青春警事 22 | Caught in The Heartbeat 22(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

青春警事 22 | Caught in The Heartbeat 22(焦俊豔、魏大勛等主演)

Grandmother Zhao After you get the inheritance find a better place to live. This place is too old. It is a bit old but they are all memories. In this world the one who loved grandfather most was you alone. You are a family. I’m just an outsider. Okay. Stop thinking. Sleep earlier. Wait a minute Actually there’s still one thing I don’t understand. What is it? Why did you tell the police that day that you didn’t go to my grandfather’s home? Didn’t you see my mother there? I think what your mom wants to say she will say. I’m now at the entrance of the supermarket that was rumoured to be selling poisoned foods. We can see that this place has not resumed operations. But we have received information that the Food and Drugs Administration just announced that the goods taken from the supermarket that day have all passed the tests and do not have any potential danger. Therefore, rumours that the supermarket is selling toxic goods have also been busted. All citizens can rest easy. But the supermarket’s manager Wang used violence to stop law enforcement officers when the Food and Drugs Administration entered the supermarket. For this, the supermarket’s company’s higher ups have publicly apologized and announced the sacking of that supermarket’s manager, Wang. Bastards! They’re all bastards! Auntie I only knew later that Youke is You Ke. I also didn’t know you were looking for her. Since she’s already moved away from here it means that she’s determined not to let me find her. Auntie Aren’t you feeling very well? You don’t look too good. I caught a cold. Since you cannot contact her I’ll leave first. Wait I have a question to ask you. If it’s related to the case I refuse to answer you now. You can at least listen to the question before deciding whether to answer. Okay. Ask. I want to know why you took away the photo YouKe blackened in Sun Mao’s house. I don’t want her to be involved in this incident. Is it only to protect her? Although I am not very responsible I am still a mother. I’ll leave now. Wait. Much is going to happen. Look after yourself so that you can be in good spirits. Thank you. No problem. Goodbye. It seems that she’s very worried about YouKe. Yeah. I think she looks very tired. It makes me miss my mother. Oh, no! How could I forget? YouKe left this earlier. I should have given it to her mother just now. I’m such an idiot. How could I’ve forgetten it? I’ll help you give it to her. Okay. Sir! Sir! Please calm down. Let me go inside. Sir, this is the police station. I know. I came here to talk. Please calm down. Let me go in! I have work to do! I have things to say! What’s going on? I’m here to cooperate with your work. You’re drunk? Is it important that I’m drunk? The important things is that I’m here today to cooperate with you. I don’t have anything now. I also have no need to protect that woman. Are you talking about Sun Ning? She has never respected me. Never In her eyes I’m just a contingency plan. Actually I knew this for a long time I just didn’t want to believe it. It’s been ten years. From a lowly sales assistant in the marketplace I became the manager. It took me ten years. I really thought I had changed my life. I even actually loved her. This is what you want. What is it? The surveillance footage of the supermarket on the day of the incident. Are you satisfied now? Let me tell you Don’t play drunk here. You need to be legally responsible for every word you say now. I take responsibility? What responsibility can I take? In this world I need to take responsibility for something not entirely related to me. Do you know? If they are looking for someone who can take the fall for them That scapegoat is me. Officer I’ve said everything I should. Can you give me a beer? Why does the corridor reek of alcohol? A drunkard came. He’s asleep in the reception room. What time is it? Are you busy? We’re still waiting. Right Copy the surveillance camera footage in this hard disk and deliver it to Captain Zhang. Okay. AZi has blacklisted me. Do you know why? Recently, she seems not to want to talk about you. Have you two quarrelled? No. We were still fine the other day and she began to ignore me the next day. You women are really unpredictable. My girlfriend ShanShan is like that too. We decided on a place and then she suddenly cancelled. ShanShan? Oh, my. You already have a girlfriend why not cut AZi a bit of slack? Fine. Go on with your work. I’ll go deal with this. Right YouKe didn’t come back last night and we still can’t contact her now. What a willful girl. Let’s go. We’ll go to Captain Zhang’s. I’m waiting to see the surveillance footage. YouKe is Sun Ning’s daughter. Right? Yes. She was the first to accuse her mother of being the murderer. From this surveillance footage the apples from the victim’s home was bought by Sun Ning from here. She lied to you before. We checked her car’s details. After she left this supermarket she went to Sun Mao’s home directly. If it wasn’t for Wang ZhengDao purposely covering up for her our case would have been solved already. Why do I feel that it’s not this simple? That’s true. As a lawyer who deals with criminal cases the motive and process of Sun Ning’s murder of her father is rather too careless. Also Lawyer Liu Yi said that it was only after the murder that Sun Ning found out her father had amended the will. She was also very shocked about it. In what way is Wang ZhengDao related to Sun Ning? They are lovers. Before Sun Ning was divorced they were aready together. That doesn’t add