30 Min Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief – Stretches for Lower Back Pain Exercises

30 Min Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief – Stretches for Lower Back Pain Exercises

30 Min Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief Stretches for Lower Back Pain Exercises

100 Replies to “30 Min Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief – Stretches for Lower Back Pain Exercises”

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  2. This was the perfect workout for my back and hips, even helping my bad knee. Perfect length and great instructions giving time to complete all. Thank you!

  3. These are really great! ย I go to a lot of physio appointments at St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC, Canada after repeated ankle replacement surgeries and many of these exercises are the gold standard to help me strengthen my muscles. ย Thank you! ย I like your other videos as well. ย Would you consider doing a workout for people who use a wheelchair and can't move their legs?

  4. I enjoyed watching this video and recommend others to watch.

    Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteer_ship

    Please keep posting some more videos.

    Thanks again

  5. Felt really better after 10mins of doing the excercise.Thank you so much for the free video, appreciate your efforts

  6. This has been a miracle to me. I have had hip and lower back pain for years. I went to physical therapy and tried other exercises, and nothing seemed to work. I have only done your routine twice so far, and the pain is almost gone. I will keep doing it, but I cannot thank you enough.

  7. truelly a life -saver video for me ! Thanks HASFIT team for all your-great work out and rehab videos and everything you do! I'm recomending your website and channle to all my close people.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this video It has made a massive difference to my recovery as I'm suffering with a painful hip and alot of the exercises I recognise from previous physiotherapy sessions so am confident they are doing good.
    Thank you again. ๐Ÿ’ช

  9. It would be great if floor exercises were put together so that we don't have to keep standing and sitting/lying down.

  10. My lower back has been killing me today. This workout seriously helped!! wow, what a difference. As usual, loving your workouts. Great Patreon page, also!

  11. My hip was cracking on every move when I did the โ€œclampโ€ exercise. I have hip impingement and herniated disc in my lower back. Is this work out good for that? I did it and it helped me with the pain for a first day, it really feels better than before the exercise

  12. I did this workout for a couple of weeks straight because my back was killing me. It felt better so I stopped and now it hurts again. Lesson learned; keep up with these workouts!

  13. Today marks the second week since I tore a lower back muscle. I really feel for people that have a chronic problem. I am healing but still have quite a bit of discomfort. I had my docs permission to do some stretching and started this routine this morning and did it again this evening. I made it through the good mornings and stopped. I donโ€™t want to over do it. Considering that I am normally in the gym virtually every morning this has been quite humbling. LOL… I think the stretches have helped today. I hope this will decrease my recovery time. When healed these exercises will make it into my daily routine. I am going to prevent this from being a reoccurrence.

  14. Thanks for this amazing video! I've had lower back pain for a while now and stretching alone doesn't help much. But at the gym, I tend to overtrain the area and it ends up being worse. This was the perfect combination for my back! So thanks a lot!

    I really enjoy your app, too. Is this workout on there?

  15. Another great pain relief exercise coach.
    Today I was in agony something pinched my left hip right after my morning boot camp this morning. ( weight training today glute bridge ). 30 minutes and I can feel 98% of my trouble just gone, I am ready for tomorrow training. Thank you coach and Claudia. X

  16. One of the best workout. I suffer from serious lower back and hip pain. The pain gets so bad I can not sleep nor walk. Doing this routine daily has helped me tremendously. Pain is 60% gone. Still long way to go. Thanks so much HasFit and coach.

  17. good stuff my lower back feels great, I feel like I can hit the gym again, but i'll do this for a couple more days.

  18. I really dont know how to thank you enough for such a great workout.
    My back pain and sciatica is gone!!!
    You Are Great!

  19. I use this video whenever I wake up with a tight hip low back and seriously it takes the kinks out. Was hurting when I started but am no longer. It's fabulous, thank you so much for this.

  20. Hi Coach, first I would like to thank you n HasFit again for this routine. I am following this for almost 2months. I am proud to say my lower back pain is gone 100%. Hip pain happens now and then specially if i carry any kind of weight or drive for long.
    Would it be a good idea to add resistance band/loop with this excercise routine during the hip strengthen routine. Or if already have a routine using resistance band for hip please share.

  21. Thank you so very much .for the past 2 months I have been in agony with my lower back pinched nerve sactic nerve not sure I couldnโ€™t walk for the first week .cut a long story short woke up this morning I decided to do something about it .i just did you work out .one might say one was abit stiff lol.but Iโ€™m feeling great now .time for me to hit the shower and than start my day .
    Thank you so very much .ill be back tomorrow by the way Iโ€™ve liked you video and I now have subscribe .see you tomorrow lol ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ž

  22. This was an amazing workout, as I just found out that Iโ€™m pregnant the doc told me to stay clear of heavy weights so finding this video was my answer to my lower back issues, I want to continue to workout right through my pregnancy, so from now on will follow Claudia for easier modifications. I didnโ€™t break a sweat but I do feel better after stretching. ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ Thank you guys keep up the great work.

  23. This workout is my morning stretch. Makes my hips and back open up without too much stress. Thank you.

  24. already feeling less back/hip pain and tightness after just one time. look forward to making this part of my regular routine

  25. My lower back pain is gone! I love the gentle steady pace and the encouraging way you talk us through. I do your exercises now most mornings and it is making such a difference. Thank you so much.

