14 Shocking Facts About Insulin Resistance And Diabetes You Have To Understand

14 Shocking Facts About Insulin Resistance And Diabetes You Have To Understand

insulin resistance and diabetes what is
the difference between insulin resistance and diabetes and is insulin
resistance the same thing as pre-diabetes today we’re going to talk
about 14 facts that you have to understand if you want to optimize your
health or if you have loved ones or wanting to improve any of these
conditions stay tuned I’m Dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor and
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instantly resistance pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes is what we’re gonna talk
about today the number one thing to know is that it affects 30 million people in
the u.s. that’s about 10% of the population with full-blown type 2
diabetes out of those people 25 percent don’t know that they have it so as high
as the numbers are these problems are still under diagnosed number two 84
million people another 84 million on top of that have
officially insulin resistance that means that they are over five point seven on
the a1c and out of all those people ninety percent don’t know that they have
it so even though they’ve done some research they still don’t understand
really how big of a problem this is and the people who have it don’t know they
have it so they’re not changing they don’t know to change anything
insulin resistance is also called pre diabetes or pre type-2 diabetes because
very often or even typically if you have insulin resistance then within five
years it will have progressed to type 2 diabetes so we need to understand that
these are progressive mechanisms we wear out the body and if you want to get a
true idea of how big this problem is then understand
the number one cause of weight gain is insulin resistance so it’s not like
every obese person has insulin resistance and every skinny person does
not but there’s a pretty close correlation between the two and
officially eighty seven point five percent of the people in the United
States are overweight so that should give you kind of an idea of how big this
problem really is that whether wherever we we draw the line for what we’re gonna
call insulin resistance eighty seven point five percent probably have a
significant degree of insulin resistance number five there is a big drive from
official government agencies to identify to diagnose the problem but when people
are identified and diagnosed and treated then they add on on average if they get
diagnosed at age 50 it will add on on average a hundred eighty thousand to two
hundred and fifty thousand dollars to their healthcare costs during a lifetime
and they will end up having an eight year shorter life span than they would
have without the diabetes so there’s the problem that’s sure we want to find out
we want to identify we want to understand the problem but even when
they find it it just becomes expensive and people
still don’t live normal full lives so getting it diagnosed and treated is not
a fix in any way fact number six it is the number one cause of amputations
amputations of toes and feet and fingers and so forth it is the number one cause
of blindness and it is the number one cause of kidney failure leading to
dialysis it is the number seven overall cause of death but once we understand
that it is the causative factor it’s the primary causative mechanism in what’s
called metabolic syndrome or syndrome X
which essentially is associated with higher blood pressure increased
cardiovascular disease and increased stroke that it’s basically the causative
mechanism of all those conditions then we understand that it’s not really the
number seven cause of death it is by far the number one cause of death because
it’s contributing to many of the other higher ranked conditions when we look at
the prevalence by age group then we see that people between 18 and 44 only 4%
have type 2 diabetes and that might seem like okay well that’s a good number but
realize that 50 years ago the people in this age group had close to 0% type-2
diabetes and then when they between 45 and 64 now it is 17 percent almost one
in five is like one in six when they’re over 65 one in four twenty four percent
have type-2 diabetes so realize that when these people when the 65 year olds
were teenagers then there were virtually no people that had type 2 diabetes that
was a disease reserved for middle age and up 50 and up younger people hardly
ever had it because it took so long to develop and when we look at it today and
the youngest group then 200,000 kids have type 2 diabetes something that was
unheard of fifty years ago and in the age group 10 to 19 the the rate is
growing by 4.8% every year so it’s it’s accelerating it’s not just growing
steadily it’s an accelerating growth so when we talk about insulin resistance
and diabetes we need to understand that it’s a continuum it’s a continuum of
insulin resistance all the way from just having a little bit of extra insulin to
the point where your system is completely broken and the
is just spilling out into the urine because the levels are so high the
kidneys can’t contain it so think about it this way the green here is this is
blood glucose and this is insulin so green is normal that means we eat
something our blood sugar goes up a little bit and then insulin goes up to
match it and the insulin of course lowers the blood sugar that’s the
purpose of insulin to guide the sugar out of the bloodstream and into the
cells and then when the blood sugar is normal insulin comes down to a very low
level again so that would be something like a normal fasting blood glucose of
about 80 and a fasting insulin level of three but then if we keep eating foods
that stimulate a lot of blood sugar so this is primarily carbohydrates and
sugar then we get higher blood sugar this is the orange so now we get greater
blood sugar swings and with higher blood sugar so instead of normal the blood
sugar would rise this much now the blood sugar Rises that much and now we need a
higher dose of insulin to guide that blood sugar out and then the blood sugar
comes down and insulin comes down but it doesn’t come down all the way because
the cells are starting to become insulin resistant the cells are saying hey we’ve
have too much fuel and the purpose of the insulin is to drive that fuel into
the cell but if the cell has had enough it’s going to start resisting so with a
green with a normal situation we have blood sugar go up insulin comes up and
they both return to baseline but with a little bit of insulin resistance
now the blood sugar goes up and the insulin comes up higher and the blood
sugar comes back to normal but the insulin doesn’t so now we’re starting to
get insulin resistance but we can’t tell from Joe
looking at the blood sugar and then we’re looking at when we’re starting to
wear the system out if we keep doing this for 20 30 40 years and this why we
see these numbers increasing with age because it takes decades to break the
system unless you’re just totally totally abusing the system and then you
start seeing some cases here even in the kids once we start having severe insulin
resistance and diabetes now the blood sugar goes sky-high
the insulin goes way way high but even with that super high insulin the blood
sugar still won’t come down and the insulin stays up and that would be the
