. In the long run, these drinks help to replenish
your energy and improve your metabolism. Alright, time for the next point… #3 Insomnia Earlier in the video, we spoke about insomnia. Well, we are going to elaborate more about
it in this point. As we mentioned earlier, insomnia is one of
the indications of having too much coffee. You can blame it on the caffeine once again. Caffeine is an antidepressant. It stimulates your brain and keeps you from
falling asleep. What’s worse? It stays in the system for several hours. Now just imagine a person who has had about
seven to eight cups of coffee in a day. What would happen to them? Yes, you guessed it correctly. Their brain would be too stimulated to fall
asleep. This will continue for a few days. Only to develop into a full-fledged issue. Unfortunately, insomnia also comes with headaches
and fatigue. So maybe you can cut down on your consumption
just to be safe. On that note, we move on to the next point. #4 Stomach Problems There are many problems that can be caused
by coffee. Two of the most common ones are stomach cramps
and diarrhea. If you have coffee on an empty stomach, you
may get stomach cramps. This is because coffee increases the section
of stomach acids that help to digest food. On an empty stomach, there isn’t much present
to digest. In such a case, the secreted acid in your
stomach might cause some pain. Similarly, when you consume too much coffee,
there is an overflow of stomach acids. These acids then cause a very common problem
known to everyone, diarrhea. This is why we wouldn’t recommend more than
three cups of coffee in a day. Since we are talking so much about coffee,
you can also check out our video, “Drinking Cold Brew Coffee Does This To Your Body.” Anyways, let’s continue… #5 Stress and Depression For something that comes with an antidepressant,
coffee really has a way of making you sad. How does it manage to do that? Well once again your culprit is caffeine. Remember in the earlier part of the video,
we said how caffeine speeds up your central nervous system. Well, it is the same thing that causes an
overload of stress. This stress makes you more anxious and eventually
leads to depression. Even in a study, it was found that people
who drank coffee regularly had higher blood pressure. The same people also reported higher levels
of stress hormones. This is why we wouldn’t recommend having too
much. Apart from that, we also wouldn’t suggest
that you leave it. Moderate consumption of coffee is okay. Just make sure that you aren’t drinking too
many cups. On that note, check out our video, “How Coffee
Affects Your Weight?” #6 Heart Palpitations Have you ever felt your heart beat so fast,
you thought it would break out of your ribcage. Well, if that’s the case, maybe you should
think about your coffee consumption. Although, coffee isn’t the only cause of this
problem. People who like to drink booze on the regular
have this issue as well. Even smokers tend to develop heart palpitations
at one point in their lives. If you happen to have any of these habits,
you should consider quitting. Afterall, what could be more important than
your life? Back to the topic of coffee, heart palpitations
happen when you overdo it with the caffeine. This leads to frequent spells of dizziness. If things get too serious, you might have
to consult a doctor. So think about it. Is your love for coffee more important than
your health? We aren’t saying that you have to quit altogether. Just simply reduce your intake. #7 Hypertension We have already mentioned in a study that
regular coffee drinkers had higher blood pressure. If people continue their habit of drinking
too much coffee, they end up with hypertension. This problem is enhanced by coffee’s effect
on the nervous system. As we stated earlier, coffee’s major component
caffeine speeds up the nervous system. This increases anxiety and affects the way
our heart pumps blood. When the heart starts to pump at a faster
rate, it affects your arteries and blood vessels. Here is the major problem in all of this,
if not stopped it could lead to a stroke. Don’t worry though, it is not inevitable. It is merely a possibility, but we wouldn’t
suggest you take that risk. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Once again, we aren’t saying that coffee can
only harm your body. In fact, you can even check out our video
where we have spoken about the health benefits of coffee. Alright, it is time for us to move on to the
next point. #8 Fatigue We generally drink coffee to feel fresh and
energetic. One of the downsides of drinking too much
is fatigue. Don’t worry, we will elaborate. Once again the enemy is… You guessed it! Caffeine. You see, when caffeine improves your mood
and energy levels, it is only a temporary boost. This temporary boost comes at a cost. The following day, after you get up from sleeping,
you will feel even more tired than you did the previous day. This cycle continues until you develop full-blown
fatigue. In case you are wondering, it’s possible
to avoid it altogether by maintaining your caffeine intake. Unfortunately, that would come at other costs. I’m talking about stomach problems, insomnia
and all the other wonderful things that we have mentioned in the video. The best option to avoid coffee’s rebound
effects is by drinking it at a moderate level. Moderate consumption of coffee will make sure
that you don’t fall prey to fatigue. You will also be able to maximize the energy
boost you get from it. So, which of these indications were you always
aware of? Do you drink a lot of coffee? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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  1. It was really very helpful! I'm having a lot of coffee nowadays.. I think I need to stop.. It's 2:20 am n I can't sleep! 😔

  2. Which of these indications were you always aware of? Do you drink a lot of coffee? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. I get all those side effects from Starbucks coffee even the weakest one they have is loaded with extra caffeine !!

  4. This is so funny because I just watched at least 3 different videos last week about drinking coffee and how good it is for you along with many benefits including how good it is for weight loss, and keeping blood sugar levels down! and now I see THIS video! So which is it? lol I know by experience and I drink at least 3 cups a day, for one thing coffee helps my headaches, and it never interferes with my sleeping, and it never makes me jittery!

  5. It depends on what coffee you were drinking, there are some coffee herbal that you can drink. Well, I agree too much coffee is not good either.

  6. YEP, I do drink a lot of coffee~~~but I do drink a 50/50 blend~~~and after noon definitely, n’ sometimes prior to, I drink Decaf!! Does Decaf have the same effects as “full-fledged” java???

  7. Jitters and heart palpitations…one cup of coffee is good enough for me….a week or when I have a taste for it…. I'm a dare devil.Oh, and no I don't drink or smoke or anything else in between.😁😊

  8. They are saying caffeine is a pesticide. They say the Caffeine on the coffee plant kills all pests and the plant around it.

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