10000RP어치 수수께끼 꿀송편까기!!!!!!!!!

10000RP어치 수수께끼 꿀송편까기!!!!!!!!!

2019 SEPT 4th
League of Legends
Unboxing thanks giving event package!! Oh what’s this sweet thanks giving event? Shall I check? What are they selling? I heard they got some brand new products Oh what’s this half-moon rice cake set? Oh so there’s one each like this? So what comes out from here? A supporter and a tanker…? Oh they give skins? I want to have Nasus skin.. I want that lunar guardian skin Will I get one of those? I need to buy a warrior rice cake set? Why is Nasus a warrior? Well then, shall we buy some warrior rice cake sets? How much is it? Woah…790..is… Then how many can I buy it? (Using the brain to the fullest) 7 I can buy 7 of them Won’t I regret if I buy all 7? I think I wlil I want to buy this too tbh This icon! I want this icon It’s cute Buy the icon and buy 3 rice cake sets? Well shall I buy this one first? If I buy this one, I have 2100RP left Then I can only buy 2… Hey guys, shall I buy the icon and 2 warrior rice cakes or shall I buy 7 rice cakes buy the rice cake set and then charge your RP Oh wait, they’re doing RP event right?
(Sucker engine activating) They dont give what you got and they give complete skins including ultimate ones(Except the prestige) Wait, then it’s a really nice deal! It’s worth purchasing! So that’s why it’s sweet rice cake set! Shall I go for $50? How much is the RP? Shall I go for $20 for now? Woah, 4350RP for $35 is so legit Ah that 10% bonus.. Shall I go for $35 for now? How much RP do I have right now? It’s 6099 Let’s calculate first From 6099RP – Icon set(3950) 2 rice cakes Then it’s -1580 Then how much do I have left? (Begging for someone to do it for her) I have 569 RP So to buy another 5 of them What’s 790×5? 3950 How much do I have left just now? 569 right? So the total is 3381 Then how much do I need to spend? I need to pay $35 in the end If I pay $35, then I can buy 6 of them! (Sucker mode ACTIVATED)
$35 decided! GOOD! Ok,$35 it is! Ok nice. Done paying for it! Wow I got 10,000 RP lol I never felt like a sucker as much as right now But people You gotta eat some rice cakes on thanks giving! Eat rice cake soup on new years! (WTF?)
Eat some meat on meat days! HMPH! Rice cake….eats rice cake!!! (…?) That’s natural thing! OK so the rice cake set! Can be purchased only once! This one sentence really triggers customers’ urge to buy it You can only buy it once Just how good can this thing get? So I must buy it now Ah~ Good x2 Ok so I got my rewards So they come like this? But the client’s laggingg Receive! Praetorian Graves Why is this Praetorian Graves coming into my field Why did you infiltrate! Give me back my money Ah it pisses me off So I can get more if I press these then? What’s this ? Samsung Galaxy Zarvan The thing popping up slowly bc of the lag pisses me off too! Wtf is this Zarvan 🙁 He looks so bad It’s ugly. I hate it So they just give me the skin immediately like this? Ok then shall we look more of them? AH! -Arcade Riven- I don’t use Riven at all… I even have championship Riven… Idk what kind of rice cake I got left now W…well…I got 2 left Ah! Gentleman Cho’Gath (Headache) Cho’Gath pls
Show yourself only at TFT… This one’s legendary?
For real? This? Why? When it looks like this? So who wants this? Raise your hands if you want it~ This one’s legendary and limited time skin?? But I don’t want it… Well they’re saying it’s legendary…. Last one! Let’s get it! I clicked but it’s not working It’s lagging (HEADACHE) Challenger Nidalee…ah… Donation: I thought of buying one too but after seeing what you got, I changed my mind. Thanks ParkNana I think it’s a great deal?! In my opinion… I got some legendary ones and…yeah right? Wow…limited time edition skin! Such a worth buy it, everyone! I cannot be the only idiot I bought a sweet rice cake set I bought it but I got Zarvan Challenger Nidalee Arcade Riven Praetorian Graves Gentleman Cho’Gath I got these 5! I don’t think he’s limited edition I heard it’s limited time edition But it doesn’t show the mark I think you can just purchase this normally WTF!? You said it’s limited! Is it limited bc no one’s actually buying it? I thought it was limited because no one bought it lol (Oh the blood pressure) It’s ok We still got this warrior sweet rice cake! I can buy..7? I can buy 8 of them! I can buy 8 warrior sweet rice cakes and I will buy them all! The skin I want is Lunar Guardian Nasus Spirit Guard Udyr and Warring Kingdoms Vi I wish I got one of them from the three at least PLEASE I will buy 8 now! Let’s go! Here I go! I got Spirit Guard Udyr!! Yo! I got Udyr! (Can’t get a hold of herself right now) Oh! in just 1 shot! (Seal Nana) Hey wtf? I really got it Voice recognition God-Game LoL? I was preparing to open 8 I got it at my first try! This thing’s a really great deal! Wa~ Spirt Guard Udyr~ (Surprise Party ParkNana) You watching, Riot? Everyone…buy it…It’s really a great deal! Anways, it’s something that Udyr masters like me must have! The Spirit Guard Udyr! I got one of the three I wanted! Well anyways! I got 7 left 7 sweet rice cakes to go! Now…I got one out of the three Warring Kingdoms Vi and Lunar Guardian Nasus It would be great if those two come out Well I am happy right now bc I got one of them Ok I am buying more Ok here I go warrior sweet rice cake! Ah, the Kayle… Isn’t this cheap one? Battleborn Kayle? Let’s check How much is this? 975 RP? Is it? Well it looks worse than that It kind a looks…bad.. It’s ok. You need some duds in between you know? If you only eat sweet rice cakes, it’s not good right?
(Yes it’s good…) If you keep on eating sweet ones, you cannot know the importance of them! You gotta eat some bean rice cakes to know that sweet ones were the good ones! You can know their value! Got it? This one was a bean rice cake~ The next will be sweet! Mom…I hate beans…! Sweet one pls! Penta kill Yorick (Face full of hatred) I never..bought this.. Why is it saying I bought it? I never purchased this Refund…please… I don’t want it… I never bought an ugly skin like this It was a bean Bean comes twice! Ok now it will be ok I got 2 beans So now! It will come out! Lunar Guardian Nasus! or Warring Kingdoms Vi! Just one more time!
Vi or Nasus! I really want them! It’s not bad but… Ohhh~ It’s not bad though x2 HMmmmmmm……. But I never really play Riven Not so bad though It’s not bad
The problem is that I don’t use it I opened 4 of them and I got 4 more to go I got 2 sweet ones and 2 bean ones Ok one more time! Please please Nasus! Just this once! Wtfckin pumpkin Hec! That pumpkin head jerk! Ah pumpkin Hecarim… Ah STRESS Ah…too many bean rice cakes.. Ah mom…I told you I hate beans… Why did you make this many I got 3 more shots Good one at first and than that was it Hearbreaker Vi is ok too! Just 1 Vi skin.. (The screen froze due to streaming problem) (Tada! Nemesis Jax!) (She’s so sad) This guy looks ugly just by looking at it This one’s 975RP I can tell I got punished by the sweet rice cake.. Only 2 more shots Please Nasus and Vi from those 2! Right right right right right? The reason why I got only 2 left is because you plan on letting those two come out like a drama! Right, Riot? Right? x3 RIGHT!? AH~! ENOUGH WITH THE HECARIM! I fckin hate Hecarim… I never played a single round of Hecarim! But? But what if I get one at the last one If I get what I want at the last one Then it’s a perfect for uploading it on YouTube.
All planned by Riot The last one turns out to be Nasus like this Wouldn’t it? right right? Nasus will come out from here right? (She’s being surprised with even from the sub sound lol) Let’s go! ah please! Ok. Let’s go! Here I go for real! Pls pls Lunar Guardian Nasus! x2 Please! (Nana suddenly became a little chick) (A chick that’s happy because it got some meal) I really got one! (Viewers just cannot believe it) OMG this is insane! (So happy af) I really got one! Omg what should I do I really got one! I got the Lunar Guardian Nasus for real! (Nana dancing in happiness) (She’s all happy now) Yes this is what I bought! I’m so happy! I am playing Nasus today Let’s see my collection~