red arrow here so it’s a continuum insulin resistance and diabetes are not
two different things they’re just different degrees of the same thing so
you go all the way from insulin sensitive to mildly insulin resistant to
moderate to severe ly insulin resistant to full-blown diabetes when you have
broken the system and even with all that insulin it still can’t get the blood
sugar down below a hundred and eighty so now we have sugar spilling over in the
urine and that’s where the name comes from diabetes mellitus or mellitus and
what that num name means diabetes means flow-through and Meletus means sweet so
they used to actually diagnose diabetes with tasting the urine and if it was
sweet they know they had diabetes that before any sophisticated tests but
that’s the mechanism that’s where the name comes from when the blood sugar
rise is so high that it pushes out through the kidneys where the kidneys
can’t reabsorb it because there’s just so much of it then we’re starting to
totally break the system now we’re getting kidney damage and we’re getting
inflammation and we’re starting to set ourselves up for all these long
degenerative problems that result in amputations and blindness and kidney
failure so that’s the continuum of insulin resistance and we need to
understand that out of the two factors the blood glucose and the insulin the
insulin is the real problem that first of all the blood glucose doesn’t
necessarily change for the first 10 20 years but in the long run it’s still the
insulin that is the big problem when we understand that it’s not a blood sugar
problem now we can start addressing it we need to reduce the insulin we need to
stop eating the foods that trigger the most insulin we need to give the body a
chance to burn off some of that fuel before we put more in and if we
understand that then we unfortunately also understand that treatment is going
to make it worse because the cell is already overloaded the cell already has
too much fuel we packing it full of sugar the sugar turns into fat and the
cell is bursting at the seams that’s why when it’s full it becomes resistant but
the treatment is aimed at the blood sugar the treatment is aimed at pushing
more sugar into the cell but it already has too much so whether you take
something that like metformin that’s supposed to make your cell more insulin
sensitive that can help the insulin short term because the cell will allow
it in without you creating crazy amounts of insulin but
you’re promoting the process of overloading that you are still making
the problem of overloading worse you’re still driving the insulin resistance
because you’re packing the cell even more and once the problem is so bad that
no amount of the body’s production of insulin can keep up then they start
injecting insulin but because they think that the glucose is
the only problem the real problem is insulin and they’re treating the insulin
problem with more insulin so even though they can’t control blood sugar a little
bit they will make your diabetes and your insulin resistance and your
metabolic syndrome worse they’ll drive more blood pressure more cardiovascular
disease and more stroke the cause the blood sugar is just the effect it’s just
rising because the body can’t keep up you gotta help the body keep up by not
overloading it and if you understand that then we get to the number 14 fact
that you have to understand is that it is 90 plus percent reversible there’s
always going to be a few cases that are just too far gone but the vast vast
majority of these cases can be reversed it is an overloading problem of things
that trigger insulin primarily sugar and carbohydrate and if you stop adding them
so much and so often the body will have a chance to burn something off if you
keep eating sugar and carbs and you keep taking things that will enhance the
loading of these things into the cell then you’re going to just perpetuate it
and keep making it worse a couple of quotes to illustrate this when I looked
at the definitions for diabetes mellitus they say it’s sometimes called a sugar
diabetes it’s a condition that occurs when the body can’t use glucose normally
but what is normal is it what we’ve done for the last 50 years or what we’ve done
for the last hundred and fifty thousand years right
so our DNA is way way old it hasn’t changed in modern times so whatever our
ancestors ate is what we are adapted to but and that was normal we might have
found a little bit of fruit a few berries beehive a couple times a year we
ate maybe ten 15 maybe 20 grams of sugar per day
today the official guidelines tell us that the body is supposed to process
glucose normally that means getting about 70 grams of carbohydrate which
turns into sugar from grain another 75 grams from fruit which they say can be
fresh frozen canned or dried they tell us to eat low-fat or fat-free dairy
three cups a day that’ll give us another 40 grams of sugar and then they say
don’t eat more than 10% of your total calories from sugar that from added
table sugar that’s another 50 grams so 235 grams of sugar or grain which will
turn into sugar in a few minutes that is probably ten times the amount that your
body is designed for 10 times the amount that it can keep up with long-term so if
you eat this amount your body can tolerate it it will take a while before
you break your carbohydrate processing machine and in some people it breaks
after 10-15 years and in some people it breaks after 3040 years but we’re on
pace to getting basically the majority of the population being diabetic as when
we get older so we have to rethink what normal glucose processing is the body is
not defective it only breaks when we abuse it the second quote I wanted to
mention was diabetes is a serious disease that can often be managed
through physical activity diet and the appropriate use of insulin and other
medications to control blood sugar levels this is still the official
viewpoint that it’s appropriate to use insulin and medication to control blood
sugar and when they talk about controlling it or managing it with diet
they’re talking about eating this kind of diet so as long as we believe that
that’s normal and they’re treating it with drugs and
insulin is appropriate we’re not going to change anything we might lower the
percentage of people who have high blood sugar by forcing more of it into the
cell but in the process we are going to increase insulin resistance where you to
increase metabolic syndrome and we’re gonna promote all the problems
associated with insulin resistance and diabetes so how do you reverse it I’ve
made several videos that go into a lot more detail I think you’ll really enjoy
those but basically you want to eat less sugar less carbs you want to eat fewer
meals you want to get some exercise and you want to work on reducing your stress
all those things are factors that drive insulin and insulin resistance by
reducing them you’ll give the body a chance to recover if you’re new to the
channel and you enjoy having things thoroughly explain and understand them
so you can help yourself to better health make sure you subscribe and hit
that notification bell so that we can keep this content coming your way
and please share this content because most people you know fit into these
categories that we’ve talked about today and unless you tell them they may never
find out thanks for watching

