10 Video Games I Play to Reduce Stress & Depression Symptoms

10 Video Games I Play to Reduce Stress & Depression Symptoms

Hey everyone, PushingUpRoses here and today
I’m going to be talking about games I go to to help me manage my mental illness. I’m not going to go into a deep dive about
all of my individual issues with the most detail, but I will say that most of my life
I’ve been fighting with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I’ve had a variety of treatments over the
years: therapy, long-term hospital visits, and psychiatric medicine, but in between those
things it’s so important that I have my own personal ways of coping using short term
management techniques. And obviously this is not something I can
tell you how to do because everyone is going to be different, but maybe something I say
in this video will encourage you to try something new, or fun or comforting for yourself, whether
you’re managing a mental illness or just having a stressful day. The intent of self care is not to cure your
mental illness, none of these games will cure depression or anxiety, but most people who
suffer with them have specific things that help them simply get through the day. That isn’t to say that people can’t overcome
their obstacles or heal from some disorders: I’ve been recovered from bulimia for a few
years now, but for people who have chronic, sometimes life long illnesses, it becomes
necessary to find things to quell episodes, panic attacks, and emotional duress. I decided to make this video about video games
because there are some that really do put me in a better headspace, mostly by reducing
stress and providing me with some distraction. Also this isn’t a ranked list, I don’t
have a big build up or reveal for number one since these are all just different games I
like that help me in different ways, one isn’t necessarily better than the other, so I’m
just going to rattle off 10 games in no particular order. Grim Fandango, developed by LucasArts in 1998,
is one of my all time favorite games. It’s usually competing with The Dagger of
Amon Ra for the number one spot, but more often than not I cite it as the game I am
the most fond of, and just the simple fact that it IS one of my favorites makes it quintessential
for self care. I think the reason it works is the humor: Grim Fandango is one of those titles
that has very funny, very clever dialogue trees and that never seem to drone on and
on to the point of not wanting to listen. Every line entertains me; I even go through
all the unnecessary dialogue trees because of how amusing I think they are. It also helps that the voice acting is pretty
consistent across the board; because every character is so entertaining I find there
isn’t a lot of down time for me, I never become disinterested or detached, so my thoughts
don’t have a chance to wander. Character responses are usually on the terse
side, but still pack a punch, which is a style of writing I really dig. I’m obviously not telling you anything revolutionary
here, most people would say humor is a very effective way to to cope with stress and the
physical act of laughing lights up parts of your brain that can bring you happiness. It’s a fantastic way to manage mood disorders
like depression, so when I am feeling particularly down, I pick up a game known for humor. For me Grim works in multiple ways since I
have a lot of nostalgia for it, but it’s really the humor that changes my headspace
for the better. Nothing makes me happier than hearing Tony
Plana performing silly little poems as Manny Calavera. My next choice is another comical game from
LucasArts, The Curse of Monkey Island. I think all of the games in this series are
funny in their own way, but the inclusion of voice acting really enhances the experience
for me. So, you know how something can be humorous
that doesn’t actually cause you to physical laugh? I feel that way about one of LucasArts’s
other titles, like Sam and Max hit the road; it has more of a dry, sarcastic type of humor,
and it’s not that I don’t get it, it’s just that I am more rolling my eyes at the
jokes or laughing internally, as they say. This is not the case with Curse of Monkey
Island, this game causes me to laugh out loud, and it has a very pure, silly sense of humor. The biology of laughing and humor is actually
fascinating; your frontal lobe processes the joke and determines whether you find it funny
ot not, then the physical act of laughing sends an electrical charges down your cerebral
cortex which can bring feelings of joy, delight, and surprise. Studies have shown that you can sometimes
even trick your brain into thinking you’re in a happy mood by laughing or even just smiling. You may not want to, but if you can get yourself
to laugh at something, or smile at something, you may be able to soften your sadness just
for a little while, and to have some relief, even just a LITTLE relief, EVEN if you have
to trick your brain into getting it, can change your entire day. I’m not saying that you should go around
telling people to smile, that’s fuckin’ weird and annoying, don’t do that. But I am saying that if you want to give it
a try, acting on your own volition without pressure from other people telling you to
laugh or smile, then it’s worth a shot. This game also has one of my favorite settings
in any game ever, and that is Blood island. Every screen in this section of the game makes
me smile, so I don’t even have to trick my brain for this one, I just need to see
