761 How to Heal Yourself of Chronic Headaches, Pain, Depression, IBS, Cancer

761 How to Heal Yourself of Chronic Headaches, Pain, Depression, IBS, Cancer

My name is Tiffany Jeffers… … and I was completely healthy long
until I was in the army… At the age of 17. And… … and it’s ninety four stories, and from that point I was just getting sicker. Chronic sinusitis has evolved and… you know, I just wrote down a bunch of
antibiotics, then… chronic headache has emerged, an MRI examination performed
, migraine and tension-type headaches are diagnosed then… my service in the military in a car accident that causes… injured his spinal cord and neck… and then… You were in pain, I was
depressed, and then… discharged. Then I was… you know… diagnosed with IBS, a lot of
have emerged [??] And … 2000 became the worst. Then began the chronic pain. And at the same time my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. … And from that point on… had chronic insomnia, I could not sleep… hardly at all… and… … I took a lot of medication serious with pain,
so that I had to… As a college student living tagozatról
evening classes to unsubscribe… … and I took a lot of different medications,
tried everything tested… a lot of different diseases and… not got nothing, so…==I was told to go to a pain clinic. ‘Cause I took a lot of medication, and each
caused various side effects Here’s what a new medicine should I take… … and I was told – I was 25 years old –
I was told that…==my kidneys and my liver will not possess
side effects of the drugs. And they sent a pain clinic I met a lot of older people. And… actually been told to have in there, be strong, you can actually be strong,
chronic pain the rest of their lives. And we only have to learn a
a life… a kind of… life and learn to
are not murderers or suicide. So I went over and… I got an electrotherapy device,
and anything which tried to ease the pain. I picked up the medication and I searched frantically… After a remedy for years, but never really found it
. Actually, I tried everything that
get my hands on. I tried changing my diet… gymnastics… holistic healing, herbs…… was a doctor who knew everything. I tried almost everything. And then… My mother passed away and… a few years ago I became very ill… chemotherapy… then I got in 2006, developed a tumor in my lungs, I had surgery, and… chemotherapy was needed, yes. And I think because of chemotherapy
I became very sick, a lot of food allergies and sensitivities evolved… … p 24 and… and gallbladder, the liver was not
well, According to the results of medical… the liver and kidneys were in bad shape. And I went back to the doctor for I asked what was happening to me, this
named a new disease joint swelling and all other… In addition to the things you are diagnosed, such as
. allergies, fibromyalgia, what else one. I said, I have a new patient. And the and the kidneys will not work, and… [??] That’s it. And I could not bear all this, the
epehólyagomat a half years later… would be taken out according to plan if… I will not change my diet, and… yes. He had a lot of pain, and… only medication I took… medication that is almost exclusively since 1995. Ahem. Tell us about Tiffany,
what was the worst? How could worsen? Now, finally, we were told that…
celiac disease genetic in origin. And my stomach actually failed. And… … the pain was very strong… everything ached from head to toe,
insomnia was so bad that… I could not sleep alone,
was impossible. And… because I could not sleep, the body is not… let the muscles heal,
so all I really hurt. It was very powerful. I’ve come to a point
shortly after that my husband and I got married… I was so sick to just lay in bed and lots of
long did it take to fall asleep. So hurt and everything, I could just sleep a lot, then again I was awake because of the pain. Finally, when I woke up this morning… I was so hard that I felt… as a rigid body, so
I was hard and my husband always got me up and helped me sit up. Always waited… you know, I was not ready until
to stand up. Then caught and charged… pulled up to stand… You know. Then we waited for a while… not until I was ready to
to walk. Then… my husband… carried me, caught me…
helped to the bathroom. And it was so strong.
It felt like forever… Inpatient stay and the ones I was most of the time in the past
… 12, or 30 years. And Tiffany, you said that you are married or
and kids. – Yes. This has affected their lives. Yes, it was a very big influence on them. My kids, they know me,
like a sick mom. My daughter watched as I’m
chemotherapy and… you can… watched, or watched
that I took a lot of medication. Countless times accompanied me to the doctor. He was such a burden for slept through the rest of my life, And
… I could not be there with my children, and I felt… you can… I want to be better. The biggest problem with
three years ago, was in a car accident. … And I had a mild concussion. And my neck is twisted to the side of the location of
. I do not know, or what is called goiter. It was a nerve in my neck, which really hurt because
. And I had to go to the ER, were injected with a small… pain medication is not used, morphine is vaccinated, even the used pain was very strong… you know, the nerve and finally was
peripheral neuropathy, So numb and stuck my arms, my hands and my feet
… and then hurt the nerves as well. Which is very strong. Unbearable. And that’s… a few years ago. And because I could no longer pick up my son. … And very bitter about it. You, I and he. Ahem. And… a girl… you know, just hard… always be present when
still lying in bed. Average slept 10 to 12 hours per night. Years. Then I could be awake only a few hours. And besides, even during the day and had to lie down for a nap. slept through most of my life. – So you’ve met a lot of doctors over the years.
