4 Ways You Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

4 Ways You Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

Most people who have high blood pressure have
no idea that they have it. We bring you the bottom line on the silent symptoms of high
blood pressure. Hi, I’m Pilar Gerasimo with a Bottom Line
Expert report on high blood pressure. I’m here today with Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum. She
is the director of Women’s Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Dr. Suzanne, let’s get right into it. What
are the symptoms, if any, of high blood pressure? You know about six million Americans are living
with high blood pressure, and it’s called the silent killer because you can’t exactly
tell that you have it—sometimes there are no symptoms. On the other hand, some people
can develop symptoms like headaches, blurring of vision, shortness of breath, even chest
pain. So if you have any of these symptoms, please go see your doctor, because the silent
killer is actually just that. It could be a killer. Aside from obvious things like excess weight
or obesity, what are the primary risk factors for high blood pressure? When it’s not due to family history or a hereditary
problem or an issue with the kidneys, you have to look at the lifestyle issues again.
Alcohol—excess of alcohol or binge drinking can lead to high blood pressure. Also look
at your diet. Too much salt—it is actually a risk factor for hypertension. And if you’re
not exercising—sedentary lifestyle—or if you have diabetes. All of the things that
lead to the stiffening of the arteries are the risk factors. Your diet, your exercise,
even stress. Diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol…all of these things can lead to high blood pressure. Is high blood pressure treatable without medication?
You mentioned a lot of lifestyle factors. If it’s not due to a primary issue, as I mentioned—like
the kidney or an adrenal issue—then it’s truly about lifestyle. It is truly about the
choices you make with diet and exercise and how you live your life. I would say watch
your alcohol, don’t smoke and really watch what you eat, how you move, and how you choose
to live. The bottom line on blood pressure is that
unless you’re dealing with a specific medical condition like the ones Dr. Steinbaum mentioned,
most of the interventions that are going to be the most helpful in lowering your blood
pressure are lifestyle related—nutrition, exercise and potentially a medication if called
for—so check with your doctor and see what will work best for you. For more advice on
a healthier life, go to BottomLineHealth.com.

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