텐션 만렙 찍은 아이린의 흥파티 IRENE with Highest Tension Ever | 레드벨벳 아이컨택캠📹 시즌3

텐션 만렙 찍은 아이린의 흥파티 IRENE with Highest Tension Ever | 레드벨벳 아이컨택캠📹 시즌3

Hello~ I heard our flight will be 11 hours long. Because I need to go for 11 hours [1. Snacks] (I brought) variety of snacks and- [2. iPad] iPad I’ve downloaded lots of movies [3. Massage Stick] Then the massage stick I like- that is always with me With these, I plan to spend my long flight with them [It’s LA here]
I’ve checked into the hotel Today is a rest day Ah, right now…what time is it? 7..5..5…is it 5? It is 5! [Starting tomorrow, US Tour Start!]
Today I will rest, tomorrow we’ll do a rehearsal and do the show [Bye]
Everyone What’s this? [Irene that came out to the hotel lobby to eat]
There are flowers I’m going to go eat with our staff now Meanwhile, I’ll turn it on and show you around Los Angles. Bye~ [Welcome, it’s your first time in LA right?] Ah so dizzy, so dizzy, so dizzy So dizzy The weather in LA is a little cold right now that’s why I’ve bought a hot pack weather that’s a little cold Weather… Don’t make our Joohyun to be cold It changed it changed it changed Should we ride this? What? There’s exactly 3 I want to ride this It seems fun It’s so funny, what should we do So fun But where do we return it? It’s just in the streets of LA. Oh really? We can just ride it. [Suddenly the atmosphere is like a kickboard CF] I came to eat Here’s a real jackpot I’ll show you [A great night view but a scared Irene] Waiting for the food you ordered I came to another restaurant to eat Of course for Koreans, it’s rice It’s rice HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT oh my oh my (gasps) oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my ~ The appearance of bulgogi and ribs in a Korean restaurant Why did they give us 2? Originally, they give 1 Because the customer is pretty, I’ll give you more For Koreans, of course it’s rice riceu~ Deliciousu~ Pancake~❤️ I normally don’t eat vegetables but I do when they’re in soups I’ve now returned to the dorm (hotel) this colour Filmed shopping Filmed a eating broadcast and returned Here, right now What time is it? I’m filming with the phone so I can’t see the time Anyways, it’s late I will now wash up and go to sleep Finally, the LA concert has ended [At the concert]
I talked in the introduction as well Sadly (that it was over so soon), the concert was very very fun I was very happy Staff: Should we go eat? Staff: Let’s go I’m going to go eat! See you later❤️ Hahaha your expression (to staff) Staff: You were filming? “Let’s go eat” then suddenly Staff: Would you like some meat? We came here to eat meat Oh… this unnie is so cool… We came here to eat meat, what’s this? So excited The song was cut.. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! grilled pork belly AHahAHHAAhAHAHah~~ Egg Egg OhoHOh I ate most of mine Spicy Rice Cakes Spicy Rices Cakes Here is Dallas Today is my day off Because my face is too bloated Today…I… in the morning I woke up at 7:30am I…cup ramen…because I was so hungry, I hit(?) a cup ramen at around 9:15 I went to fitness and did some exercise [(and) It has arrived] [cola] [Joo-hyun’s ice eating broadcast❤️] [My heart hurts if you suddenly come to the camera..] Oriental saladu~ What’s this? Don’t know Fork something~ This is This is avocado…something~ I’m going to eat snacks [Excited from thinking of eating snacks hehe] Let’s start the snack eating show [❤️Snack❤️] [❤️Snack❤️] You know this?
[Wendy is beside] Unnie bought it?
Yea [Everyone try/guess this together too] [Don’t know the right answer…just Bae Joo-hyun is cute] *Lyrics to a Korean children song* You don’t know this song? oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my [Played with the power of the whole body]
I’m tired [Once played instrument not used again…So it’s eaten…*eating sound*] Grape Flavor Manager: Korean Chocolate K…. K..K K Chocolate K..K.K..K.KKKKKKKKKKK Mirror? [Mirror?] [With Ipad selca mode, unnie’s reality of applying lip stick] [Irene’s full of fun contents]
Try to guess the song! The one I just did before was the hardest Don’t know? Do you not know? [Why don’t you know this] Scared me I came shopping

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  1. ☝🏻일찍 구독한 러비가 아컨캠을 잡는다!

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  2. 고기 먹으러 와서 춤추는 거 졸귀ㅠㅠㅠ 슬기 사랑해 이린이 사랑해❤️❤️ 이번 사이코도 잘 됬음 좋겠다❤️❤️ 이린이 얼굴 부웠다고 얼굴 가리는 것도 짱 귀여워.. 먹는 거 좋아하는 줄 몰랐는데 무대 얘기 할때 침착히 예뿌게 말하다가 밥 먹자고 했더니 춤추는 거 있기 없기💜💜 사랑해 이린이💕 오래오래 행복해🖤🖤

  3. 하얗고 예쁘다😍 이린 언냐를 제대로 알려면 셀프캠 브이로그영상을 봐야지요

  4. It's funny to me how a lot of visiting Korean celebs in LA inevitably go to BCD. Only city in the US I've visited with 24hr soon tooboo lol!

  5. ‘우리 안 놀아본 거 너무 티나’ 이 말이 전 너무 슬프게 들리네요..ㅜㅜ 레벨이들이 남들 한참 놀 나이부터 연습생을 겪어서 그런가..ㅜㅜ

  6. 아이린언니ㅠㅠ 막 무대에서 보면 대게 걸크러쉬넘치고 막 차도녀 같은데ㅠㅜ 이런거 보면 너무 귀여워서ㅜㅜ 온도차ㅜㅜ개쥬아ㅜㅜ 언니 사랑해요ㅠㅜ!!!

  7. 일상이 광고보는줄 와……
    이런얘기잘안하는데 진짜 이쁘시다 순간 이마를딱침 놀라서

  8. 물론 팬은 아니지만.. 이번에

    입덕하게생겼내? 이린이가 이렇게 이뻣다니 ㅠㅠ 너무 이쁘다 증말♥

  9. 진짜 미쳤다 얼굴이ㅠㅠ이 언니는 대체 전생에 무슨 선한 일을 했길래 이 얼굴로 태어났을까? 담생엔 아이린으로 태어나게 해주세요ㅠㅠㅠ

  10. SM은 유럽 출신 edm 두드리는 작곡가들 데려다가 난해한 곡 뽑으면 개성있다고 생각하나? 아무 생각없이 음 찍어서 만든 거 비싼 돈 주고 거래하누

  11. 여신아이린사랑해그리고웬디야아픈것괜찮아빨리나와서5명완전체로 컴백이빨리와서이쁜웬디를볼수있쓰면해

  12. I want to have a date with irene in my dreamland. I swear i’ll treat her more on dates and with her beloved korean food ❤️ girlfriend and wife material indeed ❤️❤️❤️

  13. 볼때마다 기분이좋아지고 떨려요^^안보면 계속샹각나고 엄마같아요ㅋㅋ볼때마다

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