6 Hilariously Wrong Predictions

6 Hilariously Wrong Predictions

– Not all predictions are created equal.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooood Mythical Morning!
– Predicting the future is not easy. You know why? Because the future hasn’t
happened yet. But there it is again. – There’s the future.
– There it is again. – Welcome to the future.
– There it is. There it is! But the thing is, is that it’s difficult
to predict ’cause there’s so many factors, so trying to make an accurate
prediction is risky business. In fact, take Steve Chen, co-founder
of YouTube. Back in 2005, he questioned the future of YouTube by saying, “There’s
just not that many videos I wanna watch.” – I mean, come on! There’s not!
– Clearly, he did not understand the power of Family Feud bloopers, Russian dash cam
footage, and Good Mythical Morning! Heeeeey! Here’s the thing: If you make
a bold prediction and you’re right, – you look awesome.
– Yeah. But if you make a bold prediction and
you get it wrong, then two guys on the internet end up talking about you
on a show called Good Mythical Morning. – Let’s do that!
– Okay, we’re gonna start with one made in 1913. This prediction was… this is 1913,
at the beginning of the silent film era. – Of course!
– It was said that, “Cinema is little more – than a fad!”
– Mm! – Guess who said that, Link.
– Mmm. Jean Claude Van Damme. – Nooooooooo.
– (crew laughs) – As an infant. No… wasn’t born.
– No, he wouldn’t’ve been alive. (Rhett) Charlie Chaplin!
You may have heard of him. – Oh, the irony!
– At the time, he was a struggling actor. He told one of his colleagues at the
studio he was working at, he says, “I’m thinkin’ about gettin’ outta the
business.” I don’t know what Charlie – Chaplin talked like.
– Well, silent films. – Pfft! He talked silently. He said…
– (laughs) He said, “I’m getting out of the business
because cinema is little more than a fad.” – Well, you all know that it wasn’t a fad.
– Mm. He went on to have an amazing career as an
actor and a film maker, 60 years. But I will point out that I am glad
that the silent part was a fad. – Point it out! Point it out, brother!
– Because I recently got this amazing sound system installed at my home,
and we have not watched one silent movie yet, because silent films… You can’t
hear ’em! And I’m not into that. Well, there’s music. There is music, but
it’s added later. You’ve never watched – a silent film, clearly.
– (crew laughs) – They just don’t– there’s no dialogue.
– I like sound effects. – (Link) Lord Kelvin.
– (Rhett) Oh yes. (Link) The British mathematician and
physicist who confirmed the existence of absolute zero, in fact, the measurement of
temperature known as “Kelvin” was named – after this dude.
– I’ve heard of that! Everything he says has to be true, right?
Mmmm, I dunno. In 1895, he confidently stated, (gruffly) “X-rays will
prove to be a hoax.” I think he’s right about that.
I’ve never trusted an x-ray. (normally) No, he was extra wrong about
that. He was full of iffy predictions. He also said, (gruffly)
“Radio has no future.” – Pssh. True.
– “Heavier than air flying machines are – impossible.”
– I’ve always thought that. and, “The Apple Watch is the
greatest thing since sliced bread.” (Rhett) You made that
last one up, didn’t you. – I made up the last one.
– Every time I’m in a plane, I’m like, – “This is impossible! Think about it!”
– (chuckles) “I would’ve never – predicted this!”
– “This has gotta be magic!” – (normally) Gimme another one.
– Okay. In 1950, the Associated Press predicted that, by the year 2000, women
would be, quote, “more than 6 feet tall, wear a size 11 shoe, have shoulders like a
wrestler, and muscles like a truck driver.” – Giant women in the year 2000?
– Big women. Lemme point out, though, I did a Google
image search of truck drivers, and… – there’s not a lotta muscle happening.
