12 Best Foods For High Blood Pressure | Natural Treatment & Home Remedies

12 Best Foods For High Blood Pressure | Natural Treatment & Home Remedies

best foods for high blood pressure at present every three people in the
world have a person suffering from high blood pressure if you are one of them
then you should understand that lowering blood pressure is not a difficult just
do some simple diet adjustment in addition to maintaining healthy
lifestyle habits such as non smoking regular exercise weight loss eating
fruits and vegetables at least five days a week and drinking less alcohol a diet
that specializes in resisting hypertension based on a healthy
Mediterranean diet including olive oil garlic fruits vegetables nuts and
low-fat dairy products protein intake comes mainly from white meats fish and
chickens rather than red meat while severely restricting the uptake of salt
saturated fats cholesterol sugar and refined carbohydrates tomatoes are
loaded with lycopene that has been shown to help reduce blood pressure an
australian research found that by getting at least 25 milligrams of
Licking in your daily diet you can lower your LDL by around 10 percent you can
incorporate tomatoes into your cooking – simply 1/2 a cup of spaghetti sauce
includes 20 milligrams of lycopene – or half a cup of tomato juice which
contains about 23 milligrams of the lycopene foods for high blood pressure the banana is rich in potassium which is
known to help with reducing blood pressure studies have shown that daily
banana intake can help lower blood pressure one study in particular said
just two bananas a day can lower your blood pressure by 10 percent hypertensive patients taking flaxseed
either sprinkled on food or added to smooth these lower blood pressure effect
is even more significant researchers concluded that flaxseed is one of the
most potent auntie hypertensive foods drink 250 milliliters of beetroot juice
every day or eat 100 grams of rye beetroot can reduce blood pressure
better than some antihypertensive drugs effect if you eat more than 4 potatoes a
week the risk of high blood pressure increases eating baked potatoes and
mashed potatoes can raise the risk by 11 percent while eating french fries
increases the risk by 17% this cheese will release substances similar to the
anti hypertensive AC II inhibitors eat 30 gram of this cheese daily for two
consecutive months lower blood pressure significantly a study of 275,000 women
nurses and 50,000 male health workers found that people who eat yogurt five or
more times a week have a 1/4 lower risk of developing hypertension than those
who do not coconut water is an excellent source of blood pressure lowering
electrolytes such as calcium and magnesium drinking coconut milk daily
even for two weeks can significantly lower blood pressure foods for high blood pressure eating two or three cloves of garlic a
day can greatly reduce your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart
attack or stroke by 40% eating black garlic does not produce bad breath and
body odor but it also reduces blood pressure sour cherry concentrate juice
contains melatonin it’s effective improving sleep is widely publicized
recent studies have also suggested that sour cherry juice can reduce systolic
pressure when weather turns very cool vitamin D levels are significantly
reduced vitamin D promotes blood vessel dilation a study has found that
supplementing moderate doses of vitamin D helps lower blood pressure I hope you enjoyed watching the video on
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