Stan in this weird crypt, or Murray the demonic skull, or seriously just hear Guybrush talk
because his goofiness is so untainted by corruption. I’d like to switch gears a bit and talk
about a game that helps me deal with racing thoughts; I am officially diagnosed with Body
Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD, which is an illness that falls into the obsessive compulsive spectrum,
so I have some shared symptoms between BDD and OCD. When I start to experience obsessive compulsive
behaviors that won’t stop, I pick up good old Quest for Glory V, and yeah, I know. This is not the best Quest for Glory Game. It’s not the best game. It’s hardly a GOOD game, but I am very attached
to the fictional world of Silmaria. The music is also very calming and familiar
and it gives me a lot of things to do, providing distraction away from any impeding thoughts
I wanted to get away from. Oh, I’m supposed to save a city as part
of a competition to be the next King of Silmaria? Screw that, I’m going to save ALL MY OPPONENTS
cities and sweep the competition because I’m AMAZING, MUAHAHAHA. I like to play as a thief because I relish
in stealing everyone’s money and sneaking around like a cool person. I also have a fondness for Greek Mythology
and this game is heavily inspired by it, and it feels like this very long, epic adventure
as you work your way to the throne. Or should I say grind your way to the throne. Just FYI: the grinding isn’t great. Here I am doing unbelievable FLYING kicks
over and over to up one of my stats. Heh. …yeah I still love it. And if you’re wondering if the busy work
is TOO much or if I have issues stepping away from this game, I honestly don’t. It does have a lot of quests, but it’s also
linear; it’s not like a simulation game where you feel like you just can’t walk
away from what you’re doing.That is a concern of mine with other games that have questing
or grinding elements, but because the Quest For Glory games are really a hybrid of different
genres andt they DO have concrete endings, it never goes into unhealthy territory for
me. I’m actually considering a writing comprehensive
video on this game and calling it “In Defense of Quest for Glory V.” Wait a second …is
that the dancing baby animation? As I started earlier, because I do experience
obsessive compulsive behavior, some games can become unhealthy for me because I am unable
to put them down. I don’t know why, but I start to develop
this desire to engage in never ending chores, so I want to be candid with you; some games,
depending on their mechanic and my headspace, genuine fuck me up because I cannot stop,
and it becomes a vice instead of a healthy distraction, and it’s taken me some practice
to really understand which games were actually going to help me. That all being said, I am cautiously puting
Stardew Valley on my list. If you need shit to do, this gives it to you
in spades and it will KEEP you busy for as long as you want. I’ll admit, my first game with STV teetered
into obsessive realm, but after subsequent playthroughs I actually got a lot better at
using the game as a coping tool and not just something that puts me in this, trance like
state. I usually boot this up when I need more more
interaction than usual, like if my thoughts are racing I’m not functioning and I need
a lot of hands on engagement. Sometimes my compulsive behaviors get destructive
and I pick at my cuticles, or my face, or my hair, so keeping my hands busy when I feel
this way is important. And what’s more relaxing than harvesting
a farm? Or looking for someone to date? And then marrying them? And then…you know what, it didn’t work
out so then you’re divorcing them. Then erasing their memories because you totally
regret it and you’re a different person now and this time you can make it work so
you marry them again? …Wait What? There are a lot of different ways you can
play STV; you can be an adventurer and combat monsters, you can be a farmer, you can fish
all day long, or you can do social stuff. Or everything. I did everything. It was that engaging to me. And though it’s not a funny game, it has
all of these heartwarming moments that just feel…nice. It’s nice. Stardew Valley is nice. I do caution you if you have compulsive tendencies
but for some days, it’s super engrossing and can keep me away from harmful behaviors. Or maybe you don’t want heartwarming. Maybe you’re not in the mood for that. Maybe you’re having a life sucks and so
do you kind of day and you need to exert that negative energy before it causes your brain
to melt. I hear you loud and clear, love ain’t always
the answer and I don’t always want fluff to help me cope, sometimes I need WARCRAFT
II. I think this choice is pretty self explanatory,
sometimes I need distraction in the form of destroying everything. This is another game that gives you very specific
objectives and I think that really helps helps me; sometimes if I am playing an open world
game all willy nilly I get overwhelmed, especially if my OCD is in my goddamn face, but when
I have a list of things to do in order to progress, I am a very happy person. It gives me a sense of accomplishment in a
way, and though it’s also not what I would call a comedy game, it definitely has its
cute moments. I think a lot of strategy games can be really
beneficial because it encourages you to think, create plans, and that stimulus is really,
really good for you if you’re feeling stuck or uninspired. Now I am not always in the mood to think,
I’ll admit that, but I’ve learned over time that my mental illnesses are not created
