34th week of pregnancy symptoms (Philippines) | stretch marks| Diabetes

34th week of pregnancy symptoms (Philippines)  | stretch marks| Diabetes

Hello guys welcome back to my channel this is Ruth and today we are going to do a pregnancy update So this is how my baby looks like right now He so huge! boop! He is big So for my pregnancy app Update I would like to apologize guys it has been so long since I have updated the video It’s supposed to be an every week thing, but then it’s going to be a trimester thingy okay, so 29 to 34th week I’m now on my 34th week of pregnancy and So that’s basically the third Trimester of my pregnancy I have to tell you a lot of things so many things happened. Let me just check my notes Lot of things happen guys as in so many Okay, so let’s start with the minor ones. I’ve noticed that my movements are slower When we are walking in the mall John will be like walking past, and I’d be like wait for me walk slower Please like that. I move so slowly I Always pee in the middle of the night once or twice. It’s been consistent. back then it just happens out of the blue Three out of seven nights, but now every single night I have to get up and pee at night so that’s what they say, they say that mother nature is training us to take care of the baby, so like that. Okay, the next thing is Anxiety levels so my anxiety levels sometimes increases, it is a big help that do hypno birth I listen to hypno birth CDs. I listen to meditation and yoga It’s a big help because your anxiety levels, when it comes to pregnancy and the birth is like To the roof so I also did write down all my fears and try to face them and deal with them before before labor so that I wouldn’t be so tensed which helps, when you’re tensed up It was so down your labor much more and you will have adrenaline in your system. That’s not good So you’re supposed to relax during the and you can do that if you have already dealt with your fears you have practice yoga Practice breathing you know Reframing everything that’s happening so I also Enrolled to a class it’s going to be on December 2 and I don’t know if I will be in labor, that’s the only available schedule and I also Listen to a lot of a lot of online classes which is on YouTube and Facebook all about labor and everything. I need to really prepare so that’s how I dealt with the anxiety just getting prepared for me. That’s how it is. I already I already got prepared by shopping I really think that I have everything that I need only minor things that are missing, so we are just waiting for the sale this coming november 18 in sm And we’re gonna get the little stuff like toothbrush, clips Tiny stuff that the baby needs, bath stuff like that But everything else I feel everything is all covered so that’s how I deal with the anxiety levels because it’s increasing and then Update My hand that keeps on having cramps. I found out it’s a vit B complex Deficiency so I started taking B complex. It is so much better it’s still happening but on one hand but it is so much better than both of my hands that keeps getting cramps and all that, it’s so much better so that’s it, the reason why my hands keeps getting cramps is because of the b complex deficiency that I have and also energy Level it’s super low on these days like Sometimes there are weeks. There are days now. I’m so low energy I just want to sleep the whole day and there are days not like today I was able to film videos today, so I am just like Up and down up and down so there are days that I just want to nap every aftermeal, there are days that I’m so motivated to finish something and when that happens. I take advantage of it I tried to Accomplish something worthwhile, so thats my energy levels Okay, one big change Okay, this is one of the two big big Big update that I want to tell you guys my stretch marks how it arrived So they arrived around 13 weeks of My pregnancy what happened I think is it started here in this lower part of my Belly, which I don’t see that much anymore cos when I look down. I only see the upper part You know and then the lower area
of my abdomen, and I’m not really able to see it And I think I probably didn’t put enough oil in them, so I got depressed for a few days Honestly guys this. I really thought that our genes doesn’t have stretch marks, but Then surely my mother’s side They don’t have stretch marks but my father’s side they do have a lot of stretch marks so the number one sign is it becomes really itchy I didn’t think that it was stretch marks. I was thinking maybe it’s the clothes that I’m wearing Which is so itchy, or the material is not so good so when I was wearing those clothes. I thought that the clothes if I were you if I could have a do-over I would never wear clothes that are itchy. If it itches, changed clothes immediately Sometimes you think it’s just you’re just moving the flows But then you are producing stretch marks so the thing that happened is it started small and it gradually Increased Maybe, the itch is there and then when I sleep even though in the morning I will put my belly butter on it or my oils But the next thing I knew the in the morning They spread and every time that happens you get sadder and sadder But now I can talk about because I’ve dealt with the feelings. I’ve already accepted it and you know I already accepted It’s gonna be a part of my body and it’s one of the Battle scars of motherhood others say cliche’ but true I just think that either continue to be sad about it or I’ll move on so I just move on I Just accept it and okay, so now I have stretch marks, and I’m just glad it’s not that spread out I hope that it doesn’t get more, but yeah, so I still do my oils my Routines check out my pregnancy routine video it is Where I showed you what I put on my Belly, but it’s not really for stretch marks pero. It’s one of the things that I do in the morning I really make sure that I