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  1. Both of my parents were insulin dependent diabetics. I fight my sugar cravings hard to avoid a future full of illness and early death.

  2. I have lost 100 pounds in 18 months. I have type 2 diabetes and severe insulin resistance. I have 50 pounds still to lose. I eat no sugar, very few low GI fruits and only low GI green! Leafy veggies along with healthy fats and healthy meats. I weight train twice a week and do cardio 5x a week. I still can’t get my A1C below 6. It is so irritating to me and I am so discouraged.

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  5. I'm a Type 1 Diabetic. With normal American diet I was up to 110 units of insulin daily. Since changing my diet to low carb & high fat (18+ months ago) I got my insulin down to under 30 units a day and as time goes on eating this way, the insulin resistance I built up is reversing. The treatment prescribed was "count carbs & take insulin, you'll develop insulin resistance over time, but everybody does". The solution I discovered was "don't eat carbs or sugar, take minimal insulin and your body will recover."

  6. Such an amazing and clear explanation. Sadly, there are some people like my father who are diagnosed with diabetes and are obese, still believe that medication is the only way to sustain instead of fixing their diet with open mind and willingness. They still believe that breakfast is the important meal of day, especially upon waking up first thing in the morning, and that bread, grains, fruits (low and high GI), and other carbs food are the correct diet as long as they are not eating junk food. I cannot convince my father either. I try to enlighten him and make him watch several videos like Dr. Sten's, Dr. Berg's, and Dr. Fung's about IF and healthy diet such as Keto , but unfortunately the generation he was raised , is a stubborn generation who thinks they know better than their own kids.

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    Your explanations on insulin and basically how my body works made me realize how eating 3 meals + 2-3 snacks + a lot of carbohydrates/sugar was not going to solve my health issues.

    I stopped eating low fat products and all processed food, cut carbs and now eat 2 times a day without calorie counting which never worked for me anyway.