– No. Maybe back in the fifties they were a
muscley bunch, but they’re a little pudgy. Little pudgy. And I think they’re known
not for their muscles but their hemorrhoids at this point. But, you know, just set
that aside for a second. They thought that women were going to be very large. In
fact, there was an illustration here, and – (Link laughs)
– (Rhett) You can see, it was like they – were, what do you call it?
– (Link) They went from being, like, – Victorian…
– (Rhett) Interpolating. (Link) into, like, Xena Warrior
Princess meets Princess Leia. Basically, they were looking at what had
happened to women between 1900 and 1950, and just like anybody, they were like,
“Well, they went from size 3 to size 7 shoes, heck, it’s gotta be size 11!” They
also said that women, instead of eating meals, would be eating food
capsules by the year 2000. Oh, food capsules make
large warrior women. But don’t you remember that? 2000 was the
year of the food capsule. My wife was all – about it.
– And the women got… – Nothin’ but food capsules.
– Women turned into warriors. – Yep.
– And then they got smaller over the last – couple of decades.
– And then Y2K didn’t happen and she went – back to eating regular food.
– I do remember that. I’m sure you’ve heard of
(bad British accent) Sir William Preece, – (Rhett) Haven’t.
– (Link) Chief Engineer of the British – Post Office in the late 1800s?
– Haven’t heard of him. In 1876… I’m sure you’ve
heard of his quote. – Oh, okay.
– He predicted, (accent) “The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not.
We have plenty of messenger boys.” (laughs) Oh, yeah. Those messenger
boys. They’re really convenient. (normally) But now, my understanding is
that they would have boy humans who – would deliver messages.
– Boy humans… And what I’m trying to tell you is that
he predicted that that was good enough – for them on their side of the pond.
– Well, maybe it was! You don’t know. – It’s smaller. It’s an island country.
– Just imagine delivering text messages – via messenger boy.
– Tell ‘im “LOL!” (high pitched giggles) I’m a messenger boy!
I’m sorry, I don’t, I’m just conveying – a message.
– Or like, “Deliver this poop emoji!” – Oh.
– It’s like, if you see a messenger boy squatting at your front
door, don’t open it! – (crew laughs)
– You only get three poop emojis a day – for your typical messenger boy.
– In a truly ironic twist, Preece is actually credited with helping to bring
the telephone system to Great Britain – only a few years later.
– Oh! Thanks Preece! So he had to eat his words.
They tasted like poop emoji! How about this? In the early 1960s,
Newsweek said, in a piece predicting the most popular holiday destinations
of the late 1960s… Newsweek, this is reputable.
They got their stuff together. They said, quote, “And for the tourist who
really wants to get away from it all, – safaris in Vietnam!”
– Ooh. But they probably said “Vietnaam”
because it was the early 60s. And timing is everything. And that
wasn’t… this wasn’t a good time, – right after that.
– Well, you may have heard of a little thing called “The Vietnam War,” which
happened… actually, we sent troops over there in 1965. So, kind of the late 60s,
not a good time to be in Vietnam. – No.
– But it’s interesting. One of the resorts that was prepared to receive tourists
actually had to change its brochure to read, “Today’s omelet features Hearts
of Napalm and comes complete with a fresh – pressed glass of Agent Orange.”
– (laughs) Don’t drink that! – Don’t drink the Agent Orange!
– I made that up. It’s not a real brochure. Okay, up next we’ve got confederate
soldier, botanist, and explorer of the – Colorado River, Joseph Christmas Ives.
– Oh! And this dude’s middle name is the
most festive thing about this guy. Listen. In 1861, he explored the
Grand Canyon, okay? – Okay, that was a good trip.
– And he stated, “Ours has been the first and will doubtless be the last expedition
to visit this profitless locality. It seems intended by nature that the Colorado River
shall be forever unvisited and undisturbed.” – No one will wanna visit the Grand Canyon?
– How does that happen? More than 5 million people visit the Grand
Canyon every year. And that’s not counting – donkeys!