put something on my belly are either vitamin E Oil bio oil or your bellybutter, and then that’s where I use my belly butter, Belly butter is supposed to work on stretchmarks And it’s so soothing it’s real I it was so funny because before Before before I first used belly butter without oils And I thought that it was like I don’t feel anything like I think it’s not working so I switch to bio oil so yeah bio oil it’s good if there are no stretch marks to prepare your skin vitamin E Oil as well, and then when the stretch marks arrive. the belly butter, is soothing it really feels nice Anyways, that’s a big update for me. I really thought that I’m gonna go through this pregnancy scratch-free mark free but then no and It’s okay. It’s okay. The next big thing that I want to update you guys is that? My doctor found out that I have gestational diabetes We found this out now us at my thirty weeks of pregnancy, and then we waited two more weeks to see if its cause it is boarder line only, not that serious And then two more weeks become miss to my essential very popular after I cut a price and everything So then I was diagnosed as a gestational diabetic person so now I have to monitor my sugar if my sugar levels are still high within the week they have to get me insulin But if it is less than half the week that my sugar levels are fine, then it means I am on diet control So there’s nothing to worry about at first I became anxious about that issue I have a lot of fears about it, I am really shookt “Na shookt ako” I Was shoot, I was shocked because I’m not I’m not saying that I’m a sexy preggy, but you know people say that I’m so thin for a pregnant person but You know it’s not exclusive to have gestational diabetes, In our family, it is hereditary everyone on the family has it So it’s not really a shocker, but for other people when I told Ya, but actually I was really sad when I first found out because I thought that I’m not normal something’s wrong with me Why is this happening to me? I always I was praying always for normal pregnancy, and it’s not happening But then I realized that it’s at the end of the world. It’s not a We caught it early and it’s not yet too late to do something about it And then what we can do is do something about it now. Okay? Say, that’s what we do As human beings that’s how we thrive we have to thrive, so everything’s gonna be fine. I research a lot manjo I know for a few weeks there. I was a little bit down You know the stretch marks and the diabetes and all the worries that everything that might go wrong, but then now I got myself together In a new reason the Hauppauge film because I don’t wanna talk to you guys when I’m in a state of confusion fear anxiety so I always wanted to Put out positive vibes out there. Okay. I’m not subscribed for good vibes, right? Also, that’s a person. I’m like that in the end Let time you know if whatever happens in your pregnancy Let it sink in and then with time it at first It looks like it looks so bad it feels so bad like it’s gonna be the end of the world I felt like that cuz it’s ignore your hormones like you’re gonna. Do whatever works anymore like no It’s gonna be the end of the world, but no it’s not like that guys just let time sink in and then then your emotions raging hormones will dissapear then you would realize that Life is good. You have a miracle inside of you and Everything is gonna be fine. You have everything that you need You know your body is there your body is amazing It’s it’s gonna be it’s gonna be able to birth that baby For you, okay, and the more you worry about it the less productive you are or the less You know there’s nothing to gain so Just give it time and everything will go back to its perspective so that’s that’s what I’m saying anyway So yeah, let me summarize everything that I just told you guys on this video I think I talked a lot on this video so in summary on the third trimester Movement is slower and anxiety levels are up for my b-complex For my hands. I just used b complex, and I solved that already and Energy level is sometimes most of the time low But then you get to have breaks or days where it’s high again so high low high low like that Yeah, and Two biggest thing that happened to me stretch marks came in And I found out I have gestational diabetes my baby It’s bigger than what he’s supposed to be but so yeah, there’s still things that I can do about it. I still have like The last stretch, okay, so we’re now at 34 weeks Maybe four to five weeks. We will get to see the baby again, so yeah, let’s update you guys when that happens, so thanks So much for listening and watching this video if you find this information useful or you like this video, or you like me sorry so you like me give it a thumbs up and Subscribe for good vibes guys and also I will see you on the next video. Bye

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  1. Aw! Late pala yung mga videos na na watch ko na sis. So bali ngayon siguro nasa 37weeks ka na no i believe? Mag 28 weeks palang kase ko. Kala ko magkalapit lang tayo haha! Mabigat na rin ba yung "baba" mo? I mean yung private part mo? Saken kasi ganun which is normal naman daw habang nalaki daw sila sa loob naten 😊

  2. I am at 23 weeks now at suki ako ng Vlogs mo Ate Ruth! Thank you for doing this for Super Nanays like us, you are awesome!

  3. tnx for this video te ruth.. big help talaga.. kc wla ako msyado maka usap kaya lage ko pinapanood mga video mo about pregnacy..

  4. Paano po malalaman kung may diabetes? Im 28th weeks preggy and nacheck na po yung blood ko nag negative naman ako sa diabetes.

  5. Hi Mommy Ruth. I've been watching your vids while I was pregnant and it helped me a lot as I have been experiencing what you've shared in your videos. I had pre eclampsia and had an emergency c-section and delivered my baby at 38 weeks.

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