💗 REAL Causes Of Hypertension & Best Natural Solutions – by Dr Sam Robbins

💗 REAL Causes Of Hypertension & Best Natural Solutions – by Dr Sam Robbins

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins, REAL Causes Of Hypertension & Best Natural
Solutions A while back i did a video about the top 10
causes of high blood pressure. Today I’m going to do a quick summary of
it because hypertension is called the “silent killer” because there are no real symptoms
that let you know you have high blood pressure. Dizziness, headaches, rapid heart beat, etc…
are NOT specific for hypertension. In fact, 76% of people who have high blood
pressure, don’t even know it. And, hypertension can cause a stroke, heart
attack, kidney failure and renal disease So, you really need to control your blood
pressure because not only does it help avoid diseases, but lower blood pressure is also
correlated a longer life. And since personally have a family history
of hypertension, strokes and heart attacks, I wanted to make sure that this aspect of
my life for myself and more importantly, my parents – is under control and done so NATURALLY
— without harmful drugs or negative side-effects. So, let’s get started. 1 – AGE By far, the #1 high blood pressure is age
and more specifically, the negative changes in your HORMONES due to aging. From the age of 18-39, about 3% of the population
has high blood pressure. However, between 40-59, it jumps to almost
35% and after the age of 60+, it’s OVER 70% of people. However, don’t worry… there are ways to
fix this regardless of your age. And I’ll show you how at the end of today’s
video and how my own parents have dealt with this — and my mom is 80 years old and my
dad is 90 2 – Genetics & Family History Yes, genetics is a major problem with everything. But there are ways to turn ON or OFF your
genetics 3 – Smoking 4 – Alcohol Don’t let the “red wine is good for your
heart” media advertising fool you because alcohol is a toxin and it causes hormonal
imbalances, leading to hypertension in the long run. 5 – Being Overweight 6 – Sodium This has to do with regular table salt and
what’s found in processed foods. But NOT with natural salts like Himalayan
and Celtic 7 – Stress Stress is always bad, but it’s HOW you manage
stress IS the real problem. 8 – Lack of Physical Activity 9 – Medical Conditions and/or Health Problems 10 – Medications/Drugs Ironically, many “heart medications” such
as hypertension, cholesterol reduction and so forth actually cause MORE harm in the long
run. They’re good, temporarily for the first
few weeks. But your body adapts because these drugs are
“fake” and cause more stress to your organs. It’s better to use natural solutions, herbs,
vitamins and so forth. So there you have it. Below this video, in the description area,
I’ve got two special links for you that I want you to take action on right now. The first is an article about how I quickly
lowered my dad’s blood pressure by 23% in just a few days, naturally. No drugs and no change in diet or exercise
either. The second link is a more detailed video about
today’s topic – if you’re interested in digging a little deeper about the top 10 causes
of high blood pressure. High blood pressure may NOT be your fault,
but it IS your responsibility to fix this once and for all… and do so quickly, easily
and naturally. Thanks for listening and have a happy and
healthy day.

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  1. Do you think the studies that show that one drink a night is good for you are false? I personally don't drink much anymore, only on occasion.

  2. I'm 29, I lift weights 3 times a week, don't smoke, don't drink, no medication and I weigh 173 pounds on 5'8 ft. I have a blood pressure of 150 throughout the week.
    How is this possible?

  3. Hello Sam, are you going to cover rest of the things from the list you made a month ago (that poll with options)?

  4. Dr sam i request u to take a second look on intermittent fasting and give us your opinion because i have done it for more than a year now and only have positive changes,the negatives are linked to consuming less calories rather than intermittent fasting, thank u i admire your work

  5. What about lack of Vitamin D because of low level of sunlight and Nitric Oxide today and also mineral imbalances specially of magnesium?

  6. Hello Dr.Sam,your videos is really useful,I'm fan of you and sure to looking at your all videos,i telk to my friends i know verey clever and useful doctor he is just dr.Sam Robbin.,keep your videos up.

  7. Hi doc! I have a question.
    Is there any way of knowing exactly how much calories does my body burn?
    Nice work!

  8. Hello Dr. Sam I will use this product as the first package as a treatment because I have low blood pressure and after the levels return to normal Can I use the product always to avoid this and to benefit from growth without lowering blood pressure Is this possible to use the current period

  9. Dr, is there a way to get rid of sleep apnea? I have a driver's license with the CDL endorsement and I fail my physical test because of the sleep apnea and I am wondering if there is ways to get around it like to get rid of the sleep apnea. Thank you in advance.

  10. I have a question, and I will ask it here because I don't know where else to ask it. How do I build bigger traps without compressing the spine? I heard that compressimg the spine can stunt torso growth, and since I am still 17, and my torso is pretty short for my height, so I might still be growing in that area. I don't do workouts that compress the spine, but I am interested in building my traps probably the most out of all my muscles? Any advice?

  11. Sir, when you say: Workout lifting weights or whatever for only 45-60 mins, heating and warming ups are excluded, right?

  12. Thx a lot sir ,few tips for improving eyesight & hair fall & glowing skin. ‘’Wat about polyphasic sleep ‘’

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