– Számtalannal. What did they say, what your life will be in the future? What were forecast about your future? Chronic pain,
simply have to deal with the rest of my life… basically medicine should I take the rest of my life you’ve got to be… I take a lot of medication and it will only get worse. And frankly… because the tumor is in my lungs, probably… I must have chemotherapy again. If something does not change, it will basically… Happen again. So, Tiffany, tell us, how did you find the
FasterEFT away! Well, one of my friends
a medical practitioner, and… he recommended… McKeant Heather, that is you. Because you told me about the történetedről,
so well known thee, and I knew that you were sick, but she said that now
‘re not, and… is very excited for me. And… then I put you in touch and… I started… you know, I visited your website and data… I found the FasterEFT.comra, … and I started watching the videos and… Very, very amazing. – So you were watching YouTube videos?
– Yes. – And Literally success with them?
– Yes. Yes. I started to knock myself… different videos and… I noticed that the pain has changed location… … what … there was nothing I could not understand. But the pain has changed, but then it was my neck. And that knocked
wandering in the middle of my back. Then… then… if there were very strong emotions, you noticed… that was a very strong pain. Then that I knocked, The pain is gone. And… I knew it was the real thing. You know, I knew this was going to be used. Was 45 minutes. I.e. 30-45 minutes. And the intense pain… in me since years. And I know… I was able to always be there.
I tried to stop taking the drug. I could not live without drugs. And… was a very big influence on me only to be looked at some videos. And what happened to the last peripheral neuropathy. And I have not numb out and not have anything stuck, Peripheral neuropathy was not –
when he was a pain in the nerve, it was not… roughly a month ago. So do not come back. So the videos were a huge influence on me. … Then came the weekend of transformation… how come? Well, as I said, my friend is a naturopath
, I talked to him and he wanted to come but something came up and said,
that it is essential to go. … And I thought that but then the money,
who knows what, and… Then thought, “Wait a minute! So far,
I spent a lot of money naturopath holistic practitioners, alternative therapy [??] Reumatológusokra… … you know… a lot of professional, … and I was preparing a new therapy again touch which will cost thousands of dollars, and I thought
, this is nowhere near all, you spent thousands of dollars. And I thought… I think I’ll go. So I hesitated, but finally
I decided to go. To go and… And I’m talking to you too
you’ll be there, it will be awesome… and I bought the ticket… and I came here by plane, and it was phenomenal. And come the weekend of transformation –
how do you find it? Phenomenal. I’m… simple, very simple ideas… Everyone… easy to understand, you do not need a doctoral degree to
. Think of ideas and concepts are very simple, fast and efficient and it works. And… I drop it in my mind.
Easy Effective fast-acting, And long-term results can be achieved with it, and I think that is why
had a huge effect on me. – So, the transition weekend… you were on the chair…
– Yes. – Knocking you and Robert.
– Yes. How did you find it? Was amazing. I do not know why I developed chronic pain, insomnia
or is it the other disease, or… … do not understand why… I knew that a lot of emotional…
I was very stressed, but I was unable to figure out, so when
Robert began to knock me… And began to look for problem areas … I was shocked to actually
those things… I created everything. How… ordeal were different in life, which no
really coped emotionally, so I committed it to them in my body. So… I sat in that chair, that was great. When I was in pain, moving to and fro, while
knocking and talking to various… root stressful things
emotional ordeal, and moved, and when finished,
the pain completely disappeared. – Carefree And what about this?
– I was very happy. Yes. I mean… all my family and friends knew how sick I was
. I knew how sick I was.
… And now I feel great. So, really amazing. – So, it was Saturday.
– Yes. – And four days have passed… to knock you.
– Yes. So, what was the last four days? The first… simply amazing. Yes, I feel amazing.
Very well. Yes, amazingly. And I think one of the biggest things… is the… Sleep disorder. This was a huge problem. … And it went on for years. Now that I look back, there were too
childhood sleep disorders. But… when I went to sleep at night, I put my head on the pillow,
was feeling pretty good. Was phenomenal, I slept incredibly well. Since then they sleep. I wake up in the morning… I wake up in the morning and usually between 7 and 8 hours. And for years… I was sleeping 10-12 hours a night. Encore… And even during the day
had to sleep but this has not occurred, And not sleeping so much, but at the same time
get up and yet relaxed. So… I feel like I
ran a triathlon in 1997. So phenomenal.
– What about the fájdalomszinteddel? Since then… was pain at all? Yes, it was. And just elkopogtatom. And I think I’m learning that when I think of an emotional
… something that causes stress and has not worked for
, you know, the pain may come back. I… Then, you can not think about it anymore or something else, I think
, the pain goes away. That’s what’s disconcerting
awe and just knock it. And just… Pass. Yes, but every day when I wake up, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday… Most of the time it was great. … Most of my pain is at 0. The time. So, just knock, knocking
I wake up and I can go out to knock. Tiffany, was how strong your pain, you sat in the chair before the
