7 Sinais que Podem Indicar Problemas de Hipotireoidismo

7 Sinais que Podem Indicar Problemas de Hipotireoidismo

The thyroid gland may be small, but
any imbalance in its functionality You can damage your health because it keeps
hormonal balance. The thyroid resembles a butterfly and
It is located in the front of the neck. When the hormone level drops too, call
That hypothyroidism and your body will send several warning signs. Learn seven indicators that you can
be with hypothyroidism. 1. Throat discomfort With its location so close to the skin,
you will be able to feel it. People experience high levels of discomfort
and inflammation in the neck and throat areas. sore throat and voice changes constantly
They should be seen as warnings that there is something wrong. 2. Difficulty concentrating Difficulty concentrating is often
related to aging, but if the situation continue to get worse, and you start forgetting
the routines of day-to-day it’s time to visit your doctor. middle-aged women may falsely associate
these types of symptoms with menopause or other age-related conditions. Fortunately, when patients with hypothyroidism
receive adequate treatment, they are pleasantly surprised at how quickly their memories
return to normal. When in doubt, always remember to consult
your doctor. 3. hair loss, dry skin Many people notice hair loss, especially
in spring and winter. If the hair loss is chronic, it may indicate
the problem is brewing in the gland thyroid. Another symptom is visible to observe
significant change in the texture of your skin. Dry skin is the result of a metabolism
slower and reducing perspiration. This is a sign that there is a change in
thyroid hormone secretion. 4. weight changes A sudden increase or decrease in weight
no apparent reason should be cause for concern. In fact, it is one of the most common symptoms
of hypothyroidism. As the thyroid continues to malfunction,
whole body – including your senses – will be affected. You will experience remarkable changes in
like. The food will no longer have the same flavor. 5. constant fatigue If you start to notice that your body
is demanding more sleep each night, this may be a sign that your thyroid gland
It is malfunctioning. When you get more sleep and fatigue
It remains, it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor. 6. Mood changes and pressure in the stomach An excess or deficit supply
hormones can increase irritability, anxiety and agitation. This can cause feelings of constant
sadness and depression because it alters levels of serotonin in the brain. Also, you may have difficulty with
pressure digestion and stomach did not even better with a balanced diet and
physical exercise. 7. Palpitations, high blood pressure and other symptoms If you start to notice palpitations
neck, this is a reason to get in contact your doctor. Another symptom that accompanies palpitations
is high blood pressure. bad cholesterol levels may also increase. As you can see, the thyroid has command
on many body functions. When things are not working right
within this small gland, can trigger many symptoms that point to something more
Really. If these warning signs are ignored,
the problem will only get worse. Tell your concerns to your doctor
as soon as possible after detecting possible Symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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  1. Queria saber fiz um exame de sangue, é deu um começo de tireoide é meu cabelo está caindo muito o começo de tireoide têm a ver com essa queda de cabelo…

  2. Eu engravidei aos 28 anos e emagreci muito,não só durante a gestação,mas após o nascimento do meu primeiro e único filho.Aos 35 anos,resolvi fazer uma laqueadura ,onde 3 meses depois, ganhei 8 kg e nunca mais consegui emagrecer,mesmo me esforçando ao máximo como:Praticar exercícios físicos regularmente e ter uma alimentação balanceada.Hoje,aos 40 anos é que minha ficha caiu porque comecei a desconfiar que posso estar com hipotiroidismo,passei a assistir vídeos que tratam do assunto e vi que tenho todos os sintomas dessa doença,sendo assim, já marquei consulta com o médico para o próximo mês.

  3. Eu tenho hipotireoidismo, e sofro muito , minha barriga é inchada direto pareço mulher grávida, após almoçar ou comer algo só piora 😭😭 já chorei muito , pois eu usava 38 e agora 44 engordei muito , pior q mal como pq mal sinto vontade de comer

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