equal, and I will have different symptoms that requires different forms of management. So when I do need to get in a rut and I need
some structure, or feeling angry and need a harmless way to release energy, I pick up
an RTS. My personal preference is Warcraft because
I grew up on it, so like other titles mentioned here, I get an added bonus with the nostalgia
attached to it. I am also a fan of the Civilization games
but have the most experience with Civ VI. Unlike Warcraft, Civ is a turn based style
game, so if you’re not in the mood to make quick decisions, this plays more like a board
game, like chess or risk, where you can take your time with your turns. I like to play this game with a friend over
a phone call because even though most of time we’re both going to be taking our turns,
I find hearing a friendly voice, even sporadically over the span of the game, really helps my
mood and concentration. I like games that are very goal oriented,
and I also like competing with people because let’s be honest, nothing is more important
than WINNING. Like Warcraft and Quest for Glory, Civ does
have an ending so I’m not just going on forever and ever with no end in sight. Speaking of no end in sight I put way too
many hours into Final Fantasy 8. And yes, I know. The love story is corny. The story in general is convoluted and forced,
and of course there’s this weird space scene but I just…I can’t help it. I love this game. The settings and music are big reasons why;
everywhere I go I just feel totally comforted, like being wrapped in a big cuddly comforter. Look, I don’t have much more to say about
this. I wanted this section to be longer, but I
got nothing. I don’t know why this helps, but it does,
so I’m not gonna question it. Sometimes you find something that just…works. And you don’t know why it does, but you
don’t always need to justify it with a reason. Final Fantasy 8: Helps my depression but I
have no idea why and I’m fine with it. So it’s no secret that I am a fan of all
things related to murder mysteries; If you’re new here and you didn’t know this, well
then LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT. I love Agatha Christie, my favorite board
game is Clue, Columbo is a god, Murder, She Wrote is my go to binge series when I am sick,
and I adore murder mystery games. The first mystery game I played was Eagle
Eye Mysteries, and because it was a kid’s game it was veeeeery innocent. When I upgraded to more mature mystery games
I started with the Dagger of Amon Ra, thinking it would be all cartoony and funny and a magical
ride of mystery and intrigue, but no. No no. No. The game is full of ridiculous death scenes
and my poor little peabrain couldn’t handle it, but for some reason, I kept going back
to it over the years, developing this strange on and off relationship. I didn’t know if I wanted to commit but
I was continually intrigued by it, I just had to know what happened. I had to know why there was a dead body in
a sarcophagus, and thus I finally beat it when I was a little older, and I’ve played
it several times since then. It’s just…such a hilarious, weird, morbid
game, I’ve never played anything like it, and this is another one of those instances
where it mostly helps me because it fuels my nostalgia, or muh FEELS as you youngins’
say, I know there’s nothing particularly helpful in just telling you HEY I KNOW WHAT’LL
HELP YOU COPE TRY DOING SOMETHING YOU LIKE, but it really does work. I often gravitate towards things I’ve historically
liked or have a previous connection to because when I am depressed, I’m just not in the
mood for something I’ve never played. It feels that hopeless sometimes, like it’s
a complete waste of time to try something new, so I try to do things I absolutely 100%
know I will like. I enjoy Dagger every time I play it; it makes
me laugh, it makes me remember how ridiculously scared I was of it when I was young and that
in turn makes me laugh; in fact, I don’t even think I was even that young when I was
scared? I was like 12, I was like 12 you guys, that’s
not even that young but I swear, I played this game and I was like NO. TURN OFF THE COMPUUUUUTEEEER. But I digress, and it falls into one of my
favorite genres across all mediums: Murder Mystery. And I know how difficult it is to do something
you’re like when you’re depressed, there’s a chance even your most favorite things won’t
be effective in that moment, but there’s also a chance that it could, and for me, Dagger
of Amon Ra has a pretty good success rate.I also just like being in a museum setting. Why not? I’d welcome more games that took place in
an amazing museum with killer porcupines. So we’re now at the point where I’ve discussed
a lot of games and the different ways they help my varying symptoms, so the rest of this
video on these last two games will just be me giving you a few details about them and
why I enjoy them. You can assume that these final entries fall
into the realm of comfort that just help to brighten my mood. I’ll start with Callahan’s crosstime saloon,
which is a brilliant adventure game based on the books by Spyder Robinson. This is the first title developed by Legend
Entertainment that I really got into; it has beautiful scrolling screens, multiple locations,
puns, characters that were inspired by fairy tales and various myths, puns, decent voice
acting, funny dialogue trees, aaaaand puzzles. And puns. I’m serious. You better like puns if you want to play this