? Depending on what you are doing.
How I tried to wash the dishes, or… it was 10. It was so strong that it often does not
I washed dishes, but also had other responsibilities… for years, and he was 10, and I felt like they were
shards of glass in my back. … usually in my back. … Saturday was quite strong, and… Robert when he started knocking me
, went up 10 places. And it was very strong and… yes. And then what? I do not have any pain. I have not felt like glass in my back would have been
, is really a very intense feeling but then I did not feel anything. There was no pain. Felt very lightweight. Before
as if a load has been shit out, My body felt heavy. Before I felt so exhausted,
I could not sit up, and… But now
painlessly and I felt full of energy. Tiffany, how do you see your future in FasterEFT with
? I want to be helping trainer
I want to do it anymore myself, my goal was this weekend, I shall be healed
, and… learn this technique because… simple and…==you know, I think many of us are able to use it and relieved to find him … and I want to go home and share with my family
, and…
has already taught my kids love it. So only a few times… knocking you, but my kids already love the
FasterEFT was the percussion. … A friend of mine for many years with chronic migraine. And he said… my son knocked on it, and said,
: “Robbie, you stop playing around with the camera
? Now I have a headache “this is my son: .” All you have to do is April: Let go of, let go, let go,
let go, let go, let go safe ” ” Peace ” April! began to laugh, very funny spot. I have been knocked over and the pain
move and fail, … And know that it works, and I would like to work on
, because we know that the root cause of emotional level. … And yes, my kids love it.
My daughter also said that so much loves when you knock on it. Very refreshing, give him a lot of peace, both kids… when I could not sleep and was very nervous and afraid of something
, I spoke to them about the FasterEFT, knocked them
5 minutes and both were able to sleep. They were happy, hugged, kissed
, then fell asleep. Otherwise, you would have cried a little bit, it would have been difficult for me
, Should have shut the door on them, it would have been guilty
and… instead only happiness left,
… and the children are very fast acting. Very quickly. This is a simple and fast technique can. Recommend others to go away weekend of the transformation
and watch YouTube videos? Absolutely! Absolutely! I mean, yes! I tried so many things already, you offered me
, but the sad thing is that just…
my friend has multiple sclerosis, and just… you can… we have a very small change notice. Thousands of dollars you want to spend on them, and we only notice small changes. … And never was irreversible… healing, I never had the whole life-changing
, drastic healing, so of course, definitely recommend this… others, and has been suggested as well. I can talk about it to others,
before me. Because it’s… just… the most effective thing I have ever came across. … And help each issue. And you do not… you know… not even have to be pain.
Enough to be nervous. Maybe migraine, you can be depressed, be
arthritis, is also effective. All of you as a label glued to me, it is so much paper
, pounds that can be measured. This is the most powerful things I have ever met
. – So, Tiffany, have seen the videos and
kopogtathattál with them… – Yeah. And you could make a living…
Oklahoma City for a weekend event. So, what do you think Robertről? I think a lot of good insight there. And… simply created something
which is very effective and it works, and… I am very grateful for… change my life. So I’m very grateful. Tiffany, if you had a message for those who are watching us
, who are suffering from many different diseases, what would you say to them? I would say that there is hope. There is hope and you probably have not…
expectation. But there is hope. Doctors say that
not stop taking the drug. You know… the chiropractor says
to continue to come back to back. Actually, I was not…
csontkovácsnál since I started to knock. And should be there, because the nerve fájnia should. Neuropátiámnak And also supposed to be, but… whatever. I would say… Do not give up! Be hopeful! Try to come to a weekend of transformation, because you will not leave the same way. And you’ll be astounded. For many years… … I researched healing after
full recovery, and… I did not think that I find.
Two months ago I thought… no cure for fibromyalgia. Chronic, severe fibromyalgia is –
saying – which is incurable. Yes, there’s a way! So do not give up! Even
… even if you are depressed, even if it hurts your head, or if
away stress in your workplace. Everything efficient. And it is amazing that if any situation is hopeless or
, you do not have to feel hopeless!
There is a technique, which can dissolve stress, … and diseases. And you can take anywhere. Very good! Tiffany, thank you very much! Come and take part in an experience of a lifetime! Become a graduate assistant trainer!
FasterEFT.com The healing from FasterEFT.com

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  1. that was amazing, her symptom list reminds me of me, only i never had cancer, but yeah, i'm worse in other ways, this was a great testimonial, but i'm too disabled to get all the stuff done to get a passport, which they have made practically impossible anyway, so come to british columbia ok? 🙂

  2. wow, based on the endless list of things allergic to or wrong with your health, I'm surprised you lived to talk about it.

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  4. I have been dealing with about 60% of the things on the list, here, of her ailments. Wow, if she can heal, so can I!!!

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