up. Then why did he betray Sun Ning and cooperate with us? It seems that Sun Ning, after knowing he was in trouble, broke up with him. Wang ZhengDao felt hurt and suffered from a big blow. Another thing is strange too. Sun Ning knew Wang ZhengDao has evidence of her. Why would she do this? No matter what judging by the evidence it’s enough to get Sun Ning to accept our investigation. You and Gu Jing should investigate this. Yes. Is nobody home? That shouldn’t be. Her car is still downstairs. The lights are still on. This doesn’t feel right. Contact someone to enter by force. Okay. Upstairs! Miss Sun! Sun Ning! Officer Tang She’s upstairs. She’s here. Sun Ning! Sun Ning! Call the ambulance! Call the ambulance! We have to contact YouKe. I’ll contact Ke JiaMing and ask him to find her. Let’s go. Get in the car. How is my mother? She hasn’t woke up. She hasn’t woke up? What do you mean? How is my mother? Don’t worry. Your mom has a cold. She ate medicine and then drank wine. She showed disulfiram-like reaction. The doctors should have already pumped her stomach. Her life isn’t in any danger. A cold? I thought she was committing suicide. Your mother really cares about you. Mothers like that will never commit suicide. She doesn’t care about me. Don’t defend her. She’s a suspect. Even if she’s a suspect she’s also your mother. I don’t want a mother who’s a criminal. Since nothing is going on I’m leaving now. No How can you talk like that? It hurts! YiXiu! Let me tell you If you weren’t a girl, I… And you are a policeman! Although your mother is not in mortal danger she is still in a coma. As her only immediate family member you have the responsibility and obligation to stay. Get it? After you left our home you went to find Zhao Ai? She’s already left. Have you thought of your future? I’m going to stay alive. I can’t just die. Go ahead and talk I can’t stand it. I have a question to ask you. Do you still think that your mother is your grandfather’s killer? Finding the truth is our responsibility as police. We’re very grateful to you for giving us clues. But before we find the truth you don’t need to deliver a verdict about your mother. What if the truth is not what you thought? It is your mother, after all. I didn’t realise you like to make fortune cookie comments too. Because previously I personally witnessed my parents dying in a car crash. Right in front of me. Okay. Your story is special enough. Before that I had actually never thought about what would it be like to lose my parents. Until that moment when it really happened in front of me. During the car crash they used their own lives to protect me. And me? I couldn’t do anything. That’s why there are things that one shouldn’t regret only after they’re lost. Once certain things happen there is no turning back. There are some words that if you don’t say now Your relationship with your mother will probably will be pushed to the point of no return. That day, Grandmother Zhao was at my grandfather’s home. She saw my mother visiting my grandfather. She was also holding apples. Why didn’t you say this during the interview? Because Grandmother Zhao also lied to you. Then if I say it I would get her involved. It seems that you really like Zhao Ai. Although Grandmother Zhao is an outsider she loves my grandfather and I very much. My mom and my grandfather were not close. She wouldn’t let me visit him. But sometimes I wondered we were so happy when I was little and our whole family was together. Then I thought to go back and take a look. Young lady Are you called You Ke? Mr Sun mentioned you to me before. Why are you standing here? Go upstairs! Look! I’m preparing a meal. I bought fresh crabs. Come, let’s go upstairs. Come! If it wasn’t for Grandmother Zhao maybe I will never feel what a family is. Grandmother Zhao is always laughing happily. as if this world has no troubles at all. In her eyes my strange grandfather is great. Rebellious me is also great. It’s like everybody is as great as she is. There’s a kind of warm magic inside her She makes the air in that room sweet. She deserves my grandfather’s estate. Why don’t you try and talk to your mother openly? Didn’t you rush to the hospital because you’re worried? Since you care about your mother why do you have to go against yourself? She doesn’t care about me. When she came to my house to find you she was already ill. But after she knew the address she rushed there in less than half an hour. Anyone can see she was pushing herself. How can you say she doesn’t care about you? Go in and talk to her. Tell her what you really think. Be brave for once, okay? You Ke You’re an adult. You drank wine and then took medicine. Aren’t you very smart? I made you worry. Where did you go these few days? You don’t have a credit card or any money. How did you eat? Stop lecturing me. You got yourself hospitalized I stayed in my friend’s home. I was fine. That’s great. You’re an adult. Without make-up you look older. You’re right. Mom I want to ask you one last time was it you? No. No matter what kind of person I am in other people’s eyes still I will never do anything illegal in front of my daughter. I don’t mind how other people see me. As long as you believe me it’s fine. Mom You brainwashed that little devil. How did you do it? That’s a secret between the two of us. Since Sun Ning has woken up let’s go in and ask about it. Do you still think Sun Ning is the murderer now? She lied to us from the start. But I don’t think she lied to her daughter. It was a false alarm. Sorry for bringing you trouble. Do you feel better now? if you have any issues just ask quickly I can rest after you