game. This is like, a content warning at this point. There are A LOT OF PUNS. As I’ve mentioned before in other videos,
I think it’s incredibly difficult to design truly funny games, there are only a few that
I would categorize as comedy and Callahan’s is one of those few, and even with its sharp,
witty humor style, it still holds on to this very…how do I describe this feeling. The entire time I played this I felt like
I was sitting in front of a fire at a cozy inn with all of my close friends nearby. Every environment is beautiful, and bustling,
and even in this monster filled tavern, I felt at ease. Because even they are friendly and inviting. In fact, a lot of the games I mention here
have very comforting visuals, and that kind of sensory can have a very positive impact
on your brain. Especially if it’s something you are already
familiar with. The channel Satchbag’s Goods recently did
a video on Hygge (hue guh), A Danish word for the concept of contentment, that discusses
how video games use this idea to create comforting settings and designs that appeal to players
I think this concept holds hands with the idea of treating yourself and stimulating
your senses with pleasant visuals, so do check that out for some extra insight. The last game I’d like to discuss is King’s
Quest 7, the very first big box PC game I bought with my own money. Gameplay is a little underwhelming, it doesn’t
play like ANY of the previous king’s quest game, and the animation is…um. You know, it’s just a little bit…bad. It’s bad. But the painterly backgrounds are stunning
and colorful, and are a pleasant treat for my eyes. Nostalgia is once again playing a big role
here, but I also think that most people would find these environments really cool. This adventure game is a point and click,
but I also think adventure games past that use the the command prompt are a great way
to reduce stress because it entails a lot of typing and reading, and reading in particular
has been known to relax the mind; it might be a little different reading a screen than
reading the pages of a book, but there is a certain level of interaction in video games
that appeal to different senses. Problem is a lot of these early text command
games are also really frustrating so you gotta find one you’re kind of familiar with, or
one that doesn’t make you want to claw your brain out. But even though people have their…ahem…opinions
on older, text based games, I recommend them all the same. There are many different ways to manage your
days (oo that rhymed) using different forms of entertainment, these are simply my preferences
for video games that I know will help me during hard times. Some other things I enjoy beyond video games
are sketch comedy videos like those by Neil Cicierega – Neil has a very zany sense of
humor and his work has helped me through some very tough times, so if you’re watching
this Neil, thank you for contributing to my self care routine. I also like reading, taking bubble baths,
watching funny movies, and listening to music. There’s a lot of things you can try if you
aren’t in the mood for video games. In fact, while I am watching videos or playing
games I also practice some aromatherapy. Not…uh, not like medicine, I don’t think
essential oils are a good alternative to psychiatric medicine, but certain smells calm my senses. I keep a bag of coffee beans around because
it’s one of my favorite scents, and I love things that smell like vanilla and caramel
corn so I try to find lotions and body sprays that smell like those as well. When I finally started getting treated for
Body Dysmorphic disorder I had this hope that I could just cure it because it was so difficult,
I just didn’t want it anymore. When my therapist told me that BDD can be
life long and is more on the chronic side, it kind of broke my heart a bit, knowing that
I could never get to this unrealistic frame of mind I wanted. I’ll never see myself the way other people
do. I can be okay with myself, I can get to a
point of acceptance, but I can’t completely erase my illnesses, so practicing management
techniques that are short term to help with long term treatment is imperative. It’s frustrating and it still feels unfair,
but coming to the realization that there isn’t going to be a cure helped me to figure out
different ways to simply get through the day and make realistic improvements. And you know what? I have days where none of these games help
me. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting
those intense feelings pass, and saying “Yanno what? It’s okay that I stayed in bed today. It’s okay that Grim Fandango didn’t make
me laugh today. It’s okay that my favorite movie didn’t
make me feel better. I’ll try again tomorrow.” Maybe you’re watching this video because
this is YOUR way of managing your symptoms, and if that’s the case I hope it helped. Even a little bit. Small successes are still successes. Let me know what games help you, or any thing
you’ve fond success with, and if you’re interested I put a lot of resources in the
description that you may find worthwhile. I am going to leave you with my favorite dialogue
tree from Grim Fandango, the conversation with Carla. Enjoy. Hey everyone, thanks for watching this video. If you’re interested in more, there’s
a couple relevant ones on the screen, and if you want to hear all of my mundane life
updates, my social media is linked in the description. If you like my work, please do consider supporting
it over on Patreon. Thanks again and as always, I’ll see you
guys in the next one.

