THIS LOWERED THE SUGAR IN THE BLOOD, CONTROL THE DIABETES, STRESS AND THE ANCIENT ENTERTAIN! find out how to lower sugar fast and control diabetes with this powerful
cinnamon and chamomile tea Chamomile helps us regulate
our blood sugar levels if we consume it after the meal
main on the other hand the cinnamon we helps in our cellular metabolism and
improves insulin response yes when measuring sugar levels in the
blood these remain higher than 180 indicates that the body does not have
enough insulin hormone responsible of keeping blood sugar under control
when you don’t pay attention adequate and continue to be adopted in a manner
constant habits that cause these climbs a disease occurs
chronic known as diabetes that at once carries other consequences in most cases diabetes
is produced by bad habits food especially for consumption
excessive sugars the sedentary lifestyle also influences
tobacco consumption the constant stress
and the reaction of some medications to treat other pathologies the frequent feeling of fatigue the
changes in urination and dehydration are some of the
signals that alert a crisis high sugar
Luckily there are some solutions natural origin that can contribute to
control it before it gets worse and causes other damage In this video we want to share a
chamomile and cinnamon natural remedy which is popular for being a solution
effective to control diabetes if you like the idea of ​​taking care of your health
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i will leave you a heart because chamomile and cinnamon
stabilize sugar levels in the blood
I tell you why chamomile and cinnamon have multiple applications
medicines that have been taken advantage of since seniority so it is important
know that chamomile and cinnamon are powerful anti-inflammatory and contain
active ingredients that allow them regulate and keep under control the
high blood sugar levels let’s talk about the benefits of
chamomile chamomile has been a source of
research for many decades these popular flowers help to alleviate
digestive symptoms and disorders psychological like stress anxiety
and insomnia in one of the investigations
determined that its significant contribution of quercetin offers you the ability to
prevent sugar uncontrol after eating since chamomile is
a powerful antioxidant that slows down glucose uptake in the
intestine giving enough time to body to metabolize sugar from
appropriate form now we go with the benefits of the
cinnamon known for its pleasant aroma and its
particular flavor cinnamon is a spice with hundreds of benefits for
health its regular and moderate intake favors
glucose absorption improving the cellular metabolism
apparently after ingesting her assets stimulate essential enzymes that
are responsible for improving the response of insulin cells Now let’s see how to prepare this remedy
based on chamomile and cinnamon preparing this home remedy is
really simple take note you will only need a cup of
Water a spoonful of dried chamomile and yes
they are fresh you must add a little more half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and
if a twig is dry to prepare it the right way
you just need to heat in one pan the water with the cinnamon until
boil and and now that the water is boiling
turn off and add in the spoonful of chamomile flowers and let stand
About 10 minutes elapsed time hello mos y
we reserve for when we want consume it consumption mode
We recommend you have a cup of this infusion per day on an empty stomach or after
the main food This is a home remedy that we
will bring medium-term results from the second week
we will begin to notice the changes not despair important note chamomile and the
cinnamon are totally harmless though it’s important that you know that too
present certain contraindications for example if you are taking medication
Try to wait a long period of time to consume this infusion already
which can enhance the effects of medication
it’s important that you know that cinnamon in large quantities can be toxic
so you should not exceed the amount we have recommended we have reached the end of this video by
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  1. Hola yo creo que es un muy buen remedio lo voy a hacer 🤗🙋🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ muy buenos consejos muchas gracias bendiciones 🤗😍😍 desde Dallas Texas

  2. Muchas gracias por sus remedios caseros! Son de gran ayuda! Ya que estoy peleándo con prédiabetis y alto colesterol
    Y sus videos han sido de gran ayuda
    Mi nombre es Janeth desde Baltimore Maryland USA

  3. Remedios f diabetes yo compro la canela por kilo y no noto me baje la azúcar me hago infusión canela y con la leche y no me da baja el azucar

  4. Desde Argentina agradezco tu consejo y voy a probar con la manzanilla y canela. Despues te comento si bajó mi azúcar en la sangre

  5. Gracias por la información soy de Veracruz pero radicó en Tijuana desde ase 25 años. Soy diabético saludos a quienes asen esos vídeos.

  6. Gracias por sus consejos. Yo los consumo, pero por separado, los voy a consumir juntos. Un saludo desde Costa Rica🇨🇷

  7. Muy bueno… hay tantas recetas naturales tenemos tantas plantas y especies naturales y nos empeñamos en comer lo que nos perjudica… mil gracias … Marcia 🇻🇪

  8. Muchas gracias por compartirnos estas recetas. Hace 3 años (tengo 73) me informó el médico que soy diabética.
    Voy a tratar esta receta casera de productos naturales. Saludos de la Ciudad de México. Virginia Alarcón

  9. Hola buenas noches soy Cecilia, de República Dominicana me encantó el remedio lo voy a poner en práctica gracias por compartir

  10. Gracias por su receta, me gustan mucho los remedios caseros sobre todo los tees. Saludos 🙋 desde acá desde Mission, Texas. DTB.🙏.

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