finish. That’s good. We’ll be direct. You Ke Can you step outside? You don’t need to go. I have nothing to hide from her. Actually I am not the least bit interested in what you adults want to talk about. Okay, then. We’ll start now. What you say will be recorded. Do you know? I know about all this better than you do I’m going to say it again: Have you got evidence? Wang ZhengDao provided us footage of you in his supermarket that day. Okay. Then let’s start. Yes. I was there that day. Then why, at the beginning, you denied going to Sun Mao’s home? Do you know you were committing perjury? I didn’t have much education. Whether I committed a crime, at this age, so be it. Then you wanted to protect Sun Ning? She’s a person who fights in the world with her own ability. She shouldn’t be disturbed by these things. How ridiculous. In Sun Ning’s eyes you are a thorn in the flesh who suddenly appeared and wants her inheritance. You’ve barely exchanged words. How could you say you committed perjury to protect her? What could I say? That is the truth. Is what I said really that important? Of course! You are causing a disturbance! YiXiu! You used the word “disturb”. Do you mean you believe Sun Ning did not poison her father? Since she entered and until she left I was there the whole time. How can she have added the poison? Also If she really wanted to do it would she put those things down and leave? I don’t know about the evidence you use to investigate but I’ve lived a long time I don’t think I have misjudged what kind of person Old Sun’s daughter is. Then do you know between you and Sun Ning if one of you were convicted she will lose the right of inheritance to Sun Mao’s estate? Young man, I said already that money isn’t mine. I’ve never wanted it. Also I only knew that day when I saw old Sun’s daughter she needs money. Say, in this situation, as an outsider How can I fight for someone else’s father’s estate It’s such an enormous inheritance. You always stress that you want to give it away. This is too unnatural. I’ve told you. No matter what I say no difference is made. In this world some things are not meant to be said. Until now if you really want to help Sun Ning get rid of suspicion then please cooperate with us and tell us in detail what happened that day. That day, I went a bit late. Old Sun had not eaten dinner. I was busy cooking dinner for him. At that time, the door suddenly opened. Actually, I had not seen her before. You’ve come. Who’s come? I thought that she might have heard of me before too. I should leave in that situation. But I was still cooking. Dad Aren’t we meeting tomorrow? What are you doing here today? I have something to talk to you about. The capital chain of LAT broke. It seems that it is not just a rumor. Since you know that already I won’t say anything else. I invested all of my capital. If I can’t overcome this challenge I can’t even distribute the salary at the law firm. I never thought my daughter who prides herself on being smart will make such a basic mistake. Brainwashed by building up her business! You can accuse me for making an operational mistake. But you don’t need to kick me when I’m already down. We’ll follow the bank interest. In three years I am sure I can return it to you. I refuse. Dad If I had another option I would not have come to beg. Why are you standing there? Sit down and have dinner! I have some things to tell you privately. About that… You two can talk. I’ll go home first. Don’t go! Leave after you finish dinner. Eat! It’s alright. I’m not hungry. I’ll go first. See yourself out. This is our home. It’s not your turn to speak. Dad I don’t interfere with you having different women. But I have something to talk to you today. You can’t bring in a stranger and an outsider to listen in! You are getting more and more ridiculous! You made me like this. Don’t argue! Don’t argue! Father and daughter have no previous animosity Settle this peacefully. I’ve boiled Chine water Sun, do you want to drink some? From this house many women have come and gone. Every woman assumed she was the hostess of this home. You don’t need to care about me. Just take care of him. You’d better hope he will not do it again and hit you. Get out! Get out! This is how you are as a father. That’s how it’s always been. Don’t care about her. Sit down! After Sun Ning left I saw that Old Sun didn’t look good. So I packed everything and left quickly. That bag of apples and the things she brought there was put into the fridge by me. If you say Sun Ning is suspicious then I should be suspicious as well. At what time did you leave Sun Mao’s home? 8 o’clock. At that time he began to watch television. Later, at around 10 o’clock Sun Mao went to the kitchen and pared an apple. At that time the last round of news would just have ended. He would open the windows and get some fresh air. And read the emails from his company. He always said that time is the time he’s most awake. in the entire day. That Lawyer Liu Yi is pressing me every day. The pressure on me is great. What are you doing? You’ve seen this video several hundred times. I’m looking at everyone who appears in this video carefully. Did you see anything? Look These two people they know each other. But they pretend to not know each other in front of their spouses. Really? Are they accomplices in the poisoning? When they saw each other as they entered until one of them made an excuse and left from beginning to end they weren’t focused on the fruits. Therefore, basically, they are not related to this case. You really didn’t watch this video in vain. But I noticed that one person was intentionally or otherwise paying