    Best of all: I actually see the fat melting off and there's a 6-pack popping up where a round belly used to be! 🙂

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  13. Based on what I've heard from friends that have children with Type 1 diabetes, they are also being told to follow a relatively high carb diet of about 235g for the day, and of course, use whatever injected insulin is required for that diet, rather than reducing carbs (grains and simple sugars mostly) gradually and using much less insulin. This seems like it will eventually cause many Type 1 diabetics to unnecessarily become insulin resistant, along with all the added negative health issues. In addition to the average 8 year reduction in lifespan, imagine what that does to the quality of life during the last couple decades.

  14. EXACTLY!! That's what i told my Dr when he tried to put me on insulin…NO I do not need more insulin. I have plenty of insulin..my cells don't use what I've got. Why would I add MORE!! He was REALLY insulted when I tried to explain this to him. TY for letting me know I'm not crazy! Keto didn't help enuf, even after over 2 years. In March I was out of ideas and met with a RD who said.."Do you have an open mind?" FIVE days after taking a leap of faith and going on carnivore diet…my BS was within normal numbers, I stopped metformin just cause when I woke up and tested at 72..YIKES I normally see 114-124 in am, I figured if I want to continue waking up I better stop taking 1000mg 2x a day. I am getting my first a1c / metabolic panel since changing my diet tomorrow…I am so excited!!! 4 months in wish me luck BTW I have been diabetic 10+ yrs

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    I am blessed everyday because you have chosen to share your knowledge. Thank you so much for giving us the knowledge to make the right choices for good health. Excellent video!

  16. Doc Eckberg, I'm sharing this video with family and friends. Thanks so much for your clear and thorough explanation of this confusing subject that even MDs don't correctly understand by their dumb drug treatments and diet recommendations. Real doctors should be teachers like you, not just human pill vending machines for big pharma which many are nowadays. That is why I avoid MDs unless I have a serious emergency problem and learn from real doctors like you on YouTube. It sounds weird to even say this, but the doctors that are actually helping humanity the most today and getting people healthy are holistic teaching doctors like you on the internet at no cost other than watching your videos!

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    An A1C level below 5.7 percent is considered normal

    An A1C level between 5.7 and 6.4 percent is considered prediabetes

    An A1C level of 6.5 percent or higher on two separate tests indicates type 2 diabetes

  19. After an illness the beginning of May 2019 I started researching how to reverse my own diabetes. In addition to coming off insulin and eating very LCHF, I am doing intermittent fasting. I was 209 lbs in May 9 and today, May 27 I am 185 lbs. When I smell something I like such as meat or onions cooking, my body reacts as if I have eaten something- with blood glucose rising over 80 points. How can I stop this from occurring? I need my A1C down quick to have a large tumor removed and I’m sure the rises will effect the results.

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    Your knowledge rescued my life. For ten years I ate tablests only without undrestanding the food funcrtions. After seeing ur videis I revrsed my diabetic and throw all tablet. I dont eat bread, rice and other kind of sugar and my blood suger is normal. My blood suger was between 200-350 but now is under 100. All because of you dear Dr….Thanks alot….Thanks

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  24. in my opinion a pure fat fast (with pork fat only) is even better than a water fast like jason fung promotes it for healing diabetes. the advantage of a pure (saturated) fat fast is that it boosts the growth of new mitochondria. the mechanism behind that is:
    * insulin is getting down as low as possible, because the saturated fat with trace amounts of protein does not rise insulin much
    * glucagon goes up and let the fat cells in the body release its fat
    * glucagon takes the same path like insulin because it is produced in the same organ,
    so it touches the fat cells first, that got fat because of the 'touch' of insulin.
    so fat cells that got fat first are now getting slim first.
    that is very important for burning off liver fat.
    * while liver fat goes down, insulin resistance goes back,
    that tips the insulin/glucagon balance even more in the direction of glucagon
    * the incoming energy from eating saturated fat and the release of body fat through glucagon pushes a lot of energy into the body cells – much more than with water fasting.
    that makes the body cells grow more mitochondria in contrast to water fasting, where the body loses mitochondria through autophagy but does not have enough nutrients to grow new mitochondria.

    ==> keto + pure fat fasting every other day is the most effective way to lose bad body fat and diabetes and at the same time boosting the metabolism! HIIT/SIT once a week is beneficial too.
    * coffee + lard (no mct oil)
    * bone broth + water + grained broth (for the taste) + lard
    * eating lardo (the italian name for bacon that only has the white fat in it without red protein)
    ==> the video of dr. mike eades about the new paradigm of obesity explaines things about the electron transport chain and why saturated fat is so effective in killing hunger.
    that is what we all want – not being hungry + fasting + boosting the metabolism though mitochondrial biogenesis

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    If you get 10 – 30 gm of carb a day, that is enough. The other macro should come from fat and protein. Also don’t forget to eat lots of vegetable.

