7 Proven Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

7 Proven Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

♪ Doctor Brad ♪ ♪ the two most famous
physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – There we go, today we
are going to talk about proven ways to lower your
blood pressure naturally. The American Heart Association defines normal blood
pressure as 120 over 80. – Okay. – And 140 over 90 is
considered high blood pressure and in between that
you’re pre-hypertensive. – You’re almost there,
but you’re not there. – Yeah exactly. Usually
not treating it yet. – It’s like the yellow light
if you’re coming up, you know. Green is go, without any concern. Yellow is wait, you may have a problem. – Very good analogy, very good
I applaud you for that Brad. – Well thank you. – By the way if your new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos, how to stay healthy, fit, pain free and we upload everyday. Also you’re going to want to join us on our social media channels. Just check them out, we are always giving something away, always. – Yes. – Instagram. – What are we doing this week? – I don’t know. – We don’t know. But we know it’s something in the future, but it’s something really good. So check it out, it’s in
our description below. Let’s talk about these Brad, so we’ve got, I got I got seven ones. We could have actually
called this seven proven ways to lower your, you want to
add the seven down there. Number one is flax seed. These are natural way’s Brad. – Okay. – So you’re actually, and
they’ve done studies on this, and a lot of these are studies
are quoted from this book, how not to die, it’s by Michael Greger, and this is very well referenced, I mean there is like 65
to 100 studies per chapter and he talked about flax
seed oil, flax seed, and he talked about it in
the manner of that it’s almost like it’s effective as some blood pressure medication. – Oh Really. – And we have one case study here because my wife has started using this. So what she does is, is
she takes the flax seed and she takes a couple teaspoons and she takes it, and then she puts it in her apple sauce, so it kind of gives her texture. – Oh I see. – And she has it every morning. She has two every morning. Her blood pressure, I don’t
know if it’s just this or what’s going on, has
dropped like, 10 to 15 points. – Have you left the house for a while? – Yeah that would do it,
wouldn’t it, that would help. So, and the studies in the book have shown that they have done, double blind studies, the average decreased from 158 over 82 down to 143 over 75. So about 7 to 8 points. And I don’t know what
the length of time was for that to happen but. – Was there any mention about using the flax seed oil for cooking or anything like that? – They generally like the natural stuff. I suppose the oil being natural to them, they don’t like anything processed, they liked it getting it
right from the food itself so. Well you will have to try that later Brad, I brought some you can try. – This is? – This is just regular apple sauce. – Regular Apple sauce, okay. – I mean there is nothing added,
just there’s no sugar in it or anything like that. – What’s number two? – Number two is, and the reason I bring this one up most people know this but,
decrease your salt intake, there for a while its like they were going back and forth on that, but according to again Doctor
Greger, he said they’ve done, it’s been clear over the years, they’ve done double blind
studies that go back decades, and they’ve said the problem is the process food industry is
kinda lobbying against us. – Oh I can’t imagine. – Yeah, I can’t imagine. Not only does it preserve their food but it actually adds weight to their food. So if you have salt in
chicken, it adds 20% more water so it increases the weight, which means they can sell it for more. So there’s all these forces out there, – Scheming. – But there’s no doubt
about it, I mean again if I take my wife as an example. She was eating this broth,
it had a lot of salt in it, blood pressure was just, it was as bad as if I was in the room! – They should do a study on that, when you’re in the room vs
when you’re out of the house. – The white coats syndrome,
have you heard of that, the Bob Shrupp syndrome. Alright next one, more whole grains decrease the risk of
heart attacks and stroke however, we say whole grains
we mean oats and wholewheat and brown rice, not refined grains. – Sure. – Refined grains can
actually, increase your risk of increasing your blood pressure. – So that would mean like
in cereals and things where. – Yeah, there’s some
wholegrain cereals too. I eat one but most the grains
like even, in normal bread is going to be refined. They’ve taken out the good part so. Number 4, Brad you can
speak to this, power walks. Exercise. – Right. – I chose walking because I
think a lot of people feel like I don’t want to exercise, but anybody can walk almost though right. – Well the majority of people
are apt to walk than to think about running or jumping on a machine or something of that nature. But I think the exercise part
of it, the cardiovascular but just to get away from things and forget about the rat race. – There’s so many positive
side effects to exercise. – Sure. – I mean it just helps your
overall outlook on life and the tensions and all that. Thirty minutes a day
we’re going to recommend. Number five, the power of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide actually opens your arteries and allows the blood to flow. You heard that if people
take Nitro Glycerin when they are having a heart attack. – I was just thinking about that. – Nitro glycerin converts to nitric oxide. And the foods that will
do this are a lot of the green leafy, dark green. – Spinach. – Spinach, oh yeah spinach, beets also, which I’m not a beet person,
I don’t know if you are. – But I’m assuming not a
canned beet, that you’re better off having. – Yeah and beets they don’t
last very long either, but I think they talk about beet juice even which is fine too. Basil, cilantro, oak leaf lettuces, I don’t even know what
oak leaf lettuce is? Do you know what that kind is? – I just imagine oak tree
leaves, I don’t know. – Arugula, so there you just look it up, look up foods that are
rich in nitric oxide. Number six, I don’t know how
to say this, hibiscus tea? – Hibiscus. – Hibiscus tea. Okay, do you drink that? – No, I drink green tea. – Okay, I think that’s pretty good too, but they were talking
about three cups a day which to me would be a lot. A lot of tea. How much do you drink now? – On a good day I put
down six, eight, at least. – Oh well maybe it’s not that many then. – But I use the same tea bag, it’s just mostly water, so I don’t know if they’re saying put
fresh stuff in every time – I didn’t know you
were such a tea-aholic. – Well if there’s hot water around I just keep filling it up and
drinking it as I do my notes or whatever, you know it’s fun. It really is a nice way to enjoy life. – Can I go on to number seven now? – Yeah. – Alright number seven is, get your sleep apnea under control if you do have sleep apnea. Lot of people do have it that they’re, and they’re not diagnosed, you know there’s that brief
interruptions in your sleep and that can really raise
your blood pressure. So you know, a lot of times
they recommend the C pat machine we actually also recommend
using the breather you gonna pull yours out Brad. – Yeah I’ve got it out, it’s ready to go, I’ve got my name on it,
so no one else uses it. – So you’ll want to go to
their website, the breather and get all the information out, we’re just going to mention it today. But basically it’s an
exercise you do twice a day, six days a week, it’s two sets of ten, you’re breathing in, breathing out. It doesn’t take very long. – Two sets of ten will
probably take you two minutes. – Yeah, two minutes, twice
a day and you can do it if you have oxygen on,
you can do it if you’re in a wheelchair and it was invented
by a respiratory therapist and it’s shown to be
effective against sleep apnea. – And we like it as therapists it’s a good functional aid to exercise
your respiratory muscles. – Exercise your lungs, it’s like weight lifting for your lungs. – Right. – So, we have a link below,
you can get a discount on this and check it out. – Yeah, and these are
really reasonably priced, they’re not going to
break the bank at all. – That’s exactly right. It’s certainly something
I would recommend. I think that’s it Brad,
by the way we can fix just about anything. – Except for. – A broken Heart – But, we’re working on it, and we’re are not going to stop either. – But you know what,
this is getting closer because high blood pressure
can result in a broken heart. – Oh yeah, things all meshing together. – So maybe we can fix a broken heart. – Couple more decades. – Alright, thanks for watching.