attention to that place. Who is it? Wang Miao. This one? He’s a worker there. He’s in charge of that area. Of course he will pay attention! Now, it’s obvious that we have two suspects in front of us: Sun Ning and Zhao Ai But both of them are playing the sincerity card. Especially Zhao Ai. What person guarantees the innocence of the person with whom you’re vying for an inheritance? But the crux of the problem is that we can’t even be certain when was the poison injected. We can only be certain when we find the murderer. Wait! I am such a genius! Genius! Sun Ning and Zhao Ai are accomplices! Then everything is makes sense. Do you still remember Xiao Xue’s case? This is the same. They accuse each other and then testify for each other to confuse us. What’s their objective? Money! If they kill Sun Mao they can benefit together. If they don’t kill Sun Mao one of them can get 100% of the inheritance. Moreover, murder by way of poisoning doesn’t require them both to commit perjury. They can control the time they committed the crime. Even if they want the inheritance immediately they don’t need to involve another person to shoulder it with them. You’re also right. It’s neither this nor that. Hello Hey, Gu Jing! I think I’ve found the poison. Look at this. This is not mine. I don’t know anything. What is this? You don’t know? Then how can it be in your bag? I’ve been under pressure these couple of days with what’s happening at home I even got myself hospitalized. Do you think I have the time to tidy my bag? What you’re saying is too preposterous. The lab report has just come out. It says that this bottle of potassium cyanide solution in your bag is completely the same as the poison in the victim’s body. You can also check if my fingerprints are on it. There are none, right? This means your evidence is insufficient. Miss Sun We know you are not in good health so we asked you directly. Do you have to be so uncooperative? I’ve already been very cooperative. You people just don’t believe what I say at all. You are just insisting. In your heart you know it. Let me tell you again I don’t know what this is. Moreover, I don’t know why it’s been found inside my bag. How is it, Gu Jing? Don’t worry. Here, drink some water. Slow down. Finish. Gu Jing, what is happening? Tell me quickly! She denied it. Tang YiXiu is still interviewing her. I’m sorry. It’s my fault that I didn’t know and destroyed the fingerprints. Did I do a terrible thing? I betrayed my friend. YouKe is now completely ignoring me. Actually you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m curious why did you find that in her bag? I went to look for her that day. Coincidentally her mother wanted her to go home and take some things. So I went with her. Right Help me get the computer and the bag. I’ll go get clothes. Okay. Let’s go! I also need toiletries. Wait for me! Okay. Later, I avoided YouKe and found a chance to call you. I understand. Later, I’ll talk to YouKe. Never mind. I’m too embarrassed now to be her friend again. Really When I saw the potassium cyanide I was stunned. I was so scared and just wanted to call you. Don’t worry. I’m here. I will help you explain this misunderstanding. Gu Jing, you’re great. You also take care of me at home. I don’t need to worry with you around Come in. Officer Gu Someone is looking for you at the reception area. Okay. How about this? Wait for me here. We’ll go home together later. Okay? Okay. Let’s go. YouKe Are you planning not to release my mom this time? We have to look at the situation. I don’t believe she will use such a vulgar lie on me. But if we cannot find the reason potassium cyanide was seen in her bag, she will be in great trouble. If there was something in her bag that proves she killed him how can she possibly ask me to help her get her things? AZi is always praising you. I thought you weren’t that stupid. Actually, like you, I believe she didn’t lie to you. Then why don’t you release her? I am a police officer. I need evidence to make any judgment I can’t be sentimental. If I can find evidence that the poison does not belong to my mother will this be resolved? If the chain of evidence is sufficient, of course it can. I did too many stupid things before. Now I won’t. I will find a way to save my mother. Don’t look! Don’t look! Everybody back off! How is it going? The IP of Sun Ning’s personal devices and her company’s IP do not appear on any website doing illegal transactions. She doesn’t even have a single seach record of potassium cyanide. I’m really confused. So aside from the chemicals in the bag we don’t have any other evidence? I think if you continue to make such a fuss about it it might become Sun Ning’s excuse in court. But we can’t sweep it under the rug either If we can’t find supporting evidence I won’t close this case easily. What’s wrong? Just now when you were speaking you sounded like another person. You’re not even yourself. If I’m not myself, who am I? In the past, you are a person who will take action even with slightest bit of confidence. Now you’re speaking in idioms to me in the office. You know “Sweeping under the rug”? How amazing. You’ve grown up! You little brat! I… AZi Are you alright? I’m alright. Did you open the bottle? There’s poison inside. Are you cursing me to death? What are you saying? I’m worried about you, okay? After I heard Gu Jing say I immediately rushed here. How are you? Let’s see if you’re alright. How are you still in the mood to scare others? It seems that you should be alright. Fine I thank you How are you doing? Do you feel better? Don’t worry. What you did is right. Your friend will not blame you.

