– You know, if I was a cartoon character, I bet I’d look something like this. Oh yeah, they’d call
me “Crazy-Face Baldo”! I wonder if I’d get a show. You know, growing up,
cartoons were a staple of not only my childhood,
but a lot of other people. And today, they’re bigger than ever with entire networks
dedicated to showing cartoons for every age, ranging
from adorable adventures to cutting satire. And some of our favorites
are edgier cartoons, like South Park. However, what you probably don’t know, is that there are some cartoons that were far more
controversial, offensive, and even dangerous, so much so, that they were outright
banned from syndication. So today, we goin’ explore those cartoons, because you were never meant to see them, but I’m gonna tell you about them, so here they are. 10 Controversial Banned Cartoons That Were Actually Made. Number one, is Computer Soldier Porygon. Computer Soldier Porygon
is an an infamous episode of the Pokémon anime, which,
upon it’s single airing in Japan on December 16th, 1997, resulted in over 700 Japanese people, from old to young, experiencing
epileptic seizures, vomiting, and loss of consciousness. This is due to a four-second scene in which Pikachu causes an explosion that flashes brightly
and alternates rapidly between red and blue. The episode was never
commercially released or rebroadcast anywhere in the world, and even caused the show to
go on hiatus for four months. The event, dubbed “Pokémon shock” earned the show a Guinness World Record for the “Most Epileptic Seizures Caused “By A Television Show.” Well, a TV show isn’t an adventure, unless there’s a risk
of epileptic seizure! Number two, is Dial M For Monkey. Dexter’s Laboratory was a
popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, that aired between 1996 and 2004, that followed a boy scientist
on his various misadventures. It was, personally, one of my favorites. One of its very first episodes,
called Dial M For Monkey, was a parody of the
Silver Surfer character from the Fantastic Four comics, which sounds fun, except for the fact that the episode was immediately banned in several countries,
including England, Canada, and America for two major reasons. The first, was that the
Silver Spooner character in the episode exhibited a large number of homosexual stereotypes that, you know, kind of offended a lot of people. The second, was that a
Justice Friends character, called Krunk, which was a
parody of the Incredible Hulk, binge drank alcohol until
he started to vomit. This is a kids show! Mocking gay people and binge drinking? Hanna-Barbera, teaching your children only the finest of life lessons. Number three is Buffalo Gals. Ha, another Hanna-Barbera cartoon. They just love taking risks! Cow and Chicken was a cartoon that ran from 1997 to 1999 that follows the adventures
of two animal siblings. One episode that aired in 1998, entitled “Buffalo Girls,” told the tale of a group of biker chicks
filled with lesbian innuendos. The group would break into people’s houses and chew on their carpets… yeah. But, surprisingly, it wasn’t that that caught the censors’ attention. Instead, it was a softball match that occurred in the episode that had references to
pitching and catching, a more direct reference to sex. But I suspect that not very many of you are upset about having one less episode of this show, I mean, it
wasn’t exactly Breaking Bad, it kind of like a Ren & Stimpy rip-off, so, yeah, no real loss. Number four is Popetown. Popetown was a British
adult animated sitcom that first aired in 2005, about a pope with the mental maturity
of a four-year-old, and his handler Father Nicholas. The show somehow managed
to produce a total of 10 episodes with everything in it, from sexual jokes to corruption and greed, without ever being
screened once by the BBC, who commissioned it. Of course, immediately upon seeing this, Roman Catholics and the Catholic Church heavily protested it,
causing not one episode, but the entire series
to be banned worldwide, also resulting in several fines. Well, it’s good to know how
much the Catholic Church cares about what your children are exposed to! Number five is One Beer. Tiny Tunes was a very
popular children’s cartoon that aired between 1990 through 1995. The show features young versions of Bugs Bunny, among
others, that were geared towards children, which makes the fact, that this episode was
even made, disturbing. One Beer was an episode that aired in 1991 that shows the toons finding
a beer and drinking it. The underage toons,
Buster, Plucky, and Hamton then all get wasted, steal a car, and start driving around. The episode then ends