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    Stardew has become my go-to when I'm depressed, though I play it in a very antisocial way. I blitz through the first few seasons so I can build up my and clear out my farm and almost never talk to anyone.
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    Maybe Shadow of the Collosus

  26. This video speaks to me on so many levels, I suffer from a slew of things including depression and anxiety and it's really shitty when you're in a funk and just can't handle new things. Comady is a big thing that helps me and I often rewatch videos a lot because I know they'll make me laugh, and sometimes I pick up a game because I know I love it 🙂

  27. Acupuncture turned out to help me a lot with mine. I still hate being stuck with needles but it's the only goddamn thing that really does anything and it works wonders.

  28. Love the game now, but I recall getting mad as a young one. Mad at the Grim Fandango poetry slam when my poem got no reaction, but then the owner lady repeated the same words, and got all the love.

  29. Honestly… Never met anyone who liked Q4G5 before. Not bashing you for liking it, but I barely played an hour before giving up, despite loving the previous entries.

  30. whenever im dealing with stress i have a bunch of different tactics depending on the circumstances but when it comes to video games, i like playing stuff that occupies my hands and my mind. My favourites are things like tetris or splatoon with podcasts or youtube vids or netflix. It keeps me entertained and feeling good, distracts me from bad thoughts and restlessness and also is very non-committal. I can pause to take a break anytime

  31. I make it a priority to play through the entire monkey island series once a year. Divinity OS 1+2 and the Dark Eye series has always made for a great relievers as well. I wonder if PUR would enjoy Chains of Sataniv or Memoria, because those games were absolutely delightful to play!

  32. I like the journey down, especially the soundtrack from chapter 3 is brilliant (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZO2kc_K3Fk&list=OLAK5uy_kYDQVs4frd-gzxBOtm3uqKKTqvi4k0Bik&index=2)

  33. When I'm feeling down I don't like new things either. No new movies, no new shows, no new games, because I don't know if I will like it, I don't know how much I'll want to complain about it, and I don't know if something in it will make my feelings worse, not better. Especially because it can take me quite a bit longer than the average person to get a hang of learning curves in games.

  34. Yes! KQ7 I play it all the time to just chill out. I was the first KQ title I ever played and my personal favorite. 💁🏼‍♂️❤️

  35. It don't have the ability to play many games- my computer has been broken for a year and I don't own many console games. So most of my games are on my phone right now. Whenever I'm feeling sad about being really single, I play dating sims on my phone since I can't play them on a computer right now. I may not be able to find love IRL, but I can in fiction and be showered with love and affection.

    Love Nikki and Hogwarts Mystery are also reprieves from my depression and anxiety, but I know many people detest Hogwarts Mystery because there are a lot of wait times. Love Nikki is a dress-up game with a plot. While there are wait times for energy, there's still plenty of stuff to do besides that. It starts off as kind of a weird, wandering plot, but then something big happens and the story properly picks up

    Harry Potter is the only thing that really helps me every single time, but I know people want nothing to do with it right now…

  36. unfortunately i can't play fandango anymore. i have played it so often, i have large parts of the game memorized down to the dot. ooh a request. rusty anchor? rusty anchor. yeah i think i know that one…

  37. FFVIII is so relaxing… the music, the world, I love everything about it. I'm so happy you enjoy it too!
    And I think the convoluted plot and corny love story make it even better, I just love the crazyness : ) To be honest, I've played it in Spanish and English and the dialogue in English was horrible – they made Squall very mean and Rinoa very childish, while in the Japanese/Spanish version, he is polite (no 'whatevers') and she is calm and sweet.
    But I'm ranting! Love your videos : )

  38. The voice acting on Carla in that Grim Fandango metal detector- scene is absolutely brilliant. One of the greatest voice performances ever in a video game by an actress, if not the greatest. Moody, shyly flirty yet hilariously funny… They could have hired Jessica Lange do those lines and even she wouldn't have delivered them that good.

