12 Life Hacks to Relax & Reduce Stress FAST! *life-changing*

12 Life Hacks to Relax & Reduce Stress FAST! *life-changing*

Hi guys! Its me natalie! …..Who here has anxiety? Raises hand awkwardly. It’s okay I do too. And if you’ve ever had anxiety, please give
this video a thumbs up so that the rest of us don’t feel so alone.  My intention for this video is to give you
exercises and tips that are actionable to reduce anxiety, stress, self doubt RIGHT NOW. Also, I have a little gift for you! If you go down in the video description you
will find a FREE downloadable worksheet that can help you better manage your anxiety . It’s
filled with little things to put you in flow and a mindfulness state of mind 🙂 I want to give a huge shoutout to ryan for
texting me and watching my videos.Thank you so much! If you’d like a shoutout in my next video
and a chance to chat with me, text me right now at this number. (points down) once you’ve done that comment
below #natificationsquad so I can be sure to view your text now! Subscribe to this channel for more content
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  1. Hi Outties! 🙂Happy Sunday! 🌈GUESS WHAT?! Starting this week we are going back to TWO videos a week on this channel!✨Comment below what videos are your favorite RN! Also, don’t forget to download this “journal prompt” I created just for YOU!💖 https://mailchi.mp/9c81672115b2/anxietypdf Tag me on IG to give you a shoutout!💫

  2. #natificationsquad <3. You have inspired me to have a healthier lifestyle and be a better person. Thank you for that.

  3. Whenever I had anxiety attack, one of my cats ( before we had to give them away) would come and start purring and rubbing her head on me ❤️I miss them so much

  4. Hey Natalie I subscribe to your channel and I love you and I've been with you from day one and I hope I can get a shout-out sometime #notification Squad

  5. #natificationsquad but on insta because im from uk so it wont let me massage you sorry but please reply xx

  6. Dear, natalie, your my fav and your vids help me so much thank i wouldnt know what to do without! them i am your number 1 fan
    love ,

  7. I have tried so many things to stop my panic attack. Im a single mom of 2 under 2 and dont ever have time to myself. Everytime I lay down at night is mainly where my anxiety hits. It sends me into panic attacks one after another. It happens when we are anywhere. It doesn't matter.

  8. heres my anxiety story:
    My friend Sophie asked if me and my other friend were friends and i said ya i think why? and Sophie said bc she said to the teacher that me and my other friend have to talk at resses and i was alredy getting stressed at that point, so in writting class i just started to ball my eyes out, and i couldn't breath and my writting teacher said whats wrong and i said i need to go home and my writting teacher said why? And i said i need to go home! ( i dont know how she herd me bc i could barly speek) and so she took me to my real teacher and she said what was rong ? and i said again i need to go home now! so i told her what happend. and she said lets try to work this out and i said no my mom told me if i ever get a panic attack to call her. so i ran to the hall way a nd cralled in a ball and just started to cry and my friends ran after me and thats my story all i got to say is im so lucky that i have friend like Sophie . and i hope my story helped you.

  9. this might sound like a stupid question but…
    so you stated that when you were a kid that who you kind of are at heart. i still have some of the attributes i did have as a kid that i have now. but i am completely different from the outside looking in. does that mean that who i am now or how i am acting isn’t truly me?

    btw i loved the remembering where you are hack when you have a panic attack 🧡

  10. Can you make a video on how to concentrate and be productive while being quarantined for people in school?

  11. ~ Snack- Granola bars ~ PDF-No ~ Panic attack-Yes ~ Bestie-Her name is Olivia ~ App-Youtube ~ I did nothing-Last week ~ Lazy activity-Cuddle in my bed with my dog ~ Therapy-Nope ~

  12. It’s good Natalie said dogs help reduce anxiety because I have anxiety and I’m fostering a dog this week!!🤩💖🐶

  13. I always get overwhelmed when I have to clean my room or do chores and I start to cry and get upset…how do I calm down and get stuff done?

  14. My anxiety:

    •It usually is caused by a lot of noise, a lot of people in one area or more than 1 person trying to give me an instruction at 1 time

    Thanks for all the help!!! ❤️❤️

  15. Hi Natalie, this might be weird but I noticed that girls love learning more about their bodies so can you make a period video.

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