6 Unusual Things That Happen Only to Spiritually Gifted People

6 Unusual Things That Happen Only to Spiritually Gifted People

6 Unusual Things That Happen Only to Spiritually
Gifted People. In today’s video, we’re covering more about
some ominous signs of a spiritually gifted person. Yes, it’s the strange things that only affect
someone with this special kind of gift, which other people may never experience. Every one of us is gifted one way or another,
and sometimes it is unique only to ourselves. Some people may be gifted spiritually, others
are physically, and the rest may somewhere between. Talking about spiritual gifts, it is actually
the most extraordinary and uncommon one. Therefore, people tend to think of a spiritually
gifted person as a special being. Social admiration is one thing. People often seek them out for advice and
guidance. However, it is worth noting that no special
abilities ever come without consequence or cost, i.e. ones must train their ability so
that it doesn’t put too much strain on their mind and body. Otherwise, the burden will be too much to
handle. If you’re one of a spiritually gifted person,
it means you’re more spiritually sensitive than other people. Realize it or not, your sensitivity will affect
your life, how you feel, and how you influence others. Therefore, we’ve put together some common
yet subtle signs that help you determine if you’re spiritually gifted. If you are affected by most, if not all of
these things, more likely you’re a spiritually gifted one. #1. Your emotions affect your physical surroundings,
and vice versa. Spiritually gifted people have an intense
feeling which they need to be really careful with. It requires proper control, or otherwise,
it may impact their physical surroundings. It may sound strange, but if you’re spiritually
gifted, don’t be startled that your emotions may cause electronics to stop working or things
to break. Another common sign is when you notice some
animals acting weird around you. It’s because they sense a strong emotion from
you. Depend on your emotions or energy; these animals
may approach you or avoid you because they’re scared. #2. You can sense energies all around the place. You can strangely notice energies, both positive
and negative, whenever you’re entering a room. You can even feel how strong and/or dangerous
that energy is. You see, this is something that your body
and soul need to be prepared for. It can happen at any time, and wherever you
go. If the energy is too strong, you may have
a little peek into the past and notice that something terrible happened in that place. In a sense, this unpleasant experience to
sense something which other people are almost blind to it could be your greatest strength. Or, it could also break you instead. Therefore, you need to control where you need
to use your skills and spend your energy, what needs healing, and what you should avoid. #3. You barely can sleep during the time between
3 and 4 AM. Around this hour is the time where the magical
powers at its strongest, which means strange phenomenons might occur during this time. This is a sign that you’re far more in tune
with the universe than you might realize. At first, you might find this really strange
and scary. It may cause anxiety and panic attacks as
well. But as you’re more used to it, you will get
better at handling such situations. You may need to do something that can enhance
or tame the energy, such as meditation, praying, or a remedy to ease your anxiety. Anyway, if you frequently experience an intense
anxiety attack because of this phenomenon, please check the link on the description below
to grab your FREE-TRIAL bottle of the safest and a medically proven solution to anxiety,
pain, sleep disorders, and hypertension. It will help you to get more relaxed until
you’re able to control your ability fully. #4. Nightmares and dreams are so real they feel
like messages to you. At a point, differentiating between your dreams
and reality is a bit confusing. You feel that those dreams and nightmares
are more like memories or premonitions rather than just dreams. You see, when we’re sleeping the veil is so
thin that beings from the other side may reach us and show us something through our mind’s
eye. #5. You’re easily overwhelmed. You may unwillingly take on more of the energies
of your surroundings than you can handle. At the time, you may haven’t realized yet
about your ability, or maybe the energy is just too strong that it causes a lot of heartache
and stress to your mind, but this is rare. For those who are aware of their gifts, overcoming
this kind of situations are not supposed to be hard. But without awareness and proper training,
to figure out how you can hold yourself back during this moment is next to impossible. #6. The lunar cycles affect you most. During the Full Moon and New Moon is where
the moon is at its strongest. You may feel an overwhelmingly outrageous
lunar energy coming your way which renders you unable to sleep, or even more anxious
than usual. Therefore, paying attention to the cycle might
help you get to know yourself better. Well, those are some unusual things that happen
only to spiritually gifted people. So what’s your opinion about this? I hope you enjoy watching this cool video,
and if you have something on your mind, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences
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100 Replies to “6 Unusual Things That Happen Only to Spiritually Gifted People”