  26. Wow this really worked; I was so stiff and in a lot of pain tonight. However, my gut got I the way of some and I now have a headache (I'm very unfit) so after the hinge (surprisingly I am totally flexible on this one) I had to stop. Gonna make this 30 minutes routine my morning routine if I can! My back now doesn't hurt ๐Ÿ˜ thank you…

  27. I absolutely love this video for my back pain. I'm going to try to do it every morning before I go to work. Thanks


    Its been a while since I have shared my journey.
    I was the one who's BACK would go out and give me a S shape if you looked at my total body! Could NOT even pull up my own pants when my back was out FOR USUALLY A WEEK OR SO. THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING SINCE MY EARLY 40'S.
    I have done this workout ( SINCE END OF LAST YEAR) plus another one of your workouts 3 TIMES A WEEK FOR 3 MONTHS.
    I am now able to go back to work! NO CHIROPRACTOR ( I did this for 7 years AT 3 TIMES A WEEK with no results)
    Finally MY BACK is strong enough to work hard with no issues. I can feel sore from time to time but no stopping life!
    I am back working out and want to keep myself strong well into my 60's.
    I BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE HASFIT! I am truly grateful for all that you taught me through your channel.

  29. Have a bit lower back pain on left side but sever pins and needles down the left leg could these be linked and if so will these exercises help.

  30. Please also guide me if it is okay to do these exercises at evening after 30 min running and lying on grassy and little bit wet ground?

  31. Hasfit, could you please share daily routine(walking, sitting at office, sleeping, lying on bed postures, also food and diet plan) along these exercises?
    I have just started today. Please guide.

  32. Today is my first day doing this and I think its helping me soo I am again gonna come back and give me a luck ๐Ÿ€ guys

  33. I've had lower back problems for about 8 years, it affects my fitness, my mental health, my relationships and my job. I haven't looked after myself very well because my back and hips are always in pain. I just want to say thank you, I'm feeling stronger after 3 days of these exercises and I can only imagine the strength I will gain from continuing long term. Waking up at 5.00am to do this workout every day before work is totally worth it!

  34. No words to say !!
    Last three days i suffered too much back pain. I just done your exercise two days now my pain is gone !!!!!
    Thank you very much sir

  35. Yesterday was my full body day and my back is definitely not enjoying it today. I have degenerative disc disease and we're experiencing a torrential downpour so my back is screaming. I'm getting ready to start this to see if it relieves My Pain any.

  36. Another fantastic video! I've been doing this for a week and my back pain has been pretty much nonexistent. I have degenerative disc disease I never thought I'd say that I had no back pain, especially since I do not take medication for it.

  37. Thanks! I think my chiropractor made things worse and tried this workout for 2 days now. Still lower back pain mainly when sitting or bending over slightly. When I walk, in bed, no problems. I really going to try this for the next week(s) and see if pain will go away. (good hopes and will come back to comment.) Ps.. kudos that you actually reply on the comments. Lot of folks don't do that. Keep up the good work. Amsterdam Netherlands here.

  38. I don't do stretching I have been doing somatic movements that dress not to stress, I combined that I know of with this it did help, but, i stopped beause, I do not want to be sore.

  39. When my back is hurting, I do this video and it works like a charm. I also do the others, depending upon the time. They are all wonderful.

  40. Great video. Should I do this workout before or after a total body workout. I have multiple issues – sciatica, knee pain, arthritis, etc and not sure where to start.

  41. 0:36 Lower back stretch
    3:33 Lower back exercises
    6:37 Lower back stretch #2
    18:58 Lower back exercises #2

    Watch with jumpmarks: jumpmarks.in/af9GRme7-10

  42. Pls can one do this even when the back pain is so severe??I have been suffering from lower back pain for 6months now.All intake drugs couldn't help. Now, the pain is so severe. I feel as if there is a big wound inside my lower back.just came accross these exercises and am wondering if i should still do it in such critical condition…Anyone to help pls…

  43. @Hasfit, Thank you so much for sharing this video. I have been searching for Videos to alleviate my lower back pain but nothing helped me relief my pain and I must say your workout on the lower back pain and strengthening is absolutely intriguing. Loads of thanks from India. I have been doing this exercise from last 2 days and I must say that it has reduced my lower back pain. I feel confident working out in gym without any hesitation.

  44. i am teacher and i have problem with my pain by the way i did and for first time i feel so good in my lower back and Is enough three times a day?

  45. Thank you for your video! Itโ€™s exactly what I needed. I have very weak flexor muscles in both hips. I had arthroscopic knee surgery yrs ago now I suffer with memory loss in my right leg so Iโ€™m in a lot of pain. This has helped me today I am going to try and do this every day.

  46. painted(sat) myself into a corner(pain). Intend to try this vid a few days per week. I bet it will help! thanks xo

  47. I have had hip and back pain for over a decade, I just started this workout today and I love it, I will keep doing it and hope it will help with my hip and back pain. Thanks a lot for the great workout.

  48. LXvery nice video, i enjoyed it, infact, i felt good,after my first workout. Thanks now i can throw away, all my back support.

  49. i started this a week ago every morning after my first bout with sciatica… i wasn't able to stand up straight or bend over.. a week of this has given me back mobility thank you

  50. I do this weekly. It has been great for my stiff body . Especially hips since a double hip replacement. Thank guys.

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