– Well, give or take… 5 million or so. Give or take, I mean…
it’s not that interesting. What happened, Joe Christmas? You got,
like, your walking stick up your butt – or something?
– Whoahoh, what? (laughs) Come on. You know how explorers
are like, get their walking sticks – up their butt by accident? (laughs)
– He just– whoa. Yeah, that happens to me – every time I go to the Grand Canyon.
– Whenever I… listen. Whenever I would be in a bad mood, my mom would say, “What,
you got a corn cob stuck up your butt?” – Oh, really.
– That’s where I’m… – Okay.
– That’s where I was– You probably should’ve
kept that to yourself. That’s where I was going with that. What,
you got a walking stick stuck– nevermind. – (crew laughs)
– Here’s to you, Joe Christmas. – Joe Christmas!
– And the walking stick up your butt. – (laughs)
– Okay, here’s what we wanna do now. – (laughs)
– Given the fact that we’ve just talked about these hilariously wrong predictions
in 2015, we’re thinking about the future. – Mmhm.
– And the fact that we want to be mentioned for making some hilariously
wrong predictions on the GMM of the future. I don’t know who’s gonna be hosting it,
but you know, we’re talking the year 2100. – Us.
– We’ll be dead. – Not me.
– So, in the name of hilariously bad predictions that will be recollected
upon in the future, we’re going to make – some horrible predictions right now.
– You first! In the year 2075, all guys with
hair that goes up will have a robotic third arm for doing this. – (laughs)
– Robotic third arm, okay. It’s gonna be awesome. By the year 2099, all human
language will sound like this: (mouth sounds) – What’d you just say?
– I just said the prediction in the language so that in the future they would
understand that I was correct. – Mm, smart! You’re smart.
– (chuckles) In the year 2084, alien life will land on
Earth. Fortunately, they’ll be completely allergic to water and therefore harmless,
and incredibly dumb for landing on a – planet that was 75% water.
– Isn’t that the plot of – M. Night Shyamalan’s movie Signs?
– Mm, Shama-who? – Shamalamalan?
– Shamalamadingdong? Yeah, it is. It is, actually. Sorry, I totally
forgot that might be the case. I’m ready to give my prediction.
I’m over here at my prediction cam. Two weeks from now, Rhett will find a
parasitic twin living inside his left – buttcheek. He will name it Karen.
– Look forward to meetin’ ya, Karen. (chuckles) You should be
looking down there. – It’ll be a woman?
– She’s already down there. – You just haven’t discovered her yet.
– I’m waiting ’til she pops out to – introduce myself to her.
– Oh, does– she doesn’t pop out,. – There’s an x-ray. Which is not a hoax.
– (laughs) In 2016, no one in Florida
will do anything stupid. I love you Florida! I predict that, within
the next minute, you will click “Like” – and comment on this video.
– Oh snap! You know what time it is! – I’m Bert.
– And I’m Charlie. (Bert) And we’re moving
from Pleasant Grove, Utah. (Charlie) To our new home in Toronto! (Both) And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality! Remember, our hoverboard t-shirt is
available exclusively at – Rhettandlink.com/store
– I have one right here! Imma drape it! up until the date on the
shirt, October 21st, 2015. Click through to Good Mythical More. We’re
gonna go to a joy of a website called futuretimeline.net to learn
what’s gonna happen in the future. – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– (Rhett) This just in: Elvis Found – Sunbathing in Minnesota.
– What a perfect place to sunbathe, – am I right? … Bob?
– Uh, we’re getting an update. It seems that his skin has not changed at all.
Still very pasty and very white. It’s frigid up there! It’s a heck of a
place to get in your skivvies and get – some Vitamin D.
– Now, hold on now. He’s reaching for a peanut butter, mayonnaise,
and banana sandwich. – (chuckles)
– That’s interesting. It’s also frozen. Lots of
shrinkage everywhere. – Okay. Back–
– Oh! I’m being told there’s a – walking stick… up his butt.
– Did you just say “shrinkage?” [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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