  1. God is good. Through it all I know I’m blessed and I have gifts which I believe must and will be used for good, to bless, support and transform the lives of others. This is my prayer and my hearts desire. ❤️ https://youtu.be/ukS3BKSpmfg

  2. From what I’ve so far it’s mostly women who’s into that type of shit smh I know there’s no such things as an empath , u can’t feel no shit lol these women act like they got some superpowers, empath it’s just a science fiction, These women are so fucking narcissistic I swear 🤦‍♂️LoL I remembered I had a girl that tell me she was an empath that she feelings a lot of things she was so crazy, the thing I know is that people could have empathy for someone they do want tho but like I said every fucking women in this comment section could be so evil, they just care about themselves, if we so good like that just save the world tell the world what will happen then

  3. Being spiritual doesn't mean you experience what others don't. It means you notice those things where others would maybe not have. Does that make you better and more evolved? No. you are where you are supposed to be, even if this moment isn't the best of moments.

  4. All are facts,But how has this been tested or proven? I mean I experience all these things but.How do you know only gifted ppl experience this? Was there some type of study ppl took globally? because this is highly interesting.

  5. It’s both a gift and a burden. I’ve learned how to navigate it, but there’s a lot more I have to learn. It doesn’t make me popular, though. Quite the opposite.

  6. 1-Your emotions affect your physical surroundings,and vice versa
    2-You can senses energy all around the place
    3-You barely can sleep during the time between
    3 and 4 AM
    4-Nightmares and dreams are so real they feel like messages to you
    5 -You’re easily overwhelmed
    6-The lunar cycles affects you most.

  7. They are testing mood geniraitors there are only 13 spiritual gifted people they are trying to kill me again pay attention

  8. Sooo weird. I got most of these lol. But one that weirded me out the most was the electronic and breaking. I remember in Starbucks we ordered a lot and tried saying they had already gave me mine but they didn’t. I was pretty pissed cause I could tell they were just being assholes and when they were blending my drink the machine broke 🤣 and they gave me a voucher for a free drink lol

  9. R u gifted
    1. emotions affect things
    2. u notice energies
    3. U can't sleep btn 3 and 4 am.
    4. Nightmares feel real
    5. Easily overwhelmed.
    6. Moon cycles affect you.
    Ohhhhhh please…

  10. So deep n so true i am up right now 3 to 4 am cause i cant take these forces in my life no more they driving me crazy for real i am digging deep in my self they cross the line with me i really want to show them they should nt play with gifted people they stoled every thing from me now they want complete powerthey have no respect they messing with a star that s in control of a unknown universe they needto stop playing with me

  11. I always wake up around 3-4 and I hear things in my house. Sometimes I hear things walking in my room. And I live alone now. My mom told me I was always spiritually gifted . Growing up I was afraid of the things I would experience but I've grown used to it. I've seen things. Heard things. Felt things. At times I feel like a walking portal. I've always felt different from other people. And when I have bad days they always seem to get worse.

  12. Most people don't understand whenever you feel prescence of different energies. So meditation and praying really helps to calm and be at peace. Sometimes at night you have terrible nightmares that seems deja vu.

  13. Motivasi good idea but you so much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  14. Im pretty sure that if you had said in your video, 'spirituality gifted people always shit between 6 and 7 in the morning', most the comments would be from people claiming that they always shit between 6 and 7 in the morning

  15. I guess this is only for females based on all the drawings. Are women really weaker due to this emotional affectation. You are saying more spiritual people but just sounds like overly emotional women and their constant problems and your illustrations are all female. Spirituality does not necessarily mean weakness, emotions just have to be controlled and not coddled.

  16. Theres more than 30things unsaid in this video. But atlist this ones made me see them differently than I have been lately.

  17. Everyone can have good or bad feelings about anything, nothing about spirits. if you had to go the doctor because of this, you should probably take the pills offered or try something else, such a life style change or maybe CBD.

  18. I do feel all of these things That you describe. I found myself so helpless when the energie are so full of contrast That in my first discover but little by little l feel gradually Better. It seems like my all brain went on reset l couldnt find my creativity anymore why?

