Every glitter is not gold similarly similarly every bitter drug is not an aloe vera In Ayurveda this herb is known as ‘Ghritkumari’ People from gulf country, Egypt & Greece are using this herb since 6000 years Egyptian people use to call this herb as
‘The Plat of Immortality’ It means the medicine to achieve a stage of Immortality Is that true ? Is this medicine really works? What are its benefits ? What are side effects ? Let’s see one by one Aloe vera is found mostly in a dessert region where generally temperature remains extreme hot and moisture in soil occurs less in such an extreme tough climate this herb grows like a cactus If you cut one leaf of this plant exactly from middle then you will notice a pulp in its core which looks almost transparent and colorless Also you will notice huge water content in it From this you can understand how this herb is potential from inside Chemically aloevera contains 12 types of anthraquinone compound chemicals the name plant of immortality is just because of these chemicals If you see the movie X-Men I am talking about The Wolverine In that because of one specific molecule Wolverine got lot of cuts & wounds and sometime he get shot with the bullet But just because of that specific chemical in his body heals in just few minutes Exactly the same these anthraquinone works in our body For example if you get hyper acidity then you may get ulcers in your gastrointestinal track That ulcers gets cure with the self repair mechanism Our body cures them automatically in 4-5 days But anthraquinone accelerates this process and heals wound with the faster rate Becaus of this property it is known as
‘The Plant of Immortality’ Apart from it these chemicals also promotes strong detoxification of the body It works primarily on lymph nodes It stimulates the normal functioning of lymph nodes It separates toxins from lymph fluid as well as from blood at the end eliminate them from the body Its not just detox our body fluids but also works on a cellular level It also contains Saponins in it If you noticed .. whenever you feel the texture of aloe vera gel you will found it slippery like a soap that is because of these saponins So now whats the role of these saponins here It keeps ambiance inside your body less acidic and more alkaline There are continuous wear & tear processes happens in our body Almost in every part of our body continuously cells are getting destructed and simultaneously they are keep on replacing with the new cells whether it may be your liver , bone marrow or a skin it occurs in all organs old cells are getting killed & new cells are taking birth replacing the old cells to maintain this process well regulated these saponins assists the body by keeping our internal ambiance alkaline On one side the body is becoming alkaline on the other side it results in reduction of acidity There is a tendency of a blood named as ‘acidocis’ Saponins reduces this acidocis of blood as a result less oxidation processes occurs oxidation is less then as a result free radicals are producing less If free radicals are forming less then unnecessary cell destruction comes under control ultimately we remains safe from life threatening conditions like cancer apart from this aloevera pulp & juice also in practice as a laxative In our body continuous peristalsis is happening It means food is moving in our body from mouth to the large intestine This process in known as peristalsis Aloe vera maintains this process it takes care of contraction & relaxation of smooth muscles in our GI track Ultimately it keeps you away from constipation It always takes care of your large intestine It protects you from hemorrhoids Aloevera also giving us some more benefits Like essential amino acids .. Vitamin A, C, E & antioxidants .. Vitamin B12, Biotin .. sterols & minerals so overall if you understand it truly looks like The Plant of Immortality Aloevera juice & pulp not just for oral consumption but also we can use it topically on skin but also we can use it topically on skin It contains Vitamin A i.e. beta carotene It moisturizes & conditions the skin It keeps you away from dermatitis It protects you from flaking of the skin If you apply on hair then it makes your hair shiny It means it conditions your hair too at the same time .. it is a natural antibacterial & antiviral drug there are specific microbes on the skin aloevera cleanses this negative microbial flora too It detoxifies the skin topically simultaneously psoriasis or dermatitis induced flaking & itching on the skin aloe vera soothes this conditions symptomatically People thinks that it is just a herbal plant So being an Ayurvedic drug we can use this herb blindly Because being an Ayurvedic it does not produces side effects It is absolutely incorrect belief As I said this plant carries potential powers inside it Toxicity is also one of them This plant is also a potential toxic which can harm you if you use it in a incorrect manner and we must be aware of it In 2002 US FDA did a research experiment of laboratory rats They took some random samples of marketed aloe vera products and they did some tests of these samples on rats and they observed some serious consequences of it Rats got cancer as a result of this experiment It means some chemical of aloe vera is found carcinogenic and producing cancer in rats That chemical is known as Aloin If anyone consumes this Aloin in a big amount then it can cause a cancer Simultaneously US FDA delists aloe vera from OTC products No one can now buy this over the counter They registered it as a prescription supplement They registered it as a prescription supplement US FDA informed people that if you want to consume aloevera products then you should use it under the supervision of medical practitioner No need to worry just take care of few things We can continue using it topically it will not cause any side effect In fact it is beneficial for the skin But when it comes to the oral consumption then we need to be careful about few instructions When we cuts the leaf of this herb then don’t use it raw Hang that leaf somewhere with the thread vertically Because of it yellow fluid inside the leaf known as aloe latex it gets flushed away this yellow fluid contains large amount of aloin which can cause toxicity once that gets flushed away from the leaf then we can wash & use the pulp inside the leaf blend the pulp in the kitchen mixer or use it as it is on the skin or even you may consume it orally If you are looking for a marketed product of aloe vera pulp or a juice then remember look for a type of an aloe vera mentioned on it If it is of Barbadensis miller then you can trust on it If it is of Barbadensis miller then you can trust on it This type of aloe vera is always less toxic & not that bitter too Its somewhats taste like a coconut water too Its somewhats taste like a coconut water too which is always non toxic & more nutritious You can use this with the full trust Apart from this kids below four years, pregnant women & lactating women its advisable to stay away from this herb Because its strongly contacts & relaxes the smooth muscles of GI track which triggers the peristalsis .. sometimes strongly So it can seriously accelerates peristalsis Kids may suffer from diarrhea because of it so it is always recommended to keep away from kids Although the product is of a good company We should use that for a month in a phase of a six months It means a use with a gap of five months use with this frequency So there will be no issue of toxicity left behind and also we get required nutrition Also our purpose of detoxification is fulfilling Now about skin products like aloe vera gels I will make a dedicated video on it in a near future When I was doing research on a social media on this topic I noticed some creepy videos I was feeling like to tell creators of it.. 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  1. Yess dearr aloeveraa hass greatt efectt i also use it regularlyy in hair face awsmee presentation big and 1stt vww

  2. Superb information bro..
    Keep it up..
    Alloe Vera is really a compound of useful and effective elements..
    So nicely and so easily explained.. 👌👌👌
    Kuchh hi benefits pata the… Baki aapne bata diye… Thanks..

  3. Amratv ki dava
    The plant of immortality
    12 types chemicals
    Volvorine types of self healing
    Detoxification of body
    Peristalsis process
    Amino acids, many Vitamins and minerals
    Can be applied on skin and hairs
    Anti bacterial and microbial
    Helpful in Soraysis also

    Side effects are also there
    Experiments on mouse
    Can cause cancer
    Prescription supplements now

    Not to be feared
    Can be applied on skins
    Before taking orally- hang the pulp for 6 hrs and let yellow portion removed after that taking

    Pregnant women, little kids to stay away from Juices from market

    Skin products ki video ka wait rahega

    Sachin bro, i was not aware of many of the facts described by you. I will definitely try to make it part of diet.
    A diet chart having details of quantity that can be consumed in a day would be beneficial.

    Best wishes

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    A pharmacist gives life to the medicine through his knowledge and skills

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