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  1. 영상보기전인데..나나쟝이 '흑우'하지 않기를 바랄게…

    영상 다봤는데..,무척 검소한 소비였어! 정령수호자 우디르.달빛개서스 축하해용🐝

  2. 이거 그러면 ig카이사도 나오는건가? 나도 흑우짓하러 가야하나이거? 언제까지지?

  3. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ….편집 겁나웃기내 ㅋㅋ
    보다보니 느낀건데 사람들은 어째서 직접 사지않고 항상 운으로 먹으려하는가.

  4. I cant believe that RP is so expensive. In Korea 10000 RP in Korea is normal but in Vietnam is really a lot (enough to play the big event we call it Thần Bài with Twisted Fate)
    P/S: I don't know what Koreans thinking about Vietnamese but I hope that Koreans despise Vietnamese people are not true

  5. 머리에 손을 얹고 생각해봐 형 이게 말이돼?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 말도안된다구우우ㅠㅠ(한복나나 첨봐ㅋㅋㅋㄱ 신선하고 귀염)

  6. 안녕하세요 뉴비인데요 어둠의인도자 야스오랑 달빛수호자 나서스스킨뽑았는대 좋은건가요?

  7. 언니 기쁜건 이해하는데 그가격이면…사고 남는데…물론 달빛나서스는 기간한정이지만….크..흠….ㅜ

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