  39. Stardew Valley is one of those dangerous games for me. I have over 200 hours logged and I still haven't ever gone past Summer of the 2nd year. In other words, I've never "finished" the first part of the game. I never got to grandpa's evaluation. Every time I play, I get taken over by a need to be as efficient as possible so if I miss a planting day or my crops could be more optimized in their layout or I missed a birthday, I'll start over from the beginning. Send help.

  40. I play Vice City. Just take my white Sentinel out, turn up the radio and cruise for a bit. It helps when the Blue Devil's got his claws in me.

  41. Hey Roses! Wanted to thank you for the video. Both as a psychologist and psychotherapist and as a human being I struggle with anxiety and depression on a daily basis (yeah, it’s easier for me to deal with it as I help others cope with it). It was nice to see just what games help you with that. Also, important disclaimers you put up as well, thanks for that! We’ll all go through this together. Have a nice day!

  42. Thank you for making this video i struggle so much with anxiety depression and your videos help me with that cause of your personality and knowing you have had similar issues and have shared some games that have helped u means a lot

  43. My favorite games are usually RPG's. My depression and anxiety make me feel helpless and like I can't do anything. So RPG helps me feel like I've gained some control of my life. My favorites are witcher 3 and the dragon age series (DA2 is my favorite. I love the companions there)

  44. your little note at the end did make me tear up a little!! whenever im in a bad headspace i turn to mystery case files, they're pretty silly puzzle games, often trying a little too hard to be creepy despite their rating. i really love dire grove and fate's carnival in particular. dire grove i feel is the closest they get to actually being creepy with a celtic aesthetic and an icy banshee. while fate's carnival i appreciate for the macabre setting and carnival theme. the games plot is a little contrived, and the early ones are close to unplayable with how computers have advanced since the early 2000s, but they've always had a place in my heart.

    even with unnecessary inventory puzzles

  45. Huh, so it's the OCD that has me obsessively playing games, even ones I don't like, constantly until they've interfered so much with my life I have to physically uninstall them and still often get urges to start up again… Good to know.

  46. I was literally just trying to figure out how to distract myself from bad thoughts without food and came upon this video. Awesome!
    Also thanks for being so honest about your symptoms, I have a lot of the same ones.

  47. Every Final Fantasy game has a convoluted and shit story. JRPGS are like paint thinner for creativity. The genre itself is fine. Their stories are trash. They sit in a New Jersey Landfill.

  48. one of the things I use to cope is watching and rewatching your videos! Here I am, one year later..ish, still crushing on you and your voice.

    Also, Stardew Valley is amazing. That and Animal Crossing <3

  49. Great video. I agree it depends on people’s moods and own issues. That’s why I love gaming, there is so much choice something for everyone and every mood.
    My go to games include, stardew, valley, minecraft, Skyrim, commandos (from pyros), Batman Arkham, shadow of Mordor, and GTA 3. I also love many of the adventure games you mentioned. Basically any games that don’t add a time pressure, that let you potter about at your own pace. The games that often help with collecting, nostalgia are the Lego games, I love the earlier ones like Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter.

  50. Oh dude if you need a relaxing game that feels the same as Stardew Valley I'd recommend Slime Rancher. It's nice and relaxing when you turn off the Tar slimes.

  51. Oddly I tend to use FB games like Criminal Case for my depression/anxiety self-care, mostly because the little puzzles always make me focus in on what I'm doing so I stop overthinking for a while.

  52. I've been watching your vids the last week or so to get me through, your voice and understanding is so soothing! And you made me surprise laugh when you said not to tell people to smile <3

  53. It’s like.. Birthing a baby narwhal, while floating in a sea of hugs and love. Above, the sky boasts inviting fairy floss clouds. Magical faeries descend from the clouds, bringing with them long rope like strands of woven fairy floss.
    They wrap the narwhal in the pink candy ropes and lift it into the sky, where it learns to fly before even learning to swim. It softly touches down between the small shimmering waves. The fairy floss ropes dissolve away into the water. A beautiful pink cloud hides the baby from the mummy, until suddenly, it bursts out of the pink mist and joins it’s mummy and they swim forth to the great oceans of the world, spreading magical fairy floss love where ever they may go.
    Bless you fairy floss narwhal. Bless you.

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