  19. Well,,, I think we all fit in here ,,, but,,, most don't realize it ,, and or just don't care,,, as for myself and my wife ,,, yes we are ,,and big fans of Jesus Christ and the work his farther is doing here on planet Earth,, with of course all of our help as belevers ,,, sooo live it up enjoy life ,,, live love and laugh, but most of all ,,, love ,,, love everything everyone everywhere and prase God and talk to him often

  20. There is only One Holy Spirit. All others are unholy. The Holy Spirit of God gives gifts of the Spirit to men and women. Those gifts are listed in the Holy Scriptures.

  21. Thank you Jesus Christ Amen. It has nothing to do with magic video makers. It's of God it's called the Holy Spirit.

  22. Back in 2004 to 2013 I use to see things before it happen. I use to Understand signs a animals give to me I also use to feel other people sadness. I like to tell jokes alot and Keep people happy to forget about the pass and all the problems they're going through

  23. I experience all six. Lost as i may seem to be, im thankful for Gods love and mercy. As it is and shall always be, for me to believe; it is when our father God has us saved in his grace ; the evil one will attack us relentlessly. The lost are emsnared, tbe saved are tormented. Ultimately our God loves us and believes in us to make it thru . So much that God will allow the serpent to take from us and tornent us. Only then do we truly choose eternal life im heaven or eternal hellfire and condemnation. Still my SPIRIT grows weary, my heart is breaking for the immense loss of best friemdships and past life now gone. My soul cries out for understanding and revelation to this new way of life and uncertainty. I feel left behind, i feel stricken, i feel lost and alone.. Every one is quick to denounce my thoughts and perception on the life i i believe I've lost and my family who i am disconnected from. I just want to wake up; i cry out to God; please wake me up, forgive me; i just want to go home but i dont know where home is… nor do i know how to wake to get back there..

  24. One more thing all my spiritual things that I used to do and master have all went away when I met a woman in 2014. She is the most Lost person I ever met in mind. I've never known someone that says they Love me but Hate me because I'm a very serene person that understands the universe and how everything goes in this system of life that I live. It's so much i like to talk about but I hold it all in…

  25. For the fruits of the spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness patience meekness kindness. These are good spirits. There are a lot of bad spirits.

  26. Yosh!. I'm an empath, also with a powerful spirit of discernment
    Recently from observation, from my emotions animals either come to me or let me touch them or move away from me. Before I get close to them I take a deep breath to calm myself down.

    About the video… I RELATE TO ALL OF THE MENTIONED!!

  27. Good to hear you stated that this doesn't mean being special and training is required. Having such things is not something to brag about, just things that happen to some people.

    Yes, some people devoted to science might label this as wacko or whatever. I'm a person who needs both science and "other stuff" in order to consider myself just a tad more knowledgeable each day.
    Unfortunately, I don't have proper training yet, and no, I'm not seeking it here. Those who truly have some "gifts" aren't that easy to find. Those who charge for special courses and shit are mostly just another form of business. So, patience. Whoever will train me or help me or whatever will likely appear when it's due.
    It's a long comment already. I'm happy to know there's a video that doesn't paint these things as special snowflake traits, but rather some real stuff we need to handle and adapt to in order to keep going with a more or less regular life.

  28. I have great anxiety and works hard to get rid of it but always end up in vain. Please show me the link you talked about. Thx

  29. It's definitely hard to explain the things that happen. I was praying at 3:15 am last night and the floor started shaking off and on the whole time I prayed. I last dreamt of Jesus 🙏 although I didn't see him in detail I knew he was there. It was a very powerful dream, it was my prophetic dream. I see patterns with numbers a lot, I get de ja vu dreams and I get visions. I feel so crazy I don't tell no one about this. That's why I'm sharing it with you all because I need to let it out 💚

  30. This is all so me an people don’t understand, I don’t expect them to because it sometimes scare me when I have certain dreams that seem so clear.