33 Replies to “7 Proven Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally”

  1. Your vids are usually very good. This one has some misinformation. Relying on the book you referenced is just ONE perspective from a vegetarian.

  2. Mine was going up but I found out it was mostly to do with my thyroid – my med dosage was too high. Dosage was changed.

  3. You could hace just listed them in the description to make it eaay for those not wanting to hear your rant

  4. Bob and Brad,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    You two are what is right in this world! 😊
    I’m grateful for all that you bring to us, Carol, Columbus, Ohio

  5. Great videos. What about the opposite. My wife actually has low blood pressure and will faint every once in awhile? Thanks

  6. Just purchased 2 breathers. Thanks Bob & Brad! I think this is really going to help my daughter with EDS. She has vascular & speech issues, as well as, POTS and a recent spinal surgery.

  7. So far I just have that yellow caution light that comes on sometimes – my blood pressure tends to spike a lot into a high level, but it does not stay up there – in addition to exercise, plenty of sleep, eating well, and deep breathing, I have found it to be very helpful to stay away from people and situations that make me so impatient I have to suppress an urge to scream. Gee, I wonder why that usually results in tight muscles, a headache, and zooming blood pressure?

  8. A little lemon juice in your daily drinking water and keeping feet and legs warm in cool weather help too. I read that too little salt can also raise blood pressure and that about 1/2 teaspoon (total) salt per day is what we actually need. Dr Greger is one of the best Drs around for accuracy.

  9. You guys are great. I have multiple sclerosis and I watch your videos and follow you and find your stuff very useful and help. I know it's not cure but makes my life and parents easy and helpful in our everyday life.

  10. Can you make a video comparing the old and new Army Physical Fitness Tests in terms of how healthy/risky they are?



  13. flax seed and definitely The Breather i might consider invest. i use nattokinase supplement and it drops my BP over 10points for sure..

  14. Now, if I can get my man to do just one of these things. I've tried guilting him…that didn't work. I'm at the bottom of my rope and don't/can't lose him.

  15. not the flax seed oil just the flax seeds, any oil is a liquid fat ……want to lower your B.P. lower faster stop eating all animal flesh , oils and process foods, read the the content label……check and research , if you continue with the SAD standard american diet……you will continue the slow death……. good video great information…….keep learning

  16. On hibiscus tea, a cup of tea is usually six fluid ounces. Since it’s also effective cold, a pint glass will come very close to the same amount. Personally, hibiscus tea (sold as jamaica in LatinX markets) tastes like red koolaid without the stickiness. A squeeze of citrus makes it very tasty.

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  18. A buddy closed to me have used also this “Zοtοku Weebly” high blood pressure treatment I discovered on Gοοgle. His blood pressure levels was stroke level 158/120. The outcome of this system can be seen right away especially if you eat the ideal foodstuff. Immediately after Two weeks, he has noticed a continuous lowering in his blood pressure level to 128/84. .

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  21. The “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) has helped me to reduce my high blood pressure (exactly 20-point cut) for two weeks only of applying it. Even so, you simply must exercise for around THIRTY FIVE minutes daily. The opinion I have now is overwhelmingly happy because my blood pressure is below the border line. .

  22. I, myself personally can testify to the usefulness of this “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) plan for treatment.A number of other items I`ve tried only decreased the blood pressure for the meantime. This is actually the 1st that really does what it reveals. I simply need a short period of time, my blood pressure had gone down to 145/90 and maintained it for quite a while. .

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