  31. Thank you again Dr. For your thorough advice. It must take some time for insulin to get back to normal. I am doing 18/6 IF and 20g or less carbs but I noticed that my blood sugar after a meal (1 1/2 hours) is about 92-96 and at night when I'm fasting it's about 127 or so. How can that be is there something I can do to help bring it down? Maybe carnivore? I am perplexed and so I'm not sure what to do? One thing for sure I will not give up! Thanks for all you do my friend!
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  33. Drug makers that give money to the American Diabetes Assn:
    Abbott, AstraZeneca, BD Medical-Diabetes Care, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Dexcom, Eli Lilly, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi.
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  34. Dr. Ekberg: Thanks for the consolidated explanation of this killer epidemic. It seems that Type-II Diabetes (T2D) takes such a long time to develop, that we don't associate what we have eaten for decades as causing our disease. If we ate chocolate cake and immediately developed an allergic reaction, we would not eat chocolate cake anymore. However, all the carbs we consume are not only addictive, but we have no causal relationship between carbs and T2D. We need more immediate feedback for behavior modification. The medical community has also segregated secondary diseases such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, dementia, some cancers, Alzheimer disease, etc. as separate unrelated issues with their own treatment regimes. Even so, these treatments do not "cure" their targeted disease but only buys us some time. The root cause of Insulin Resistance (IR) is the dragon that must be slayed. Unfortunately, our government health agencies, medical organizations, medical institutions, food industry, and pharmaceutical industries are not compelled to reverse the status quo. It's not in their best interest to change and make Americans healthy again through diet alone. That's not how the money machine works. Because of videos like yours, there's hope on the horizon that "We are in charge of our own health". Personally, I have reversed my own T2D through a Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF) diet. My doctor and diabetes nutritionist were shocked at my recovery. They were convinced that T2D is a progressive disease, and that I should be getting worse over time. I shouldn't have lost 70 pounds and kept it off. I shouldn't have lowered my HbA1c from 7.5% to 4.5%. I shouldn't have pushed all my metabolic blood parameters into healthy ranges. Unless I ignored their "treatment plan" of taking Metformin and eating at least 135 grams of carbs (to fuel the brain), this disease would have been on their predictable progressive path of declining health.


    Thanks Dr. Ekberg for stepping outside the medical norms and informing the public on what's actually happening! It might be risky for you, but is the right thing to do. That's the point. Make people healthy again. Unfortunately, even with this knowledge, some people still choose the wrong path.

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  37. Hi Dr, I still don’t know if I’m insulin resistant or diabetic because some doctors said I was IR and some diabetic. I started keto 15 days ago and I’ve lost 8.5 pounds, fasted twice and glucose in blood below 80. My question is, do I still take metphormin dayly? What cam I do? My endocrinologist says I keep on, but he really doesn’t get keto diet. What can I do?

  38. Doctor, my wife is a Type 1 diabetes and have hypo thyroid. She started low carb foods (no cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli) from first April 2019 to till date. She drinks turmeric tea and fenugreek water and the resultant sprout is also used in food as raw. Her blood sugar level is down from 323 to 145 (Random). she is also doing exercise twice a day(combining your 3 Bird posture in to it). Her TSH have come down to 2.55 from 5.15. Thanks doctor for your tutorials. Can pancreas be made to produce insulin so that she can completely stop insulin injection? Her doctor have not reduce the dosage of insulin ( But he has reduced one tablet) and have not reduced the dosage of Thyroxin (used to take 75 gms a day). May she reduce without consulting him? THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS

  39. Dr Ekberg, your content saves lives. I’m noticing for the first time why we’ve been subjected to this warped official advice: the food industry profits. I took a tour of my local supermarket and suddenly I saw the huge range of sugar laden products which are designed to fuel this catastrophe. I may have to start buying food from small businesses, like independent butchers, and such places. It’s a crazy situation we face. Thanks for your message.

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  42. Dr. Ekberg, thank you for all the helpful information, I have a problem. I began IF but I started to feel pain in my Pancreas so I had to stop having fat and yes I have insulin resistance and a am at the door for diabetes. So what shall I do?

  43. How often do you think a person should go from OMAD to longer fast and is a 72 hour fast effective then? Do you have a video on fasting?

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