  31. All my life I have been asked, “How did you know?”
    Strangely enough, I didn’t know why I wake up at 0300 for no apparent reason. Or why my electronics have been going haywire.
    Just as I didn’t know how I always KNEW when a Patient had died during the shift before mine in the ER. One morning, I walked into a room, felt it, and walked back out to ask the night night nurse about it,. He looked at me quizzically and told me that no one had died.
    I wasn’t surprised when he called a couple of hours later, to apologize – he had forgotten about the woman who passed away at the beginning of his shift…

  32. I'm up every night between 230am & 3am &4am & 430am & them again I wake up at 5 am between 530am & 630 am also my apartment is very active every day all day Loraine Warren's grandson said I have earth bound spirits in my apartment and I know that there is more than that there is evil there too. The mirror's in my bed room the cross reach other and I SWEAR THAT THEY CREATED A PORTAL OR SOMEONE FID SOMETHING BAD THERE.

  33. My husband does NOT understand but I can feel how others feel around me, i can feel the vibes they are feeling at that exact time. Yes, I get that everyone is going through something but I catch that. Also, IF I'm in a bad mood, It makes everyone quiet and alters their mood as well. I notice these things because they happen ALL THE TIME! I can feel when someone wants to say something too and they don't but only because if they did I'd probably end up fighting them or vice versa. Others' vibes rub off on me too. If I'm happy and talk to someone sad or angry, their problem becomes mine only for about 5 minutes. But then even after I'll still think about their pain and only sit and wish how I COULD'VE HELPED in any kind of way..sometimes I'm depressed and I won't know why..I know how people feel when I enter a room it could either be anxiety or common sense. Not quite sure yet…but yes I'm about others feelings. Which is messed up because I am not them and they are not me. My husband does not understand how I feel and it is SUPER HARD trying to explain. I really wish I could get this under control though because it's messing with me hard!!

  34. prophet.   seer-  sean   o'Dwyer-   140   hobson  street.  Auckland   city.   1010.  new   Zealand.'''

  35. The crazy thing is I been up at 3am and still up its 4 am RN…. I'm so happy that so many people on here are gifted as I am I. I remember telling someone my third eye has opened and they look at me and laughed like I was crazy… But believe it or not, I'm Not

  36. This is long but worth the read for anyone who feels the same. I was working for this man few years ago. in the beginning everything was cool. He was a great boss, the best one I'd ever had I would say. Then suddenly he started to act different one day, started treating me like shit. Never would talk to me etcetera…I remember always having a feeling like something major was about to happen.i couldn't put my finger on it but I just had that feeling. Something was about to change A month later I was fired and found out he actually was pushing hard for me to get fired. I never saw it coming. That feeling never went away. I found another job in the same profession and everything changed everything was so difficult I hated my new job and I never felt like that was where I belonged. I prayed to God one Friday afternoon that I find my purpose in life. Because with all the things that had just happen to me wasn't fair I was racially discriminated against, sexualized and so much more. Yet I was punished I felt so out of place. I felt lost that Sunday my Mother died in a tragic accident. Skip forward to today my mindset is completely different I realize why everything has happened to me and I'm okay with it because today I am so in tune with life and what it offers I'm so much more humble I've seen so many blessings and I've passed so many along. My point is I now realize I can feel energy. I can feel when someone's energy is off, when I meet a good hearted person with positive energy. Certain words or people can set off this tingling chill all over my body. It's called a "spiritual chill" I can feel when I am around positive or negative energy. Though I have lost my mother I feel more powerful than I ever had. Also looking back my mother had this same trait. being able to interpret a person's true motive. She knew when someone was full of shit, I sometimes thought she judged too quickly. She was never wrong though. I miss her so much. I thank God for my journey so far it's made me so strong this past year. I encourage everyone to have a spiritual awakening.

  37. Spiritually gifted people often begin their journey as a psychic. At this level you may become overwhelmed by the energies of others. As you evolve spiritually and learn to protect your aura and boundaries you spiritually progress from psychic to being intuitive. Being intuitive means we are not aa effected by others energies as our aura naturally deflects other energies. As we progress spiritually and master and seal each dimension/chakra we eventually reach the 7th dimension of enlightenment. The 9th dimension is where we can read souls on every level. There is nothing there but stillness, an eery feeling. It's all about mastering your gifts.

  38. That 3 am – 4 am period is when Demons come out to attack. your safest port is Jesus. If you can’t sleep read your bible, or play worship songs. When you are experiencing anxiety, declare 2 timothy 1:7.

  39. I experience those which have just been said. Therefore, I am spiritually gifted. I am just wondering why the person giving religious lesson said that I wasn't spiritual just because I didn't understand the way that she was teaching.

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