with them driving off of a cliff, only to hit
the ground, and die. This episode was actually made! Well, if nothing else, this
episode does make an important public service announcement
that we should all know by now, you never let an animal behind the wheel! They don’t have the brain
capacity or coordination to drive a vehicle, c’mon
guys, a little common sense! Number six is Song of the South. Well, if you were waiting for one of these to be racist, the wait is over! Song of the South is a
1946 live action animated musical film, produced by,
the one and only, Walt Disney. The post-Civil War south
movie includes slaves happily going about their duties on a plantation in Georgia with idyllic
master-slave relationships, as if was the best thing
since sliced bread! Despite it’s well-known music
and Academy Award recognition, the film never quite
found itself in good favor with anyone other than those
that wear white-hooded robes. Well, now we know if Walt
Disney ever had a big, flaming, plus sign on his lawn, it
wasn’t because he hated math! Number seven is Jungle Jitters. And keeping with the racist theme, Jungle Jitters was a short, one reel, eight minute animated film, released by Warner Brothers in 1938. The short film is set
in an African village. It features black characters
with old animation big lips, characters in blackface, and
depicts Africans as cannibals. Add in some offensive Asian
accents and a white king, and you, my friend, have just witnessed some animated bigotry in the
prime of animated bigotry! But, okay, okay, okay, that’s not to say that the animation doesn’t
have some redeeming qualities, like… it’s only eight minutes? I… so bad. Number eight is Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! is a 1934 animated
short starring Betty Boop, one of the most iconic cartoon characters of the black-and-white era. She was known for being
playful and risqué, which is why this episode was
a bit of a strange departure. Allow me to explain. Essentially, what happens,
is a clown gets a toothache, and she tries to perform amateur
dental surgery, but fails. If that wasn’t weird enough,
she then attempts to calm him by using too much laughing
gas, which causes Betty and Koko the Clown to laugh hysterically. The weird part, is that the laughing gas then escapes through the window
and spreads into the town, making every person and inanimate
object laugh hysterically, including mailboxes, parking
meters, a bridge, cars and even graves. Wow, that’s creepy! Imagine seeing everything
around you laughing in black-and-white and then
suddenly you’re staring at a screen wondering, “What
is it that I am watching? “This is just weird and creepy… aaah.” #Numer nine is the Simpsons. As one of the longest-running
cartoon series in history, it’s inevitable that one or two episodes might get banned. Well, interestingly, it wasn’t one or two, but the entire program that got banned, In 2008, around season 20,
in more than a few countries. Venezuela’s president, for example, deemed the show unsuitable for children, while Russia also joined in. They stated that the show, quote, “promotes violence, cruelty, pornography, “mayhem, physical and ethical suffering, and also invokes fear, panic and terror in children,” end quote. Even the U. K. banned a single
episode from season nine, The Cartridge Family,
which involved The Simpsons and gun usage. Man, you can’t just ban The
Simpsons, you just can’t! The characters are just so
classic, like Krusty (laughs). It’s the only clown I like. And number 10, Partial
Terms of Endearment. Okay, this one’s just disturbing. Partial Terms of Endearment
is the 21st and final episode of the eighth season of
the animated comedy series, Family Guy. And if you haven’t heard of
it, there’s a reason for that. In the episode, Lois
becomes a surrogate mother for a friend, but the friend is killed in an automobile accident,
and Lois and Peter decide to get an abortion. The episode is extremely
dark, and was banned from airing in the United States among several other countries. I’m kind of torn on this one, I mean, on one hand, I generally
believe that censorship should be avoided, while on the
other, I also believe that baby jokes, you know,
should also be avoided, so that’s a tough one. Oh, that reminds me, what’s the difference between a baby and an onion? I’ll let you Google the answer to that one at your own discretion. And now you know about 10
controversially banned cartoons that you were probably
never meant to hear about. And, as always, if you
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