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  1. 警察终于知道按颈动脉而不是探鼻息了,可惜用的是指甲。。。。指甲啊。。。

  2. 从第10集开始别别扭扭强迫自己看下去,但是今天决定弃剧,还是去看法医秦明2了。不知道是魏大勋演技离线,还是本身剧本脑残,感觉剧本肯定没有经过公安部新闻部门的严格审查,太low了,台词和剧情经不起推敲,而且唐一修根本不具备作为警察的基本素质(无论从性格到工作能力,感觉一直在走下坡,没有任何进步),人设崩塌。希望以后能够认认真真的做剧本、演剧情,而不是仅仅走青春(其实形象也一般般),还要走心,真正做出精品。

  3. 魏大勋应该是本色出演 白羊座就是这样哈哈哈 就是情商比较低但是办案还是认真的啊 我觉得剧情还是蛮好的在国产剧里

  4. 的确,魏大勋作为一个警察,没有理性分析好,直接就说她是凶手。。这有点不符合警察de人设。。。不过我还是接着追下去吧。。

  5. I thought Tang Yi Xue had made strides but suddenly he's gone backwards with his personality. Why are they deliberately making him so hot tempered just so that Gu Jing can look more even tempered and mature? Is this really necessary?

  6. 魏大勋你可能真的不适合演这个角色……目前为止,感觉特奇怪……你还是做综艺吧

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